Left Coast Municipal Election Special Edition Print
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Monday, 07 November 2005 07:20
Left Coast Municipal Election Special Edition

1. All Candidates meetings - Victoria & Saanich
2. Rose Henry Victoria's first First Nations City Council Member
3. Campaign to Elect Pam Copley to Oak Bay Council
4. Green Party Candidates - Victoria
5. Rose Henry for City Council Campaign
6. Gregory Hartnell's 10 Point 'Recovery Plan Victoria'
7. Ken Frenette, Municipal Councillor Candidate
8. See How They Voted in North Saanich
9. Questions for candidates, from the Make Poverty History campaigners
10. VLC-Endorsed Local Election Candidates

* From: "Ecosource Paper Inc."

All Candidates meetings:

Mon Nov 7 7:30 PM James Bay School ;
Tues. Nov 8 7:70 PM Sir James Douglas ;
Mon. Nov 14 7:00 PM S. J. Willis School ;
Nov 18 10 AM Fairfield New Horizons

* From: Hendriks Family

all candidates meetings notices:

* From: "Harvey Williams"

A new community website for municipal candidates to discuss their positions on issues


* From Phil Carson , candidate in Nanaimo


* Ben Isitt, Mayoral candidate in Victoria



1. All Candidates meetings


November 7, 6:30 PM, James Bay Community School, 140 Oswego St.
November 8, 7:30, Sir James Douglas school gym
hosted by the Fairfield CA


November 8, Cordova Bay, Claremont School, 4980 Wesley Rd, 7:30pm
November 9, Gordon Head Recreation Center, 4100 Lambrick Way, 7:30pm
November 15, Strawberry Vale Community Hall, 11 High St, 7:00pm
November 16, Church of the Nazarene, 4277 Quadra St, 2:00pm
November 17, Broadmead, Lochside Elementary School, 1145 Royal Oak Dr, 7:30pm

From: Anke van Leeuwen


2. Rose Henry Victoria' first First Nations City Council Member

Who can vote?

Anyone who is over the age eighteen and who has lived in BC for at least six months and who has been a resident more at least six months. All you need is two pieces of ID. For example one piece of mail with your name and address on it. A rent Receipt-BC ID

Voting Places for General Voting Day-Saturday Nov. 19, 2005

Polling Hours 8am -8pm

Advance Polls: Victoria City Hall - Nov 9 & 14- Hours 8am-8pm

Nov. 15, 16 &17 Hours 8am-5pm

Burnside Elementary School Gym 3130 Jutland Rd (near Bus Rtes# 8,11,21-22)

Central Baptist Church 833 Pandora St. ( Downtown)

Fairfield New Horizon Centre 308 Cook St (on Bus rtes # 3&5)

George Jay Elementary 1118 Princess St. ( on Bus Rtes# 24&25)

James Bay Community School 140 Oswego St ( on Bus # 30/31)

James Bay New Horizon Centre 234 Menzies St (On Bus Rtes #5,27&28)

Margaret Jenkins Elementary 1824 Fairfield Rd (On Bus Rte#5)

Oaklands Elementary School 2827 Belmont Ave. ( On Bus Rte#4)

Quadra Elementary School 3031 Quadra St (On Bus Rte#8 & 11)

Sir James Douglas Elementary 401 Moss St. ( On Bus#5)

Sundance Elementary School 1625 Bank St (On Bus Rte# 2 &11)

Vic West Y 521 Craigflower Rd (On Bus #14)

Excercise Your Democratic Right and Get Out and Vote for the Person who Cares enough to raise your issues the office that can make changes in your community.

If any cheque are sent it should be made out to Rose Henry and on the lower half of the cheque iit should state for Rose Henry's campaign. I have include a a list of the things that I am needing help with right away.

I was wondering if you and some of your friend would consider helping my campaign with a public endorsment and or with a donation to help my campaign team out with money for photocopying of pamplets ( $97.00 for 500), lawn signs, $300 for 30, $450 for one advertisment one the victoria news group which distribute over 15,000 newspapers in the Victoria area. Then there is the extra cost for phones ($140.00 for the use of two phones), $124.00 for the use of to computers with internet service and $60.00 for gas for two people with economic friendly cars to run errands and distribute paplets. As it stands right now I still do not have any donations coming in and I have run out of money to produce more pamplets and all the people on my campaign team are on Income Assistance or working for minium wage.

Any help that you can offer I will then be forever greatfull to you and will do my best to advocate for social justice for all. As it stands right now once again I am on my own and do not have any major political parties or corpoaritions supporting me in any way. It kind of reminds me of the battle that Che fought in his fight for justice for all not just-us.

Get Out and Vote on Nov. 19/05 Every Municipalities throughtout BC will be electing new Communiy Representatives.
check out my blog at www.rosehenry.blogspot.com

From: "rose henry"


3. Campaign to Elect Pam Copley to Oak Bay Council

"Our Neighbourhoods are our Community"

Campaign to Elect Pam Copley to Oak Bay Council
1014 St. Patrick St. Victoria BC V8S 4Y1

Email: pcopley (at) telus.net

Dear Neighbour, October 19, 2005

Oak Bay has been my family?s home for 28 years. Our 3 children attended Oak Bay schools and participated in the community?s sports and cultural life. We care deeply about our municipality and value the benefits of living in our safe, neighbourhood-oriented community. I have actively participated in our community for 15 years.

As Councillor, I will work on your behalf to present and stand behind the issues that matter to residents of Oak Bay and which retain the integrity of our community. I am committed to being informed about municipal issues and making principled, fair decisions. Here are some issues I believe are important in Oak Bay;

Conserving our Natural and Built Heritage

Oak Bay is about neighbourhoods. I believe in preserving and protecting the unique architecture, beautiful streetscapes, and natural habitats that make our community so valued. This is critical as they become increasingly threatened by unsympathetic redevelopment which does not respect the scale and history of our neighbourhoods.

