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Tuesday, 05 February 2008 14:01
Left Coast Events - Lower Mainland - Feb 5 08

1.  ISM-Vancouver Member on Voice of Palestine - Feb 5th
2.  Green Drinks Feb 6th & Get Your Red Dot Now! - Whistler
3.  Figueroa tour urges unity to defeat Harper Tories - Feb 7th
4.  Resist Olympic Police State!  Feb 7th
5.  Olympic Rallies & Information Gatherings - Feb 9th, Feb 11th
7.  Beyond Nemo: Climate change, coral bleaching and the future of coral reefs - Feb 13th
8.  Labour of Love Sock Drive Will Benefit Homeless - until Feb 14th
9.  Free Public Presentation - Security & Prosperity Partnership - Feb 16th
11.  "No" does not mean "No" for Vancouver City Council - take action Feb 26th
12.  CCPA gala fundraiser with Sheila Watt-Cloutier - Feb 28th
13.  "Medicare for Autism Now!" Rally - March 2nd
14.  Celebrate and help protect the Lungs of the Lower Mainland - March 8th
15.  Reconnecting to Life Retreat March 15-16


1.  ISM-Vancouver Member on Voice of Palestine - Feb 5th

Voice of Palestine www.voiceofpalestine.ca will be interviewing Tom this Tuesday evening Feb. 5, 2008, at 8:20 pm PST. Tom is a member of the International Solidarity Movement-Vancouver http://www.ism-vancouver.org/, and he has just returned from Palestine. He will be with us to talk about his experiences in Palestine, and about the oppressive situation he witnessed in the West Bank.

Voice of Palestine broadcasts weekly on Vancouver Cooperative Radio (CFRO) 102.7 FM, Vancouver. The show broadcasts for one hour every Tuesday night from 8 to 9 pm PST (Wednesday morning 6:00 to 7:00 am Palestine time). It first went on the air in September, 1987, and has hit the airwaves every week for the past twenty years. People outside of Vancouver can listen to the show live on the internet http://www.coopradio.org/listen/

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2.  Green Drinks Feb 6th & Get Your Red Dot Now! - Whistler

Hilltrip and AWARE are inviting you to the 3rd Green Drinks in Whistler and are also inviting you to join the Red Dot Campaign
Whistler's 3rd Green Drinks evening is Wednesday February 6th at Blacks' Pub from 8pm to 10pm. This is after AWARE monthly general meeting.

This month, AWARE will be meeting exceptionally at the Hilton in room Sutcliffe A from 6 to 8pm. Join us at 6pm to learn more about what AWARE is doing from or at 7pm to attend Dan Wilson's presentation on alternative energy heating.
At Green Drinks, there will be FREE appetizers, Granville Island beer and AWARE will continue to handout reusable bags.
As usual, you are welcome to bring business cards, brochures, info sheets, magazines and newsletters to put on a table for people to take away with them. But you have to make sure to take back whatever is left on the table when you leave.
Green Drinks is a monthly gathering of anyone interested in 'green'. The concept began in the UK in 1989. The first Canadian Green Drinks started up in Vancouver in February 2005 and Hilltrip is now bringing the concept to Whistler in partnership with AWARE.
== Red Dot Campaign ==
The Red Dot Campaign aims to draw attention to a little-known Canada Post policy that allows people to stop unaddressed junk mail arriving in their mailbox or dropping through their mail slot.


Download and sign this letter and ask your mail carrier to deliver it to Canada Post (in Whistler, drop it off directly at Canada Post in the Market Place).
Join the Red Dot Campaign. Download your No Junk Mail sign for your mail box or mail slot.           
Sign up with the Canadian Marketing Association's Do Not Contact Registry. This enables you to reduce the number of marketing offers received by mail, telephone and fax.
Please pass this on to those you think may be interested!
Green Drinks
Date: Wednesday, Feb 6th
Time: 8 to 10pm
Location: Black's Pub
See you there.

Cheers to the Planet!

