Dogs Tied to Trees in Matson Lands in Esquimalt Print
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Monday, 14 August 2006 10:51
Dogs Tied to Trees in Matson Lands in Esquimalt

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- Rosemary Collins - The Matson Lands in Esquimalt are a Gary Oak preserve that was fought long and hard to create from the property left to the Salvation Army by Mrs Matson. The friends of the Matson Lands spent long hours and much campaining to get this preserve saved from the greedy land developers who are at this time building Condos on the hill of the Matson Lands.

Dogs Tied to Trees in Matson Lands in Esquimalt

Rosemary Collins

PEJ News
August 12, 2006

This has become a homeless issue now, since homeless people have made this sensitive preserve their camping area. The damage being done cannot be repaired and smoking in this preserve during an extreme fire condition of dry trees and grasslands could lead to an environmental disaster in this wild area.

The most unbelievable consquence of these homeless campers is that they have decided that it is OK to tie their dogs to trees on this preserve and leave them alone to cry out and become afraid. This is unacceptable to the neighbourhood and to people who love dogs. It cannot continue.

If you have any sway over these homeless individuals, please ask them to stop camping in this wildlife and tree preserve and to treat their dogs with more care and compassion.

The police are now involved in this issue and will assist either the CRD animal control or the City of Esquilmalt Parks & Recreation in putting a stop to this abuse by the homeless of an area that brings walkers to the Windsong Walkway from far corners of the globe.

It looks like we will have to build a high wall around this preserve to protect it from the homeless.

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