Open Letter To KFC Restaurants of Canada ---- THE FEEDING OF ARSENIC TO CANADIAN Print
Friday, 29 May 2009 18:04

Open Letter To KFC Restaurants of Canada

PEJ News - Further to my discussions with Briget Fex of your Restaurants group I am asking you to immediately stop selling chicken products which have been fed Arsenic at your Restaurants in Canada


Studies have shown that chicken fed Arsenic results in meat with Arsenic residues - sometimes at alarming levels. You and I know the health affects of Arsenic to people - not to say anything about the effects to the environment of the excreted Arsenic which is spread by farmers along with the manure. Excepted from:
Arsenic In Chicken Production
A common feed additive adds arsenic to human food and endangers water supplies by
Bette Hileman

FOR ENVIRONMENTALISTS and some public health experts, one of the most puzzling practises of modern agriculture is the addition of arsenic-based compounds to most chicken feed. The point of the practise is to promote growth, kill parasites that cause diarrhea, and improve pigmentation of chicken meat. But Tyson Foods, the U.S.'s largest poultry producer, stopped using arsenic compounds in 2004, and many high-end and organic growers raise chickens quite successfully without them. What's more, McDonald's (editorial note -- should read McDonald's US) has asked its suppliers not to use arsenic additives , and the European Union banned them in 1999.

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