LEFT COAST EVENTS - Victoria & Islands - Aug 29th, 2005 Print
PEJ Events
Monday, 29 August 2005 03:15
LEFT COAST EVENTS - Victoria & Islands - Aug 29th, 2005

1. Movie Monday - 28 Days - Aug 29th
2. FRINGEKIDS THEATRE CAMP - Aug 26th - Sept 4th
3. Sierra Club Outing, Dragons & Damsels - Aug 28th
4. Making Poverty History - next mtg?
5. Xchanges Artists' Gallery and Studios presents: Sugar - Sept 3-16th
6. Protest war criminal Dick Cheney! - vancouver - Sept 8th
7. Job Posting - Van Island Human Rights Coalition
8. Protect the seals! - Sept 10, 11th
9. Sea Shepherd Captain Watson Is Coming To Victoria! - Sept 11th
10. MACHUCA - film about Chile Sept 11th
11. Voice It: Using Film to Express Anti-racism Experiences - by Sept 14th
12. Walbran Valley Campout POSTPONED until Oct.1-2
13. EcoNews Excerpts
14. Boy dies during autism treatment
15. New Course "Steps Towards Inner Peace"
16. Hide and Go Homeless film crew member interview search
17. Fair Vote Canada - Victoria Chapter - official recognition
19. A list of BC MLAs - for your letter writing pleasure

contributions, considerations, concerns:

* From: "Jane P. Brett"

Wednesday Night Peace Vigils at the Legislature - 7:00 - 8:00 pm - Peace ambassadors are needed to greet international visitors and to respond to current world conflict issues (including disarmament, civilian casualties, nuclear terrorism). Bring your peaceful passion and share it with vigilers from around the world. In October, we will have been talking to Cohoe ferry passengers, other tourists and locals for 4 years. Come and witness with us the change in public opinion. Imagine: War Never Again. (477-1944 )

* The Victoria Folk Music Society offers live music every Sunday night at 7:30 pm, 1110 Hillside. Info: www.pacificcoast.net/~vfms

* Victoria's Food Not Bombs is searching for volunteers to help prepare, cook, and clean-up on Sundays. Serve your community, and eat good food. 383-5144 extension 1940.

* The Victoria Fringe Festival runs from August 25 to September 5. Tickets and Info - 250-383-2691, http://www.victoriafringe.com

* From: Larry Kazdan

The Citizens for a United Nations People's Assembly (www.empowertheun.org) is in the midst of a major Open Letter campaign and we need your support! In June we hand-delivered an Open Letter with accompanying signatures to UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan requesting that a high level panel be convened toward establishing a Peoples' Parliamentary Assembly within the United Nations organization. On July 15th Kofi Annan replied that the UN treats the views of civil society seriously and our request will need the support of the people. We are now actively pursuing this initiative and ask that people and organizations endorse this Open Letter. Our goal is to submit 10,000 signatures by September 10, 2005!

PLEASE TAKE TIME NOW and visit www.EmpowerTheUN.org (Open Letter) to add your voice to this campaign! And please encourage your colleagues to do the same!

* Bicycle Trek for Life & Breath - Sept 10 & 11th, http://www.bclung.ca, 1-800-665-5864, trek (at) bc.lung.ca

* From: "mark sherman"

The next meeting [for Compassion in Action Week - Nov 5-10th] is on Sept 14th at 18:30 at the James Bay Community Project. I have booked the boardroom for you (upstairs!) and I will put an add in the Monday Mag. Please feel free to bring a friend who you think would be interested in the events!

* CitizenShift - Free Range Media for the 21st Century - http://www.nfb.ca

* Seniors Volunteer Advocacy Services can help with MSP troubles, eviction notices, Revenue Canada concerns. Call 250-360-1068, or email greatervictoriaseniors (at) shaw.ca

* From: "Bob Wilson"

Thank you so much for your message of support to locked-out CBC employees.

If you haven't already done so, please go to our website and download our
sample Letter to MPs, to which you can add your comments fix up and send to
your local Member of Parliament. It also contains information on how and
where to find your MP's address. If you have already contacted your MP, we
urge you to ask your friends and family to do the same, and help us keep up
the pressure needed to resolve the present situation.

Here is the link to our English web site:

Here is the link to the French page:

With our sincere thanks, on behalf of the Canadian Media Guild,
Karen Wirsig Communications Coordinator/Coordonnatrice des communications
Canadian Media Guild/Guilde canadienne des m?dia

* From: angela bischoff

Did pills kill Tooker?
Partner of eco commando, Angela Bischoff, probes tie between antidepressants and suicide

* From: Phil Lyons

I've been with CBC Radio in British Columbia for 21 years. It's been a privilege to work with a public broadcaster recognized internationally for its journalism. It seems more Canadians than ever appreciate this: they're listening to us in record numbers. Or, they were. The upper echelons of management have locked out 5,500 radio and television employees. This explains the sorry state of programming you're now hearing and seeing. It partially explains why they're spending hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars on one- sided newspaper ads. We urge you to seek out both sides of the story (something we're proud of providing when we're on the air.) You'll find this at www.cmg.ca. If you care about the future of public broadcasting, take the next step: urge Parliament to appoint a mediator to get us back to the bargaining table.

