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Saturday, 08 October 2005 08:23
Planet Disaster: Your Daily Cataclysm Chronicle

PEJ News - C. L. Cook - Hurricanes, earthquakes, mudslides, and war: Just another day on Planet Disaster!

Planet Disaster:
Your Daily Cataclysm Chronicle
C. L. Cook

PEJ News
October 8, 2005

Killer Quake Hits Pakistan

World-wide news is reporting today thousands dead following a massive earthquake in the Near East. The 7.6 Richter Scale temblor struck early this morning local time near the confluence of Pakistan, Aghanistan and India. Hundreds of children were reported killed in Pakistan when their school was buried in a mudslide triggered by the quake. The region has been experiencing heavy rainfall for weeks.

Northern Pakistan was most seriously effected, with government sources there saying the earthquake is the worst seen in living memory. Witness, Mansehra village shopkeeper, Haji Fazal Ilahi describes the disaster that took the lives of his wife, two daughters and his brother:

"I could see rocks and homes tumbling down the mountains," said Ilahi, who was driving to his village of Garlat when the quake struck. "When I reached my village, there was nothing left of my home."

Heavy Rains Triggers Volcano Mudslide

Hurricane Stan is lashing Central America, bringing with it heavy rains. The worst hit was the small town of Santiago Attitlan, located in central Guatamala. Santiago, sitting on the world renown tourist mecca, Lake Attitlan was buried in mud sent down the side of one of the three volcanoes ringing the lake, burying an undetermined number of villagers. So far, more than 200 bodies have been recovered. Another 300 in Guatamala have perished in storm.

Terror Bombings in Bali

Indonesian authorities, after initially blaming members of Jemaah Islamiyah, the terrorist group believed behind a nightclub bombing on the island of Bali in 2002, are now saying a new group may be responsible for this week's attack against another nightspot. Twenty-three patrons and staff were killed in the bombings in Kuta Beach, the same site of the previous blast that killed more than two humdred, mostly Australian tourists.

American Fatalities in Afghanistan

Today, the U.S. military counted it's 200th military death in Afghanistan. A soldier was killed when he trod on a landmine during a patrol. Authorities there say they are unsure whether the landmine was freshly planted, or is one of thousands remaining throughout the decades-long, war torn country. This has been the deadliest year for American soldiers in Afghanistan, which has seen a dramatic upsurge in resistance attacks against the multi-national occupation. NATO is currently preparing to expand its role there.

Gotham Commuters Warily Board the Underground

After seeing the New York City subway system all but shut down after warnings of a "credible" terror attack similar to that that struck London in July, commuters are again taking to the rails. The warnings were publicized this week, triggering a massive security operation that saw hundreds of heavily armed police converge on the city's mass transit system. No evidence of a terrorist attack were produced, though police have made a number of arrests. The warnings were issued by New York City mayor, Michael Bloomsberg hours before U.S. President George W. Bush was to deliver an address to the nation defending the ongoing "War on Terror." The alleged plot was revealed by Iraqi prisoners after interrogation. 

Officials Warn Against Global Flu Pandemic

The U.S. president has slated meetings with health officials and has issued warnings to the population of a possible outbreak of "Bird Flu." For weeks there have been dire warnings of the disease, said eminating from Asian poultry farms, is spreading fast and has already claimed scores of lives. Symptoms of the flu are very similar to those suffered by several antiwar demonstrators attending the September protests against the continued occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Last week, the Center for Disease Control released findings of a spike in sensor readings for the biological agent, Tulameria occurred during the Washington, D. C. protests.

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