Hilltrip - Because Mountains Matter
Please consider the environment before printing this email.

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3.  Figueroa tour urges unity to defeat Harper Tories - Feb 7th

February 5-7 events in British Columbia

Communist Party of Canada leader Miguel Figueroa will be in British Columbia from Feb. 5-7. His itinerary will include two public forums: the first on Wed., Feb. 6, 7 pm, at the Kelowna campus of Okanagan University College; and the second on

Thursday, Feb. 7,
7:30 pm,
at the Centre for Socialist Education,
706 Clark Drive, Vancouver.

Local candidates of the CPC will be present at both events.

Mr. Figueroa is on a cross-Canada tour promoting the Party's message, "Unite to defeat the Tory/corporate attack on working people."

Harper and his inner circle of advisors have been, "looking for the right moment to force an election in order to gain a majority," notes Figueroa. "But if this government gains a majority in Parliament, they will move to foist their full, utterly reactionary and anti-democratic program on the Canadian people. Harper's underlying goal is to remove 'social redistribution' functions achieved through generations of working class struggles. The Tories are using every divisive tactic to win power, from so-called `patriotism,' to attacks on freedom of the press, to homophobic and sexist policy shifts. This threat must be blocked by the people of Canada."

The Communist Party leader's tour will contribute to strengthening the popular struggles against the war in Afghanistan and the drive towards integration with US imperialism, and the movements to preserve Medicare, public education, pensions and other vital social services.

"Jobs, peace, democracy, equality - these are the real issues facing the Canadian working class today," says Figueroa.

"In the struggle for unity, organized labour will be the key player for the working class. Organized labour can and must play a major role in drawing the strands of people's resistance into a united fightback, a movement which will drive the Harper Tories out of office and open the door to a wider struggle for progressive change," he concludes.

 For more information or to arrange an interview, call the British Columbia office of the Communist Party, 604-254-9836. While travelling, Mr. Figueroa can be reached directly at 416-419-5319.

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4.  Resist Olympic Police State!  Feb 7th

Thursday February 7th
at 7pm
SFU Harbor center (515 W. Hastings)

Speakers Panel featuring Kristian Williams:

Kristian Williams is a Portland based activist and author of 'American Methods: Torture and the Logic of Domination' and 'Our Enemies in Blue: Police and Power in America'.

Kristian will speak to the counter insurgency war being fought in Iraq and its correlation to the militarization of the police at home.

Other panelists include representatives from:

Stopwar.ca - Vancouver's mass-based anti-war organization that has for years mobilized the people to end the war and fight for social justice.

No2010 Coalition - Grass-roots anti-Olympics coalition organized to confront the 2010 games with the demands: No Olympics on Stolen Native Land!, No Social Cleansing! and, No Eco-Destruction! www.no2010.com

Organized by Anti-Poverty Committee

Resist Olympic Police State:

When discussing the Olympic Police State many will assume that activists are being paranoid and that such preparations are made to prevent terrorism not 'legitimate protest'. Here it is important to note that the first two targets for the Integrated National Security Enforcement Teams (INSET) following September 11 2001, was the West Coast Warriors Society and Animal Liberation activists.

Years later, the state has honed its devices and expanded its covert operations. It has not publicly presented itself it its totality until now - in the lead up to the 2010 Olympic Games.

The Integrated Security Unit (ISU) is the public face of the police state. It was formed in 2003 to act as the all-seeing and all-knowing policing apparatus. Bringing together all levels of government, police, surveillance agencies and the armed forces, the ISU is arguably the most sophisticated police state Canada has ever been subject to since the earlier wars of colonial conquest. According to their last year's annual review, the ISU 'has grown substantially, adding personnel from the RCMP, VPD, West Van Police, Department of Defense and VANOC'.

Leading the pack is the RCMP, which has total control and oversight 'in planning and managing policing and security operations'. Under their control and listed as 'Base Resources' which need be 'maximized' are the: West Van Police West Van Bylaw Enforcement VPD VPD Bylaw Enforcement Richmond RCMP Richmond Bylaw Enforcement Whistler RCMP CSIS Canadian Armed Forces Any federal or provincial public servant: and, Any other federal, provincial or municipal agency.

