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Sunday, 10 January 2010 07:56

Are The RCMP at it Again

PEJ News - Inspector Tim Shields of the RCMP says that they arrested Wiebo Ludwig in the interest of public safety, especially in the Dawson Creek area, where the bombings took place.   So maybe I am stupid, but what was the charge.  He wasn't just held for questioning.   He was arrested.   So what was the charge?  If he was indeed a threat to public safety then, how is he a threat?  Where is the proof of threat, or is this all just wishfull thinking on the part of the RCMP. 

This all looks suspiciously like the typical RCMP rush to justice.   Grab whoever you think is responsible and find the evidence later or perhaps manufacture it.   I hope it hasn't gone that far, but with the corruption we hear is going on in the oil and gas industry and politicians in Alberta, one wouldn't be surprised at planted DNA.

Even if it turns out that the RCMP suspicions are correct they have probably  contaminated the case with so many technicalities that conviction will be impossible. 

Seeing that the RCMP are acting in such a ridiculous manner one might also wonder if ENCANA has a hand in directing the investigation?  At any rate the RCMP are acting like a lynch gang by arresting someone without telling them why they were arrested and by the way where was Wiebo's lawyer during all this questioning.  Since when do they get to question without the presence of a lawyer and arrest people without charge.

Perhaps they are using Canada's draconian anti-terrorist law to deny him his rights without even being required to tell anyone why he was arrested or even needing to have any evidence.   However one would think that they would at least be required to tell the public if they are involking anti-terrorist legislation, or maybe not.  

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