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Friday, 23 September 2005 10:55
Waiting for Rita: Jackie Newberry from Houston

MediaChannel - Jackie Newberry - "Some of the freeways are cleared... TX DOT delivering gas to strandees on the freeway...news I saw said 5 gallons a car. 300 people volunteered and stayed up 'til 4:00 a.m. delivering water to the people stuck on freeways... Mayor still saying to stay home... Question whether that would be the instructions if the freeways hadn't become such a friggin' mess?"


Waiting for Rita:
Jackie Newberry From Houston

September 23, 2005

A Home Depot store opened until noon. No plywood available, but they were telling people to buy carpet to put over the windows. We have measly masking tape that should prevent shattering.

Guess you saw the burned up bus on TV. It was a chartered bus that came from a nursing home in Bellaire. That's an incorporated city within Houston's borders. It was a Brighton Garden facility. Anyway, it's a sad tragedy. All that O2 on board was a huge factor. Bellaire mayor on TV right now.

Poor poor New Orleans. Another levy breach. Jon Stewart did a funny spot last night to God, telling him/her that the song goes "God BLESS America, from sea to shining sea, etc. What are we doing wrong?"


The Washington Post reports on the panic, chaos and poor planning once again:

Hundreds of thousands of people fleeing Hurricane Rita were stuck in their cars throughout much of Thursday, with many running out of gas and sweltering on roadsides in 100-degree heat as they waited for authorities to bring them gasoline.

Jackie Newberry is stuck in Houston with the hurricane blues:

Went back to the gas line at 4:00 this afternoon. It only took an hour. The majority of vehicles filling up are trucks and SUVs. Texans love their big vehicles. Which probably contribute to hurricanes. It would be a good time to print a little message about the part global warming plays in the development of deadly hurricanes. I'd like to hand them out in a gas line waiting for the storm to come in.

City Emergency Management and the Mayor are advising people to stay home because of the traffic problems and the lack of gas. People get on a freeway and they can't get off... to eat, to go to the bathroom, to change their mind and go back home, or to try another route. The mayor said that getting out on the freeway with situations as they are could be heading into a death trap...

The Houston Motor Vehicle Assistance group and Metro will be delivering water to those dehydrated and hot strandees. Some have suffered heat stroke. Some have been transporting aging and frail people and children and pets. At least one pet death due to heat has been reported.

We're going to sit here. We've removed things from surfaces and walls that could be dangerous while flying. We also brought in everything from the yard that could come sailing into a window... weather people say we can survive winds. It's the flooding that's the killer. And we're not really in the flood-prone area. I'm tired.

I hope things stay relatively unscathed here. I just took the better part of a week to paint the living room a nice pale blue.


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