All police, surveillance and military institutions are lining up like pigs at a trough for a bonanza of free and new equipment and funding. By complaining that the technology 'in place at the time of its writing (the Olympic bid book) is no longer state-of-the-art,' all agencies can share in the loot obtained.

New radios at $4.5 million (plus batteries), snowmobiles and ATVs, are but a few of the toys. More serious though, is the Close Circuited Surveillance that will be needed to keep a constant watch on the 150 kilometers that fall under the 'Olympic theater of operations' and the 102 (up from the original 21) Olympic venues and other 'sensitive areas'. Already warehouses are being bought up and command centers, operational and logistical staging areas, helipads, command trailers, tents for screening areas and observation Posts are being built for use before, during and after the Games. Miles of electric fencing and 'alternative methods of intrusion detection and prevention' along with support materials and computers 'for dispatching of security units' are also being purchased and distributed to different enforcement agencies.

The question is where does all this go after the Games? What happens to the police state? As according to the deal made between Her Majesty the Queen and the Province of BC 'this agreement that the integration of federal and provincial policing services into a single policing and security operation' will not end until December 31, 2011.

The Olympic Police State Mascots:
CSIS: It has just been made public that the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) has begun targeting anti-Olympic resistance groups. Wherever covert information agencies are found, so too is mis-information, provocateurs, infiltration and state-sponsored terrorism. This has been the case in previous mega-events in Canada, and has already become the norm here.

The bid book assured the IOC that 'the country has established security intelligence and law enforcement regimes which work closely with international agencies to identify, assess, and combat activist violence or terrorism.' CSIS is the prize pet and will be unleashed and made responsible 'for providing threat assessments and security intelligence reports'. As well they will lead a 'joint intelligence group' to ensure 'all police and intelligence groups are working together'.

Canadian Armed Forces: The armed forces have entered new ground in fighting a counter-insurgency war in Afghanistan. With this new role has come an increase in experience policing imperialism. From training prison guards to police officers, the Canadian armed forces have advanced the militarization of policing and that experience will be called upon in 2010.

As agreed, 'the resources of the Canadian forces will be utilized to augment the police and emergency services'. And in the case of eventual policing shortages, the armed forces will fill the void not entirely filled by rent-a-cops and retired police officers.

VPD The Vancouver Police Department has been central in the social cleansing preparations for the games. By enforcing the Civil City Initiative and acting as the City's eviction service, the police have become VANOC's thugs.

During the Games the VPD will operate under RCMP command primarily in the Urban Domain as opposed to the designated Games Security Domain. To assist in the facilitating of 'public safety not directly related to the games venues or sites, the VPD aggressively begged for an armored tank.
For info regarding the resistance to the Olympic Police State check out www.no2010.com
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5.  Olympic Rallies & Information Gatherings - Feb 9th, Feb 11th

- Sat Feb 9th Movie Matinee on the Olympics
- Mon Feb 11th Anti Olympics Rally and March starting at noon at Vancouver Art Gallery

Impacts of the Olympics and Big Games: from unceded territories in BC to Mexico to New Delhi

(401 Main, corner of Main and Hastings)
By donation (pay what you can) Refreshments provided

Organized by the No2010 Network, for information email 604-682-3269, ex.
8009 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Web: www.no2010.com.

==> Documentaries and short talks on impacts of the Olympics and other Games across the world:

* Olympiad (2008) on Native youth views of 2010 Olympics. Introduction by Director Cowboy Smith, followed by speaker from Native Anti-2010 Resistance.

* Keys to the Massacre about the 1968 Mexico City Olympics massacre. Introduction by Miriam Hernandez, locally-based Mexican activist.

