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Wednesday, 15 June 2005 19:11

Tre Arrow Newsletter 

June 15 2005 -- Tre Arrow Defense Team Press Release

1.Message from Tre ~
2.Tre’s recommended reading list cont. ~
3.Upcoming Extradition Hearings - June 27th ~
4.Victoria Benefit ~
5.Volunteers listserve reminder ~
6.Article: ”Human rights complaint forces prisons to provide vegan meals”
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7.Links to other Articles of Interest ~

1. Message from Tre:


I’ve been musing about the concept of home and homelessness… Sometime ago
I received a picture postcard from a friend. She spends a substantial
amount of time in the forest and is also quite a gifted photographer. The
picture captured a clear, crisp view of several conifers standing strong
and dazzling in all their magic and beauty. As I gazed at the picture I
was instantly transported to the forest in Oregon and could literally
smell the scent that was the unmistakable mintiness of the conifer
needles. It called into memory the times I spent with the ancient forests,
living on makeshift platforms several meters above the ground. I remember
vividly the scent of the trees, early morning dew, and the cool evening
breeze. I witnessed the dancing of squirrels and dodged the falling cones
as they were dislodged from above me. My ears were filled with a swoosh,
swoosh of the magical flight of the winged ones. I’ll never forget the
serene stillness of the dark night, far away from the noise and chaos of
the buzzing city. Like the owl, hawk and eagle, perched high in the tree,
I’d peer at the dazzling sunset painted across the western sky. I not only
lived in the tree I lived with the tree… swinging quietly with the canopy
among all the mystery of the forest. This was my home…I was immensely
grateful for the opportunity to be intricately connected with nature. I
was over whelmed with a sense of purpose, simultaneously protecting and
sharing this sacred place with all the flora and fauna that also called
this home.

Now I find myself locked behind doors, walls and fences. This is now my
home…. At a certain time, I thought the staff here quite insolent to refer
to these cells we live in as “houses”. “Get in your house” or “Which house
is yours?” they’d say. Yet, lately I’ve been pondering this concept and
suppose this cell I’m in could be considered a kind of a one room house:
two narrow horizontal windows covered in tint; a door that automatically
locks when closed; a florescent light that never turns off, white, shiny,
cold porcelain toilet and sink; a “desk” attached to one of the walls; a
door less “closet” to store our clothes which contains two hangers to hold
our towels. These hangers come dislodged if they incur a certain amount of
downward pressure, preventing us from hanging ourselves!

Although I would never choose this place as a home, I’m cognizant of those
who call doorways, alleys and cardboard boxes their home. Are they any
more free than I? Is anyone truly free in this “modern, civilized” society
that places money, power and material acquisition above the sanctity of
life? Is anyone truly free when our culture knowingly and willingly takes
away the homes of the birds, squirrels, wolves, bears…taken away with the
sound of the falling trees to make way for more homes for more humyns (
sic) to occupy? Is anyone truly free when countless womyn are being
victimized and oppressed in their own home? Is anyone truly free when
natives of this turtle island continue the struggle to oppose the genocide
of their people and desecration of this land that they call “home” long
before Columbus stumbled upon these shores?

Despite the enormous dichotomy between the rich and the poor and the
profound inequality within our culture, earth mother whispers, “no one is
homeless”. Whatever one they call “home”: a tree, a hole in the ground, a
mansion, a lean-to, an apartment, a sidewalk with a concrete pillow, a
cell…earth mother has always been and will always be our home. A home to
every living thing. As much as I don’t enjoy being locked in a cage, there
is still much for which I am grateful. Millions of beings, humyn and
non-humyn, are suffering enormously and needlessly. I will not rest, I
will not be silent, I will continue to expose the injustices in our
society and strive to manifest a world free of all atrocities, where every
living thing is truly free.

My support, love and solidarity go out to all those struggling and
suffering. To all the womyn of the world, all the political prisoners and
POW’s, to all the beings, humyn and non-humyn, whose homes have been taken
or destroyed. May the day come when all homes in whatever form they take
are free of oppression and filled with love, respect, comfort and joy!
Namaste, Tre

2.Tre’s Recommended Reading:
(A friendly, kind reminder to acquire the books from a used book store or
a library in order to save tree and chemicals from going into our air
water and soil):
- “Black Elk Speaks” by Theodore Walker, Jr.
- “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz.