By the way, those repeat broadcasts of Shelagh Rogers, Bill Richardson and Michael Enright? Almost sounds like everything's just fine. Well it's not. They do not support their work being used this way. Plugging into BBC News doesn't cut it either. You deserve to hear Canadian journalism. After all, you're paying for it.

Mark Forsythe, Host, BC Almanac, CBC Radio

* From: "Roy Ball"


A Canadian NGO focused on international issues is doing an online survey at http://FreeOnlineSurveys.com/rendersurvey.asp?id=103905

The survey takes about ten minutes or less. The results will help the NGO better understand how Canadians think about various approaches to addressing major global concerns.

* To: Ron Gillmore

Recently I wrote a set of webpages which are available here:

The subject is Sudoku, a type of number puzzle -- which has become a huge fad in Japan where they really like number puzzles. My driving idea was to take one puzzle and map the numbers to colours and see what that looked like.

So there is one page explaining Sudoku, one page showing a sample puzzle, and three pages showing the answers, each using different colour pallettes.

Crosswords and puzzles are supposedly good for helping to keep our brains in shape as we get older... if you don't find our world puzzling enough.

* From: uvicgreens (at) wildmail.com

Recently the federal Paul Martin Liberal government gave the
environmental assessment approval for Redfern Resources Ltd. to build a 160 km long mining road and the reopening of the Tulsequah Chief mine. However, they still have to issue almost 200 permits for the road construction, bridge construction, etc. before the project can go ahead - and ultimately they can still toss the whole thing out if they have the political will. If you can help us circulate our new Taku petition, please pick up copies at our [WCWC] Victoria office at 651 Johnson St. or Vancouver office at 341 Water St., or watch for it on our websites when we post an online version you can download.

To see the recent press release and Globe and Mail article about the
WCWC's national escalation of the campaign to protect the Taku Watershed (in northwestern BC by the Yukon border), check out our website www.wildernesscommitteevictoria.org Also, check out the website of the Transboundary Watershed Alliance which is leading the campaign at www.riverswithoutborders.org and send a message to the federal government if you haven't already done so

* From: "Bob Wilson"

The Straight recently obtained copies of the premier's calendar of daily
appointments. It revealed a steady stream of corporate executives
visiting Campbell's office in recent years for private meetings. The list
includes Darren Entwistle of Telus, Michael Sabia of B.C.E., and David Thompson,
formerly of Teck Cominco. In addition, some of Canada's largest
publishers-Phillip Crawley of the Globe and Mail, CanWest CEO Leonard
Asper, Vancouver Sun and Province publisher Dennis Skulsky, and David
Black, owner of the WestEnder and many other community papers-dropped by
for visits with the premier. Skulsky, in particular, appears to have a
warm relationship with Campbell, meeting with him on several different
occasions in the premier's office.

In an amazing coincidence, Skulsky is also on the board of the New Car
Dealers Association of BC, which was the largest donor to the B.C.
Liberals this year.

full text of "May I take your order, please?" at:

Christopher Robinson
CUPE 4163 Business Agent
Business & Economics Building, Room 396
University of Victoria
Victoria, BC
V8W 2Y2
ph: (250) 472-4778


1. Movie Monday

>Monday Aug 29 6:30 28 DAYS with special guests Gordon Harper and Judy Templeton
Sandra Bullock anchors this engaging film that has been dubbed "Party Girl, Interrupted".
As well as entertaining it tackles some difficult territory.
It's a sobering thought that alcohol is still our most serious
substance problem -- In BC, there were 12 deaths associated with
methamphetamine in 2003 and 1789 associated with alcohol.

"After getting into a car accident while drunk on the day of her sister's
wedding, Gwen Cummings is given a choice between prison or a rehab centre.
She chooses rehab, but is extremely resistant to taking part in any of the
treatment programs they have to offer, refusing to admit that she has an
alcohol addiction. Getting to know some of the other patients, Gwen
gradually begins to re-examine her life and see that she does, in fact, have
a serious problem. The path to recovery will not be easy, and success will
not be guaranteed or even likely, but she is now willing to give it a try."

What's rehab really like? And who might benefit from this kind of
treatment? Gordon Harper, from the Regional Addictions Advocacy Society, a
local man who's seen the system from all perspectives and Judy Templeton, an
addictions counsellor with the Vancouver Island Health Authority, will fill
you in.

6:30 pm
Eric Martin Pavilion,
Jubilee Hospital (Fort & Richmond)

by donation

More info - 595-FLIC or http://www.islandnet.com/mm
Labour Day is MM's day off. No Show Sept 5

From: Bruce Saunders



VICTORIA - The Victoria Fringe Festival runs from August 25 to September 5. Spilt Milk Comedy Theatre Productions are featuring their FRINGEKIDS THEATRE CAMP performances beginning Friday August 26th and running up to and including Sunday September 4th, 2005. Each performance occurs at 7:00 pm up in room 300 of the Young Building on Camosun's Lansdowne Campus. The public are invited to come and see for themselves. Tickets are $6.00 each and available at the door.