At a time in Mexico, when student and labour movements were reaching unprecedented proportions in response to government and police corruption, growing poverty and unemployment, and priortization of business interests over social services, the Summer Olympic Games were to be held in Mexico City in October 1968. In response to one such rally at the Plaza of the Three Cultures in Mexico City's Tlatelolco district, on October 2, 1968, armed military units and tanks arrived on the scene and surrounded the demonstrators, firstly dropping flares and then beginning to shoot. Estimates of the number of people killed ranged from several dozen to more than 400. Despite the violence, the Olympic Games proceeded on schedule.

* Five Ring Circus (2007) Introduced with talks by Dirctor Conrad Schmidt and Environmentalist Betty Krawzcyk.

The "Five Ring Circus" exposes a side to the Vancouver Olympics which has not been revealed before.  This film shows how this three week event is changing Vancouver forever. Find out what mayors, activists and residents think of the 2010 olympic games.

* Recent clips on the impact of 2010 Commonwealth Games in New Delhi.

As in all mega-sporting events, the impacts of upcoming 2010 Commonwealth Games in New Delhi is astounding: vital river floodplains are being converted into commercial and tourst establishments; development will result in the loss of an estimated 50,000 trees in the area; one slum area alone Nangla Maanchi will see the eviction and displacement of about
100,000 people; and approximately 300,000 food street vendors will be 'cleaned out'.

Gordon Campbell and VANOC are hosting a Countdown to 2010 Luncheon at the Hyatt Regency Hotel.

Let us show them what we think of all their corporate plunder!


Monday February 11, 2008
Gather at the Vancouver Art Gallery @ noon.
March arrives at Hyatt regency hotel at 12:30.
(655 Burrard street, corner West Georgia)

For more information contact: 604-682-3269 x8009. Email indigenous.free.school at gmail.com or convergence at no2010.com.

Organized by Native 2010 Resistance with the support of No2010 Network, The Torch, No One is Illegal, The Indigenous Free School, Warrior publications, 2010 Watch, Workless Party, La Surda Latin American Collective, DTES Elders Council, Vancouver Status of Women, Building Bridges to Chiapas, DTES Women Centre Power of Women Group, Anti Poverty Committee, Latin American Connexions, Downtown Eastside Residents Association, Bus Riders Union, UBC Students for a Democratic Society.

The 2010 Winter Olympics will take place on unceded indigenous land in two years. The effects of the Olympics are far greater than the games itself- with the expansion of sport tourism on unceded indigenous lands and increased land tenure to corporations; increasing homelessness and gentrification of poor neighbourhoods; increasing privatization of public services; union busting through decisions such as the seven-year imposed contract handed down to the BC Ferry and Marine Workers Union and the recent Canadian Union of Public Employees contracts; exploitative conditions for workers especially temporary migrant labour; the fortification of a security apparatus estimated at $175 million; and unprecedented desctruction of mountains, old growth forests, streams, hunting and fishing grounds, and delicate ecosystems.

Indigenous communities in the interior and on the coast of so called British Columbia including the Secwepemc people of Skelkwek'welt, the St'at'imc of Sutikalh, and the Pilalt of Cheam have been critiquing and resisting the objectives and activities of the 2010 Olympics since 2000. In October 2007, more than 1500 Indigenous people representing communities across this hemisphere held the Gathering of the Indigenous Peoples of America, on Yaqui territory in Vicam, Sonora, Mexico. They stated in their final declaration, "We reject the 2010 Winter Olympics on sacred and stolen territory of Turtle Island-Vancouver, Canada."

While the Olympic organizers operate with a budget of almost $2 billion(costs for the Vancouver's Trade and Convention Centre alone has reached almost $900 million) and other costs to government surpassing an estimated $6 billion, Vancouver is now home to North America's fastest growing homelessness crisis. Dozens of low-income hotels and apartment buildings are being converted to unaffordable condominiums. Over 126,000 people in 56,000 households in Greater Vancouver are at risk of homelessness according to the 2001 Canada census. As thousands of people are forced from their homes, they are then criminalized for being homeless. Indigenous people account for 30% of this homeless population, despite making up only 2% of the total population in the province.

