First Nations leaders have formed an “unbroken wall of opposition” to the Enbridge tar sands pipeline and tanker plan Print
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Written by Joan Russow
Wednesday, 10 October 2012 11:48 team


People are coming together like never before to tell our provincial and federal governments that BC’s coast must be protected from tar sands pipelines and tankers. Today, we’re writing to invite you to join an unprecedented BC-wide day of action to defend our coast.
First Nations leaders have formed an “unbroken wall of opposition” to the Enbridge tar sands pipeline and tanker plan. Over 100 First Nations have signed the Save the Fraser Declaration to ban tar sands pipelines from their land, and First Nations of the North and Central Pacific Coasts and Haida Gwaii have signed the Coastal First Nations Declaration to ban tankers carrying tar sands crude from transiting their lands and waters. [1]

A majority of British Columbians are opposed to the expansion of tanker traffic on BC’s coast, and the BC Union of Municipalities, along with over 50 individual municipalities, have called for a tanker expansion ban that would stop Enbridge and Kinder Morgan tar sands pipelines.

Still, in the face of this growing BC-wide consensus, our federal government is trying to ram the pipelines through local opposition, and our provincial government is sitting on the fence and suggesting that BC’s coast can be bought.

We need to send a powerful message now to make sure that BC’s coast is protected.

On October 24th, join thousands for a BC-wide Day of Action where we'll link arms at MLA offices in communities across the province to symbolize BC’s unbroken wall of opposition to tar sands pipelines and tankers, and show our representatives that we are organizing in their communities.

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On Monday, October 22nd hundreds will join together at the B.C. legislature in Victoria to participate in potentially the largest act of peaceful civil disobedience ever to protest tar sands pipelines and tankers.

Then, on Wednesday, October 24th, we’ll link arms in front of MLA (provincial representative) offices across BC to symbolize the unbroken wall of opposition across the province, and say "Defend our Coast" with banners and creative visuals.

Together, we’ll make a powerful visual statement to show the unprecedented depth and breadth of this movement, and make sure our politicians know that we are organizing in the communities they represent.

Let’s shut the door on tar sands pipelines and tankers with a clear message to our provincial and federal representatives. Let’s support the First Nations who have lead the resistance against tar sands, pipelines and tankers. Join us in your community on October 24th to show our governments that BC’s coast must be protected.

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Thanks for all you do.

With hope and respect,

Jamie, Logan, Ryan, Matthew, Maggie, Nadia, Heather, Adam and Jen on behalf of the team

p.s. Over 31 communities have already signed up to be part of this day of action. These community actions are led by volunteers and organizations facilitated by and the Dogwood Initiative. Find a community action near you at


[1] For more information on First Nations opposition visit and is an independent community that brings Canadians together to hold government accountable, deepen our democracy and take action for the common good.

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