You and your child's ideas, creativity and talent will take flight this month as Spilt Milk Comedy Theatre presents FRINGEKIDS 2005. Participants have been participating in the Fringekids Drama camps for many years. This year they have been practicing their comedic form in three separate, week long drama camps that began on August 15th and will run until September 2nd, 2005. These camps are dynamic a lot of fun. The campers are enthusiastic, energetic and ready to perform for the public.

The Fringekids camps are one of the most popular of the Spilt Milk Comedy Theatre summer camps. Students from 8 - 18 are involved in all aspects of production from promotion, front of house, sound technician, stage management, production management to content development - all while starring in their own performance. Classes will continue to run from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm each day at Camosun's Lansdowne Campus. For this camp participants will require:

? A pen, pencil and paper to capture and record your genius.
? Running shoes - not sandals or open toed shoes.
? Sunscreen and a hat as we may venture outside for parts of the day.
? A lunch with lots of water. Please no peanut butter or peanut butter derivatives as we have a few people with in our classes with a very serious allergy to peanuts.

For more information about The Fringekids Drama camps or Spilt Milk Comedy Theatre, workshops or classes please call (250) 479-3374 or email laughs (at) spiltmilkcomedy.com.

You will laugh until the cows come home!

Spilt Milk Comedy Theatre Productions specialize in interactive theatre:
Educational Entertainment for Children
Singing & Character Telegrams
Improvisational Theatre
Murder Mysteries
Sketch Comedy
Adult Improv & Sketch Comedy Classes
Children's Drama Classes
Children's birthday parties
Summer Drama Camps
School drama programs and AFTER SCHOOL DRAMA PROGRAMS
Practical and not so practical JOKES!
Soap Operas
Corporate Training and Edutainment
Masters of Ceremony and Special Event speakers

We can create a unique performance suited to your budget, location and event!



3. Sierra Club Outing, Dragons & Damsels

DRAGONS & DAMSELS at Beaver Lake Park on

Sunday, August 28 at 1pm.

Here are directions to the Retriever Ponds at Beaver Lake Park for Dragons & Damsels on Sunday, August 28 at 1pm.

Coming from Victoria on West Saanich Road  turn right on Beaver Lake Road towards Beaver Lake Park. There is a sign saying youve entered the park just past the intersection of Beaverdale Road and Beaver Lake Road. Take the next left onto a gravel road that heads into where the riding ring is. There is a sign near the gravel road that says Beaver Lake Ponds and there is a house, barn, and work yard in the area. Park in the area closest to the first pond youll see (on the left). Meet at the info kiosk that talks about the Retriever Ponds.

Join naturalist and bug enthusiast Claudia Copley to explore pond life through
Dragonflies and Damselflies. Find out some tricks to catching these
jewelled predators, about the various field guides that are available and how to key out
difficult species. Bring binoculars, insect nets, hats, and sunscreen. Meet in Beaver Lake Park at the Retriever Ponds.

For more information visit
www.sierraclub.ca/bc or call 386-5255 ext. 241.

Wildly interactive events!
Every second Sunday.
Everyone welcome!

Sponsored by the Nature Canada Parks and People Program

Nikko Snow, Outings Coordinator
Sierra Club of Canada, BC Chapter
#302-733 Johnson St.
Victoria BC V8W 3C7
(250) 386-5255 x241
nikko (at) sierraclub.bc.ca

From: "Nikko Snow"


4. Making Poverty History

I am writing to see whether there is still interest in having another meeting around the Make Poverty History campaign. My hope is that this meeting would move us toward event planning. (I am happy to send written material to those of you who are new to the campaign.)

I would like to suggest the following dates and see where we go from here:

Thursday September 1st
Monday September 5th
Tuesday September 6th

I suspect an evening meeting would work best, starting around 6:30 or 7pm.

Looking forward to seeing you,

From: Catherine Etmanski


5. Xchanges Artists' Gallery and Studios presents:

Karen Cornelius

September 3rd - 16th
Opening reception: Friday Sept.2nd 7-9:30 pm
Gallery Hours: 12-5 Saturdays and Sundays

Winnipeg artist Karen Cornelius combines video and monoprints in an installation exploring the difficulties girls experience in adolescence due to the expectations and messages fed to them through our media-drenched culture. The opening will include live performance and video projection.

Xchanges Artists' Gallery and Studios
420 William Street
Victoria BC
(250) 382-0442

Xchanges gratefully acknowledges
the financial support of the
Capital Regional District Arts Committee


6. Protest war criminal Dick Cheney! - vancouver

Thursday, September 8, 5p.m. at 1770 Burrard (at West 3rd Ave) in front of the Fraser Institute Vancouver head office.

The Fraser Institute, a Vancouver-based right-wing 'think tank', will be hosting a Gala Dinner for U.S. V.P. Dick Cheney on Thursday September 8 in Calgary. B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell and his counterpart Ralph Klein will also be in attendance.