The 2010 corporate Olympics circus is apparent by examining the destructive global record of some of its sponsors. These include:
. Petro-Canada, one of Canada's largest producers of oil and gas, . TransCanada, one of the continent's largest transporters of oil and gas. . Canadian Pacific Railway, long an integral tool of colonization, . Hudson's Bay Company, another company responsible for the colonization and theft of Indigenous land, . General Electric, one of the world's top three producers of military aircraft engines and major producer of nuclear power plants, . General Motors, long a top contractor for the Canadian military and now the world's largest automobile manufacturer, . Dow Chemical, the world's second largest chemical manufacturer and cause of the Bhopal, India disaster, . Bell Canada, who's CEO is one of the top corporate architects of the Security and Prosperity Partnership.


REFUSE TO BE IGNORANT about the Games. Gather more information and learn more about what the Olympics plan to do in your community, and take action.

Check out http://no2010.com/ http://2010watch.com/ harrietspirit at blogspot.com

To get more involved in the Native anti-2010 movement or to access a more thorough information package about Indigenous people and the Games: email: indigenous.free.school at gmail.com
==> ARTICLES <==
* No Olympics on Stolen Land http://warriorpublications.com/?q=node/36

* Massacres and Profits: A brief history of the Olympics http://users.resist.ca/~eps2005/olympics.html

*Olympics blamed for forcible removal of 2 million over 20 years http://www.guardian.co.uk/china/story/0,,2096323,00.html

* CCPA Report: Managing the Cost of Olympic Gold http://www.policyalternatives.ca/index.cfm?act=news&do=Article&call=624&pA=BB736455

* Real estate, sport tourism and Native sovereignty in B.C. http://www.sevenoaksmag.com/features/29_billie.html

* Migrant workers coerced by RAV line employer http://noii-van.resist.ca/?p=573

* The Olympics Land Grab by Naomi Klein http://www.zmag.org/content/showarticle.cfm?ItemID=3941

* More Homeless than Athletes in 2010 http://thetyee.ca/News/2007/05/28/Homeless1/

* Stolen Games http://www.dominionpaper.ca/articles/1099

* Everywhere they go, the Olympic Games become an excuse for eviction and displacement. http://www.zcommunications.org/znet/viewArticle/15054

* Report Slams Run-up to Olympics http://thetyee.ca/News/2007/05/07/Olympics/
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Date: Sunday, February 10, 2008
Time: 4:30 - 6:00pm
(Doors at 4:15pm, event begins at 4:30 sharp!)
Venue: SFU Harbor Center, 515 West Hastings.

Wheelchair accesible, childcare provided. Hosted by: No One is Illegal

Speakers: ELVIRA ARELLANO from Mexico! (others TBC)


Elvira Arellano is a Mexican citizen and sanctuary-deportee whose plight in the US has galvanized the New Sanctuary Movement and personified the oppression suffered by undocumented people. Originally entering the US in
1997, she was apprehended then and deported back to Mexico. She returned and gave birth to a son in 1999, Saul Arellano. From 2000 to 2002, Arellano worked as a cleaning woman at O'Hare International Airport in Chicago, but was arrested and convicted of using a false social security card following a post-September 11 security sweep.

On August 15, 2006 - the day she was supposed to appear before immigration authorities - Arellano took refuge in the Adalberto United Methodist Church in Chicago. Over the year, she become a spokesperson for the New Sanctuary Movement, as well as president of La Familia Latina Unida, and a symbol of resistance against the systemic violence, exploitation, and racism in the US immigration system.

On August 19, 2007, having traveled to California on a speaking tour where she advocated the right of immigrant families to stay united, the single mother was arrested by US authorities and deported to Mexico, without her son. Arellano's deportation was clearly meant as a blow to the resurgent immigrants rights movement, yet the movement continues as strong as ever.

