Harper and the PMO trial – The code of silence from 2006 to 2015 Print
Posted by Joan Russow
Saturday, 15 August 2015 08:02

by Joan Russow


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 In 2006, Nigel

























Wright, with Gerstein, was on the board of the

Conservative fund; in the 2006 election Wright and other members of

PMO were complicit in the fraudulent in-and-out

scheme. Given that since they have all been complicit- either in

commission or omission, there is a code of silence. Even Duffy  as a

long time insider might not be willing to

incriminate himself by revealing a sequence of nefarious acts since 2006.



in-and-out scheme

In the 2006 election. The scheme transferred the extra 1.3 million dollars that had been raised federally to 67 Ridings and asking them to transfer the funds back to be spent nationally but requiring the MPs to declare that the funds were spent locally. In August 2008, the Parliamentary Committee on Ethics and Access to information was investigating this scheme.


The PMO advised its 67 MPs not to appear. Only two of the 67 MPs did appear; one who had not been elected and the other was an elected MP who declared that this scheme was a creative funding one. Subsequently, subpoenas were issued and the Conservative leadership again advised the MPs not to appear. Harper then declared that Parliament was dysfunctional and asked the Governor General to dissolve parliament and call an election.






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