Activists in Calgary will be making a visible show of opposition to Cheney and the ongoing occupation of Iraq([search]). Please join us in making a strong presence against both Cheney and his hosts, the Fraser Institute, notorious advocates of privatization and militarism.

There will also be an un-welcome committee action at the downtown branch of the Vancouver Public Library (Robson side) at noon on Thursday, September 8.

Look for updates about other actions against Cheney's visit at www.StopWar.ca

For info, email contact (at) stopwar.ca

*There will be an extra StopWar.ca general meeting on Wednesday, September 7, 5:30p.m. at the Maritime Labour Centre to help coordinate the anti-Cheney protests.

From: Rita


7. Job Posting - Van Island Human Rights Coalition

The Vancouver Island Human Rights Coalition is looking for a person to fulfill the position of Coordinator. The position is fifteen hours a week, at $15/hour gross, and the contract will be for three months, culminating in a review and possible extension at that time.

Reporting regularly to the Board of Directors, the Coordinator

? Selects and assigns recruited volunteers according to their skills and abilities, and oversees and directs the complete training of all volunteers, with the goal of ensuring the furtherance of the organization's mission and purposes.

? Implements programming developed by the Administrator and Directors, and provides regular feedback on programming, including suggested improvements and highlighting deficiencies.

? Manages the day-to-day finances and dispensation of the organization's resources, including the office space, office equipment and computing resources, according to existing policy and common sense.

? Oversees volunteer labour, ensuring a positive, healthy and safe work environment in accordance with all appropriate legislation and regulations.

? Assists with advocacy in Human Rights cases.

? Ensures that Coalition policy is followed, and identify and evaluate the risks to the organization's people (clients, staff, management, volunteers), property, finances, goodwill, and image and implement measures to control risks.

? Performs any additional tasks or duties assigned by the Board that do not conflict with the general nature of the position.

The ideal candidate will have

? A University degree or equivalent experience in a related field.

? Knowledge of human rights law, and of the applicable provincial, national and international instruments related to human rights.

? Knowledge of the provincial and federal human rights complaints processes.

? A background in advocacy, mediation, and the ability to focus on positive client outcomes.

? Excellent communication skills, including the ability to make formal written and oral submissions, as well as deal with persons of limited literacy and comprehension.

? Experience with the nature and effects of oppression and social disparity.

About Us:

Since 1982, the Vancouver Island Human Rights Coalition has helped individuals facing human rights violations, and educating the public about human rights issues. We are a small but active volunteer-driven organization, with a very ?hands-on? board of directors, and are looking to expand our operations throughout 2005 and 2006.

The Coalition's mandate is to provide support, information, and advocacy on human rights, and to support the adherence to the body of international human rights instruments, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Canadian Human Rights Act, and the British Columbia Human Rights Code.


Please send a resume and cover letter in .doc, .pdf, .rtf or .sxw format to vihrc (at) telus.net


Fax a copy to (250) 361-3541


Deliver/mail to 418-620 View Street, Victoria BC, V8W 1J6


The cover letter should be addressed to the Hiring Committee. Thank you for your interest.

From: "Roderick Taylor"


8. Protect the seals!

Saturday September 10th, noon. Protect the seals! Join us for a demonstration to raise public awareness about the Canadian seal slaughter and to strongly encourage the government to create legislation to protect these creatures from cruelty and death. Meet at the Tourist Info Booth in the Inner Harbour at noon. Contact Heather at 380-1865. For more info about the seal hunt go to www.seashepherd.org .

Sunday September 11th, 7 - 8:30pm. Protect the seals! Captian Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society will be giving a talk on marine wildlife conservation with a particular focus on the on-going Canadian seal slaughter. David Lam Auditorium, U Vic. By donation. Contact Bruce at 216-9610.

From: Heather Steel


9. Sea Shepherd Captain Watson Is Coming To Victoria!

Please join Captain Paul Watson for a lecture on wildlife conservation and the urgent state of the world?s oceans today. Learn about Sea Shepherds 25 years of courageous campaigns to stop the slaughter of whales, seals, dolphins and other marine life in the oceans ? and their exciting plans for the future!

University of Victoria
David Lam Auditorium
Sunday, September 11th, 2005
7:00 - 8:30 p.m.

Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for students and children.
Please call Sea Shepherd volunteer Bruce at (250) 216-9610 to order your tickets.

All proceeds go towards saving our precious and vanishing marine wildlife

Captain Watson will be signing his books after the presentation, and we?ll have Sea Shepherd t-shirts, hats, and other merchandise available for purchase at great prices.

Please help us save postage by providing your email address. Email your email address to: seashepherd (at) seashepherd.org.

Mehdi Najari at CFUV will be interviewing Paul, by phone Sept. 9th at 9:00 am and Paul will be appearing on CFAX radio with Joe Easingwood on Sept. 9th at 10:00 am.

Thank you, as always, for your support!