Join us for a ONE-TIME OPPORTUNITY to hear from Elvira, who has flown in from Mexico to meet the US-caravan Marcha Migrante at the US-Canada border on Feb 12th.

For more information email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 778-862-8895 or
604-710-5480. www.nooneisillegal.org
Articles on Elvira: http://www.zmag.org/content/showarticle.cfm?ItemID=13606 http://www.zmag.org/content/showarticle.cfm?ItemID=12843


The American sanctuary movement initially took root in the 1980s as churches rallied to assist Central American refugees fleeing US-sponsored wars and protect them from deportation. The continuing racist exploitation at the heart of American imperial ambitions, which has become even more pronounced in the post 9/11 era with increasing border militarization and deportations, has resulted in a revival of this movement over the past several years.

The New Sanctuary Movement (NSM) is a faith-based movement uniting Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, Muslim and Sikh communities who share the common hopes of providing sanctuary for undocumented migrants whose deportation could break up families. This movement is a specific and powerful response to the phenomenon of "illegal" parents (ie. hyper-exploited migrant workers) being deported and separated from the US-born (and therefore American citizen) children.

Critically, the NSM draws connections between the labor demands of a racist, capitalist political economy and the exclusionary nature of citizenship. Kim Bobo, executive director of the Interfaith Worker Justice in Chicago and key NSM organizer, has stated, "The immigration reform agenda is just inseparable from worker justice at this moment in our history. The absolute worst abuse of workers that we see around the country is the abuse of immigrant workers, because they have no path to citizenship, and there's no strong protection of workers' rights for immigrant workers."

In harmonizing Canadian immigration policies with the U.S. in the "Smart Border Declaration" of December 2001 that is part of the Security and Prosperity Partnership Agreement, with the proposed "national security perimeter" around North America, and with the changes in the 2002 Immigration and Refugee Protection Act including the lack of implementation of the Refugee Appeal Division, Canada has opted for an increasingly racist and imperialist immigration and refugee policy.

Denise Nadeau, an educator with a Doctorate of Ministry in International Feminist Theology writes, "In this situation of grave injustice, supporting the claims of asylum seekers and refugees may be one of the most effective things we, as Christians, can do to challenge the forces of empire. The spiritual basis for solidarity is the basic fact of our interconnectedness as human beings. This means we do not see the asylum seeker and refugee as a "tragic" victim whom we are saving by our good works. Rather it means we acknowledge we are in a relationship, one shaped by our location in a country and a religion with more than five hundred years of a colonial past and present."
No One is Illegal-Vancouver NEW: visit our updated site http://noii-van.resist.ca
To subscribe to low-traffic email annoucement list email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

web: http://noii-van.resist.ca email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
(604)682-3269 x 7149 Office 714, 207 West Hastings, Vancouver BC V6B 1H7

No One is Illegal-Vancouver is a grassroots anti-colonial immigrant/refugee rights community collective with leadership from members of migrant and/or racialized backgrounds. As a movement for self-determination that challenges the ideology of immigration controls, we are in full confrontation with Canadian border policies; denouncing and taking action to combat racial profiling, detention and deportation, the national security apparatus, law enforcement brutality, and exploitative working conditions of migrants.
We struggle for the right for our communities to maintain their livelihoods and resist war, occupation, and displacement; while supporting indigenous sisters and brothers fighting theft of land and colonization. We also place ourselves within the broader movement for global social justice that struggles against capitalism, militarism, oppression, poverty, imperialism, and other systems of domination and exploitation.

From: Phil Lyons < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >


7.  Beyond Nemo: Climate change, coral bleaching and the future of coral reefs - Feb 13th

A lecture by Simon Donner, Geography, UBC.  This is part of the Liu Institute global environment series.

Wednesday, February 13th, 12:30 pm
Liu Institute Boardroom

Coral reefs worldwide are threatened by human activity, through overfishing, marine pollution, and disease. In recent years, increasing attention has also been paid to the possible vulnerability of coral reefs to climate change and ocean acidification. For one, ocean temperatures of only 1
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