Movie Recommendations: Incident at Oglala - The Leonard Peltier Story

3. Upcoming Extradition Hearings:

A friendly reminder to everyone, that my extradition hearing is two weeks
away. It ?s scheduled for June 27th, 28th and 29th .
When: the hearings will begin at 10 am each day;
Where: downtown Vancouver at 800 Smithe Street. Please enter the
courthouse from the Smithe street entrance and near the security desk
there will be a bulletin board containing my name and the courtroom I will
be in. Come one, come all! We are attempting to pack the courtroom to its
capacity, so if you can attend it would be of utmost appreciation

This hearing, which will last for at least three days, will begin the
process which will eventually decide whether or not Tre will be extradited
to the United States. We encourage anyone who is able, to come out to the
hearings and show their support. Let’s flood the courtroom with people and
let them know that we are watching! Let’s let them know that we won’t sit
back and allow them to unquestioningly hand over our friend!. If you are
interested in being involved in organizing events leading up to and during
these proceedings please contact us This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

4.Victoria benefit:

On Monday, 20 June 2005, the Victoria chapter of the Tre Arrow
Defence Committee will be presenting 'Freedom's Arrow: A Benefit for
Tre Arrow' from 1830h to 2300h at the Fernwood Community Association
(1923 Fernwood Road). All proceeds from the show will go directly to
the Tre Arrow Legal Defence Fund, as we enter the final stages of an
epic build up to the extradition hearing, which begins the following
Monday (27 June) in Vancouver. Beyond the financial aspect, this
show is hoping to raise awareness and support for both Tre and the
environment we all share. We will also attempt to arrange caravans
to Vancouver to support Tre during the hearing.

The line-up for this show (the third to be held in Victoria since
Tre's arrest) is easily the best one yet, featuring a great mix of
music, poetry and guest speakers. There will also be juices, teas +
vegan goodies available at Dustin's concession corner. Community is
important to Tre, and to we as well. We therefore invite all of
Victoria to come take part in the evening.

Here's a look at the line-up for the show:

* RAE SPOON - Hot on the heels of his present tour, Rae will be bringing
his own unique country twang across the waters for our enjoyment.

* SARAH NONI METZNER - returning once again to her Victoria roots, Sarah
will unofficially begin her summer touring season bringing her acoustic
delight to the F.C.A. (

* GLENNA G - No stranger to many Victorians, Glenna's whimsical songs will
satiate local fans, while winning over any strangers as well.

* ORY NO'MAN - A lot has happened to ory no'man since Tre's arrest spelled
the demise of their just-birthing band; now with his one-man band, ory
will shine his enigmatic bluesfolk overtones on the city he once called
home. (

* THE VICTORIA POETRY SLAM TEAM - The VPST will show folks why they've
been chosen to represent this city in the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word
at the dawning of Vancouver autumn.

* MASS - Local instrumentalists look to take listeners on a journey
through organic soundscapes and undercurrents.

Through collective union of art and music on this eve of solstice, we
will raise awareness of human rights and environmental action, while
harnessing and channeling positive vibrations to a man facing down
the machine.

For further information about the show, or to arrange interviews with
any of the performers or promoters for this event, please contact
myself at the pedestrian ! productions offices.

In love, honour + wisdom

shayne avec i grec
Tre Arrow Defence Committee (Victoria)

pedestrian ! productions
213 - 563 johnson street
victoria, british columbia
v2w 1m2

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

5. Volunteers listserve:

Remember to sign up for the Tre Arrow Volunteers listserve if you have ANY
time to help out! There are many people asking how they can help brother
Tre. THIS IS HOW!!!!! Check out to find out more (under “How
you can help”)

7.Other articles of interest:

-Latest interview with Tre by Miriam Green,
- “Eco-Militants are Greatest Terrorist Threat, Warns FBI”>Independent/UK
- “Fishing for an extradition: Three decades later, twisted tale of U.S.
fugitive takes another turn”
-“Greenpeace charged under anti-terror laws”
-Leonard Peltier Statement regarding new hearing to address Lakota Nation
sovereignty. June 10 2005,

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