Bruce Foerster
Managing Director
Jaguar Reef Lodge

From: Bruce Office



Sunday, September 11, 2005.
1923 Fernwood Rd

Admission $3

Sponsored by Central America Support Committee and the Barnard-Boecker
Centre Foundation

Information: 598-7690



Details Release: May 6 2005 (GB)
Year made: 2004
Country: Spain / Chile
Duration: 120 mins.
Print: Colour
Language: Spanish, English sub titles

Chile, 1973: the world of 11-year-old Gonzalo Infante (Mat?as Quer) is
changing apace. For one, mum and dad aren't getting on that well. For
another, his headmaster has given scholarships to several new boys from
a nearby shanty town, despite some opposition from the school's mainly
rich parents and their mostly insensitive progeny; Gonzalo, however, is
open-minded enough to befriend Pedro Machuca (Ariel Mateluna), who
teaches him about life on the other side - such as how to sell flags to
supporters of both sides in the increasingly tense confrontation between
President Allende and General Pinochet. The imminent coup, of course,
will be the biggest change to affect Gonzalo in Wood's efficient
rites-of-passage drama. The child's-eye view of a nation in turmoil
ensures both that the viewer's learning curve can parallel that of a
sympathetic and innocent child, and that the political and historical
fare is leavened with more widely appealing ingredients such as high
jinks and a first kiss.

From: Alan Rycroft


11. Voice It: Immigrant and Visible Minority Artists and Youth Using Film to Express their Anti-racism Experiences.

Contact: Kemi Craig (250) 389-1590, office (at) cinevic.ca

CineVic and the Inter-Cultural Association are looking for artists to
participate in a new program called Voice It: Immigrant and Visible
Minority Artists and Youth Using Film to Express their Anti-racism

Victoria?Voice It is a joint project between CineVic: Society of Independent
Filmmakers and the Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria (ICA)
designed to give Victoria?s immigrant and visible minority artists and youth
a way to creatively express anti-racism ideas and experiences using film and
media arts.

Alvaro Moreno, Multicultural Programmer of the ICA says, ?We are very
excited about this program, as giving immigrant artists, multicultural
communities and youth a voice through filmmaking as an innovative tool will
certainly have great long term benefits??

Bryan Skinner, Executive Director of CineVic adds,?CineVic is pleased to be
working with ICA on a project that creates opportunities for voices which
often go unheard.?

Through Voice It, four projects will be commissioned and developed with the
artists. The artists will receive a $2,000 honorarium for their production
in addition to mentoring, workshops, training, and access to film-making

Suki Athwal, the ICA Youth Program Facilitator notes, ?The ICA ?Youth
against Racism? Theatre Group members are equally keen since this film
program will assist them with the production of their new DVD resource

Beginning in February 2006, these four films will be screened in conjunction
with several community forums facilitated by the ICA with the goal of
creating critical dialogue around anti-racism experiences in our
communities. To further this effort, ICA will also be producing educational
DVDs to distribute around schools in Canada.

Kemi Craig, the Community Liaison for CineVic notes, ?It is thrilling to be
a part of a project which will reach multi-cultural and multi-generational
audiences with such important stories.?

How to Apply

Artists must be self-identified visible minorities, immigrants, refugees,
newcomers, or First Nations. Artists from disciplines other than film and
video are also encouraged to apply.

Please submit:

a 2-4 page concept paper with a description of your subject matter, idea, or
a brief r?sum? of artistic experience.

There is no entry fee. Completed applications and supporting material must
be received no later than Sept 14, 2005.

Selected artists will be invited to an interview to discuss the details of
your idea before the final selection is made.

Additional Project Details

Proposals should be for a film/video project that is less than 20 minutes in
total. Please Note that preference will be given to projects which are
between 3 and 5 minutes in length.
Production of videos will start in late October 2005 and a rough cut must be
finished by February 10, 2006.

Projects must integrate roles for youth (under 30) either on or off camera.

Starting in February of 2006, screenings and discussions of the three final
projects will begin.
Each artist will receive $2,000 to cover all costs from initial research to
the completed production. We will help selected artists create a budget.

Projects will be shown to audiences of all ages. Though you will retain
copyright on created works, we do require that the produced work be licensed
to allow the ICA to distribute 50 DVDs to Canadian classrooms.

Send proposals by electronic or air mail to:

2022 Douglas Street
Victoria, B.C.
V8T 4L1
office (at) cinevic.ca

Applications must be received by September 14, 2005.

Alvaro Moreno, Coordinator
Multicultural, Community Development
and Public Education Services

From: Alvaro Moreno


12. Walbran Valley Campout POSTPONED until Oct.1-2

(instead of Sept.24-25)

Unfortunately, due to a scheduling conflict, we've had to push back the
Walbran Valley campout previously scheduled for Sept.24-25 instead to
Oct.1-2. We greatly apologize for the inconvenience. If you have
registered already, please pre-register again if you want to go on this
new date.

It'll be $20 for the weekend, on a first come first serve basis for
rides. Let us know if you need a ride or can provide a ride.

