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Wednesday, 19 October 2005 08:28

Environmental Priority
(Ideas from ?A Global Parliament? by C. Hamer, Sept. World Federalist Meeting)

It is imperative we adopt the following legislation ASAP due to the escalation of serious environmental conditions which put the survival of the planet at risk.  The French Parliament has approved (by a vote of 531 to 23) an amendment to its constitution, which places environmental protection right up there next to Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity.


Art. 1 ? Every person has the right to live in a balanced environment that is conducive to his or her health.

Art. 2 ? Every person has the duty to participate in the conservation and improvement of the environment.

Art. 3 ? Every person must, under the conditions defined by law, prevent or at least limit the impact they are likely to have on the environment.

Art. 4 ? Every person must contribute to the repair of damage that they cause to the environment, under the conditions defined by law.

For all ten Articles, see www.earthfuture.com/econews/back_issues/03-12.asp

From EcoNews ? Oct/05

In order to implement change a holistic global network of NGO?s, with access to information and expertise should be set up.  This network would evolve by focusing on local environmental needs for clean water, food production, air quality, health etc in a stable economic climate in different countries and regions.

Triple bottom-line accountability should be used around environmental, social and economic factors, land use and development.  

 Two international cordinated functions should include: 

  • Monitoring the oceans and atmosphere pollutants
  • Policing international criminal activites ? such as the smuggling of CFC?s-  

This cordination could be connected to The Hague and funded through the U.N. budget. (Of course the U.S. Defense budget that is currently 250 billion would be a good start.)  

It is vital to recognize that we are in a race against time in this war against our Environment.  The global scope of the corporate agenda and ?disinformation campaigns? using global media make the task more difficult.  Not only do we need to fix the environmental problems but also we need to find ways to resolve the crisis.  

Sue Hiscocks  
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