The campout will include tours of the incredible ancient trees, pools,
and waterfalls, and talks by Youbou TimberLess Society vice-president
Ken James and WCWC activists Ken Wu, Cassbreea Savage, and Pearl

To pre-register contact Cassbreea Dewis or Pearl Gottschalk at
pearl (at) wildernesscommitteevictoria.org or call (250) 388-9292

Western Canada Wilderness Committee
Victoria chapter and Rainforest Store
651 Johnson St., Victoria BC V8W 1M7
wc2vic (at) island.net

From: "WCWC Vic"


13. EcoNews Excerpts

Wed 24, 10-2pm CRD Parks Upper Thetis and Beyond. Bring lunch and water, wear sturdy shoes. Meet at the lakeside parking area west of the main parking lot. Thetis Lake Regional Park (View Royal). Adults only

Thur 25 Seed Saving Techniques with Tyrone LaFay and the permaculture team at O.U.R. Ecovillage $75, bring bag lunch permaculture (at) ourecovillage.org http://www.ourecovillage.org

Thur 25 to Mon 29 International Non Timber Forest Products Conference and Trade Show, Royal Roads University. http://www.ntfpconference.ca

Fri 26, 7pm EcoNews Dessert Potluck Mailout Party. 395 Conway Rd (off Interurban). Bus #21. Come and meet new friends, join the fun! 881-1304.

Sat 27 GVCC Bike Ride to Butchart Gardens and Fireworks Display. Call Paul Rothe 595-2315 for details.

Sat 27, 1-3pm All About Composting. Everything you've wanted to know, but were afraid to ask. Blanshard Community Centre, 901 Kings Rd. PATH, 381-7284

Sat 27-Mon 5 10-5:30pm. Organic Winter Vegetable Bedding Plants Sale, Garden Path Organic Plant Nursery, 395 Conway Road. http://www.earthfuture.com/gardenpath

Thur 28, 10-2pm CRD Parks Hiking Matheson Lake and Beyond. Meet parking lot at the end of Matheson Lake Park Road. Adults only.

Sun 28, 1pm Sierra Club: Dragons And Damsels. Join naturalist and bug enthusiast Claudia Copley to explore pond life through Dragonflies and Damselflies. Find out some tricks to catching these jewelled predators, about the various field guides that are available and how to key out difficult species. Bring binoculars and insect nets. Meet in Beaver Lake Park at the Retriever Ponds. 250-386-5255 #241 nikko (at) sierraclub.bc.ca http://www.sierraclub.ca/bc

Coming Up:
October 9-14 Hollyhock, Cortes Island. "The Great Unfolding: Science, Spirit and Evolution". Five-day residential workshop with Guy Dauncey & Julia Menard, $445+ http://www.hollyhock.ca/program_details.cfm?Group_ID=3658


EcoNews, 395 Conway Rd, Victoria, B.C. V9E 2B9 Tel/Fax (250) 881-1304
guydauncey (at) earthfuture.com http://www.earthfuture.com/econews
Deadline for September issue: August 24th

To stop receiving EcoNews, email guydauncey (at) earthfuture.com
To sign up for EcoNews (monthly, once per month), go to http://www.earthfuture.com/econews

"Man talks of a battle with Nature, forgetting that if he won the battle, he would find himself on the losing side." -- Economist Fritz Schumacher, author of Small is Beautiful


14. Boy dies during autism treatment

Thursday, August 25, 2005

By Karen Kane and Virginia Linn, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

A 5-year-old autistic boy died Tuesday in a Butler County doctor's office while undergoing an increasingly popular though controversial medical treatment touted by some as a cure for the lifelong neurological and developmental disorder.

Abubakar Tariq Nadama died while receiving chelation therapy, an intravenous injection of a synthetic amino acid that latches onto heavy metals and is then passed in the urine.

State police([search]) at Butler are investigating Nadama's death, which occurred at about 10:50 a.m. Tuesday in the office of Dr. Roy Eugene Kerry in Portersville.

Authorities said Kerry's office reported that the child was receiving an IV treatment for lead poisoning when he went into cardiac arrest.

The boy was being treated with EDTA, or ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid, which has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use only after blood tests confirm acute heavy-metal poisoning.

Exposure to heavy metals, especially mercury, has been linked by some researchers as a contributing cause to autism. Removing those metals, they believe, can improve a child's condition. The theory is a matter of dispute among scientists and within the autism community.

A family friend said the boy and his mother, Marwa, who are from England, moved here in the spring, specifically to receive chelation therapy, and were living in Monroeville.

In the autism community, the use of chelation as a way to detoxify environmental contaminants in children has exploded since 2000 as more and more families have reported miraculous improvements and even cures. But skeptics in the community say they fear the procedure is at best risky and possibly lethal.

"It was just a matter of time before something like this would happen," said Howard Carpenter, executive director of the Advisory Board on Autism-Related Disorders.

"Parents of children with autism are desperate. Some are willing to try anything," he said.

"I can't sit there and endorse it as a viable treatment. It's not something published in peer review journals and studies," said Dr. Gary Swanson, a child psychiatrist at Allegheny General Hospital who works with autism patients. "It's probably a quack kind of medicine."

If the child's death is tied to chelation therapy, it would be the first associated with the procedure since the 1950s, said Dr. Ralph Miranda of Greensburg. Miranda is the former president of the American College for Advancement in Medicine, a group that sets clinical practice and education standards for chelation and other, similar therapies.

Chelation can be administered through pills, skin creams or other transdermal methods, nasal sprays, sauna baths and intravenously. Miranda said it is unusual to give a young child IV treatments unless he has an extremely high level of heavy metals.

He said although EDTA is a "very safe drug" he usually administers an oral form of chelation drugs to children to remove toxins because pills are safer. It does, however, take longer to remove the toxins with the pills.

"There are people out there suggesting using the IV to get faster results. I'm not," he said.

Marwa Nadama said yesterday she did not want to comment except to say that she is not blaming chelation for her son's death, at least not at this point.

"Let's wait until we have the results of the autopsy," she said.

An autopsy conducted yesterday on the child's body by the Allegheny County coroner's office was inconclusive. Results on the cause and manner of death are pending additional testing which could take up to five months to complete, authorities said.

Kerry, who is a board-certified physician and surgeon, advertises himself as an ear, nose and throat specialist, dealing with allergies and environmental medicine. He operates out of offices in Greenville and Portersville under the name Advanced Integrative Medicine Center Inc. Kerry did not return calls to his offices yesterday.

Doctors affiliated with the National Institutes of Mental Health and American Academy of Pediatrics do not endorse the use of chelation therapy to remove heavy metals for autism. Such drugs used in the process can cause liver and kidney damage and other problems.

Cindy Waeltermann, director of the Pittsburgh-based national advocacy group AutismLink, issued a statement to members yesterday warning that caution needs to be used as parents seek help for their autistic children.

"Please, before you try any new therapies, we urge you to research the physician, the methods, and the safety. Some of these therapies are quite dangerous. We're not telling you what to do, we're just urging you to use caution. We all do what we think is best for our children, and sometimes we are desperate. While we've heard stories of chelation success, it is definitely a dangerous process," Waelterman wrote.

She said parents on her group's online forum have referred to Kerry as a known practitioner of chelation therapy.

News of the death soared across the autism community yesterday, alarming proponents and foes of the treatment.

"It's just terrible. My heart is just dying for the family," said J.B. Handley of San Francisco, who helped found Generation Rescue, an international advocacy program for the use of biomedical treatments that include chelation therapy to help autistic children.

He claims his son Jamison, now 3, has dramatically improved since undergoing chelation therapy to remove mercury, the metal most associated with autism because of its presence in some childhood vaccines. He and his wife launched their international group in May.

He said that, in 2000, perhaps a dozen autistic children were treated with chelation therapy. This year, it's more than 10,000.

(Karen Kane can be reached at kkane (at) post-gazette.com or 724-772-9180.)



15. New Course "Steps Towards Inner Peace"

Stress, Burn out syndroms and workaholism are unfortunately a growing
symptom in NGOs. Often the time of recreation and reflection is much
shorter than the many hours spent with exhaustive activities in the field
or office.

Dr Burkhard Luber from The Threshold Foundation (www.dieschwelle.de) offers
a new weekend course approach to help NGO workers to find possibilities for
making a constructive break within their hard routine work. During such a
course participants will explore the potential of reflection and dealing
friendly with their soul and body, so that new energy can flow into their
commitments afterwards.

Such a course includes elements of:

- Meditation in silence
- Body exercises for relaxation
- Contemplative music and text listening
- Confidence Training in the group
- Counselling periods for back-home problems

NGOs interested in such a Training for Inner Peace, which will be held
on-site at the location of the NGO, can contact Burkhard Luber with via
Luber (at) dieschwelle.de for further details. A program will then be
communicated and finalized in consent with the potential participants.

Dr Burkhard Luber has numerous commitments with NGOs worldwide for two
decades, especially in capacity training and fundraising. He also got a
trainer education in meditation, body relaxation and contemplative music.

From: "Burkhard Luber / BRE"


16. Hide and Go Homeless film crew member interview search

Over the past couple of months I have been throwing around documentary film ideas and recently have made my final decision on the subject.

After speaking with many people about the ideas I had in mind, I will be making a documentary film on "Immigration and how the system abuses them, indirectly and directly."

If you know anyone who would be interested in being interviewed about this matter or would like to help participate in this not for profit project, please let me know. I have a passion about many social issues and this is one that hits home with me. I hope to hear from you or your friends as I feel their is a need for the voices that have been silenced to be un sensored.

Project Contact details:
Phone: 250-516-9109
Email: brady (at) override.ca

Thanks, I look forward to potentially hearing from you.

Brady Hanna

From: "Brady Hanna"


17. Fair Vote Canada - Victoria Chapter - official recognition

FVC organizers and chapter leaders;

The National Council is pleased to announce that formal status has been
granted to the Fair Vote Canada Greater Victoria Chapter. Their area of
activity will encompass Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands.

The new chapter is already active, and is in the process of drafting a
letter to premier Gordon Campbell, stating our clear expectation that he
will respect the result of the Citizen's assembly process and implement
BC-STV. They are also starting to plan a number of exciting events for the
fall- details forthcoming!

Congratulations to the executive and all the members of our newest chapter,
and particularly to Orion Carrier and Derek Simon for all the work they did
organizing their very successful founding meeting! Thanks also to Stephen
Broscoe for his good counsel.

Wayne Smith, President
Fair Vote Canada
Wayne.Smith (at) FairVoteCanada.org

Fair Vote Canada Greater Victoria Chapter Executive 2005

Orion Carrier orioncarrier (at) hotmail.com
Alastair Murdoch alastair (at) burkett.ca
Wendy Bergerud BergerudRoland (at) telus.net
Gordon Neuls farbovsouth (at) shaw.ca
Bruce Hallsor hallsor (at) creaseharman.com
Stephen Hender stephenhendergreenparty (at) shaw.ca
Diane Perry uf375 (at) victoria.tc.ca
Derek Simon dsimon (at) uvic.ca

From: "Orion Carrier"



Since the election most of the 'YES to STV' campaign directors have been elected to the board of Fair Voting BC (FVBC).

Gordon Campbell has promised to move forward with electoral reform and an announcement is expected any moment. We are concerned that any further delay will jeopardize implementation in time for the next BC election. The electoral boundaries commission must begin its work in the spring of 2006, and it will need to know by then if it is to set boundaries under our current first past the post system, or under the new STV system.

Fair Voting BC is calling on the government to implement STV without further delay. The people of British Columbia have spoken and voted overwhelmingly in favour of the STV voting system. 58% should not be ignored. Fair Voting BC has been waiting patiently for the Premier's promised announcement, but we warn him that if his plan is to let politicians meddle with the system chosen by the Citizens Assembly, or to delay the implementation of STV past the 2009 election, we will lead a citizen driven campaign to respect democracy and implement the will of the people.

We urge BC voters to write to the Premier and local MLA's to ask them to move quickly to implement STV. Guidelines are given beneath my signature.

Also, please write a letter in your own words and send to your local media as a letter to the editor. 250 words is a good target length, no attachments, include your phone so editor can verify you are bona fide. Don't forget to try for local radio interviews.

Roy Ball
Director, Fair Voting BC
South Slocan, BC
rball2 (at) imagotrackers.com
250 359 6896

Letter writing guidelines

1. Every letter counts but ... politicians regard a brief hand-written letter as worth about 10 typed letters. Similarly, form letters are discounted by another 10 and form emails by yet another ten. If you don't have time to write, just phone Campbell and your MLA and brief them / their press secretaries with your viewpoint. This usually takes very little time.

2. You will get a form letter in reply ... unless you request a meeting to discuss the issue! Only do this if you are prepared to meaningfully discuss the issue.

3. Editors seem to prefer emailed in-line submissions. Follow up with a phone call to discuss if they don't publish it immediately. No form letters though.

4. Be courteous and to the point.

5. Remember that Gordon Campbell publicly says he will do the right thing. We want to give him, his Liberal caucus, and to a lesser extent the opposition a nudge to move quickly and not play politics with this.

6. you can find your MLA at http://www.legis.gov.bc.ca/mla/3-1-1.htm

7. Gordon Campbell is at http://www.legis.gov.bc.ca/mla/38thParl/campbell.htm

From: "Roy Ball"


19. A list of BC MLAs - for your letter writing pleasure

someone suggested it'd be a good idea to write to them in small groups, in case their email blocks bulk mail.

george.abbott.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, robin.austin.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, harry.bains.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, bill.barisoff.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, pat.bell.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, bill.bennett.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, iain.black.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, harry.bloy.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, shirley.bond.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, jagrup.brar.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, gordon.campbell.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, ron.cantelon.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, ida.chong.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, raj.chouhan.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, tom.christensen.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, david.chudnovsky.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, murray.coell.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, rich.coleman.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, katrine.conroy.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, gary.coons.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, david.cubberley.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, mike.dejong.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, adrian.dix.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, corky.evans.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, kevin.falcon.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, mike.farnworth.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, rob.fleming.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, scott.fraser.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, guy.gentner.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, stan.hagen.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, sue.hammell.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, colin.hansen.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, randy.hawes.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, sindi.hawkins.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, dave.hayer.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, gordon.hogg.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, john.horgan.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, al.horning.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, olga.ilich.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, carole.james.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, daniel.jarvis.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, maurine.karagianis.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, leonard.krog.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, kevin.krueger.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, jenny.kwan.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, harry.lali.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, richard.lee.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, blair.lekstrom.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, john.les.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, norm.macdonald.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, dennis.mackay.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, lorne.mayencourt.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, joan.mcintyre.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, richard.neufeld.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, john.nuraney.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, wally.oppal.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, barry.penner.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, mary.polak.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, chuck.puchmayr.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, bruce.ralston.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, linda.reid.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, claude.richmond.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, gregor.robertson.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, val.roddick.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, douglas.routley.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, john.rustad.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, michael.sather.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, nicholas.simons.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, bob.simpson.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, shane.simpson.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, ralph.sultan.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, carole.taylor.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, diane.thorne.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, rick.thorpe.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, claire.trevena.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, john.vandongen.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, katherine.whittred.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, charlie.wyse.mla (at) leg.bc.ca, john.yap.mla (at) leg.bc.ca



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