Community Vitality and Innovation

My vision is a community that engages and supports all ages in an environment which respects our greenspaces while promoting new ways to enhance our economic base. Encouraging low impact industries such as cultural, cycle and eco-tourism, supporting partnerships with local businesses and associations and exercising wise public spending, will help maintain municipal services without affecting taxes.

Increasing Pressure for Redevelopment

Pro-active planning is crucial to retaining the character and diversity of our community. I will work towards sustainable planned redevelopment, which includes affordable housing options for young families and seniors, using community based approaches and creative zoning solutions.

On November 19th Oak Bay voters will decide who can best represent their vision of a sustainable, vibrant and pro-active community. I need your help to make this campaign a success. You can help by sending an email or letter to 10 friends in Oak Bay asking that they consider voting for Pam Copley, by making a donation, taking a lawn sign, participating in a leaflet drop, or phoning potential supporters. Let?s work together to create a shared vision of our community.

Thank you,
Pam Copley

Please contact me at 592-1643 to discuss issues, to volunteer or to arrange a ride to the polls.

For donation information contact Pat Wilson, 370-9363

For a lawn sign contact Chris or Sandra Bose, 598-8081.

Thank you for your support!

From: "Oak Bay Green Committee"


4. Green Party Candidates - Victoria

"Lucas, and running mate Chandler, are now real contenders for seats, thanks to mess on the left [VCE]"
Monday Magazine, November 2, 2005

November 2, 2005

Hi Friend,

We are heading into the final couple weeks of the municipal campaign and things are going really, really well.

We've ran a strong, smart campaign and are blessed with strong candidates. Both Philippe Lucas and Sonya Chandler have deep experience in their community, deeper in fact than their opponents. What we need now for the Victoria Green Party's success is for these last few days to go as well as the days that preceded them, and for your help.

So far in this campaign we've had a jump on all our opponents. We were first ones canvassing and mainstreaming, to launch our campaign, and to make a web presence. Last week Philippe and Sonya had an excellent piece in Monday Magazine, written by Andrew MacLeod (included below). With the VCE in disarray and mired in in-fighting, the "green chip" qualities of Sonya and Philippe have many pundits talking openly about a possible upset double-win for the Greens. This would change the direction of politics in Victoria's City Hall, and the news generated would be a major boost to the provincial and federal Green parties as well. But this victory in the making will only come to fruition if we join together and pool our resources.

We need your financial support to finish the job.

It is especially important that every voter knows Philippe and Sonya are running in this election. Name recognition is vital in a municipal campaign. We are planning a city-wide leaflet drop, so that every household receives information about our candidates and what they stand for. But we also want to purchase lawn signs and to continue mainstreaming and postering the town Green. A few thousand dollars right now will probably guarantee us the victory, so if you can afford that type of contribution, we want you to seriously consider it. But $250 will buy us 5,000 leaflets - that's 5,000 voter contacts. And $50 will buy ten lawn-signs that will be seen by hundreds of passer-bys. So you can see how money feeds a political campaign, and why we are asking for your help.

Please help us to make this high visibility municipal election an historic breakthrough for progressive, Green politics: make a contribution right now!


Steve Burtch
Ariel Lade
Alastair Craighead

on behalf of the Greater Victoria Green Party

For more info, photos, bios, platform, etc. check out: http://www.greatervictoriagreenparty.com/

Make cheques payable to:
Campaign to elect Philippe Lucas
Box 150 2017A Cadboro Bay Rd.
Victoria, BC V8R 5G4
Campaign to Elect Sonya Chandler
Greater Victoria Green Party
1411 Arm Street, Victoria V9A 4G8

[Donating to either campaign will help both candidates, as we are running a joint campaign.]


Ripening Greens
Could this be the breakthrough year for Victoria's municipal Green party?
By ANDREW MacLEOD (Monday Magazine, October 25)

It's Friday afternoon, and Sonya Chandler and Philippe Lucas are in front of the Market on Yates handing out their campaign information to the steady flow of people on the sidewalk.
"You NDP?" asks a man in a dark nylon jacket on his way into the supermarket.
"No, Green," says Chandler.
The man smiles, and says, "You need to ripen."
Chandler says it's a line she hasn't heard before. But for an off-the-cuff remark, it's a pretty good assessment of the chances the two Green Party candidates have in the November 19 Victoria city election. The jibe could also be extended to the Green Party at large, which hopes to use the municipal election to build a movement. A victory would show they are electable, and would help build towards the as yet-unannounced federal election and the 2009 provincial election.
Chandler is 29 years old and running for election for the first time. A registered nurse, she works for the Victoria Youth Clinic, which runs clinics in James Bay and near Bastion Square serving "high risk and street involved" youth. She is also a director on the Victoria West Community Association, and has been involved in setting up the Rayn or Shine community garden.
Asked how she rates her chances, Chandler says, "Well, I feel pretty empowered. I feel really excited." The response from people on the streets and doorsteps has been positive, she adds. "I feel good, I feel strong." But is she predicting she'll win a seat? "It feels scary to put a wager on it, whatever, to say, 'Yeah, we're going to do it,' but it feels that way."
Lucas, who sits on the Downtown Advisory Committee, is best known as a supplier of medical marijuana through the Vancouver Island Compassion Society and as an advocate for saner drug policies. He ran in the 2002 election, winning a more than respectable 4,858 votes, just over 1,200 votes shy of the tally for Bea Holland, the councillor who won a seat with the fewest votes. Says Lucas,
"I think I'm already seen as a realistic choice for councillor."
They do have a shot, and they're working hard. Through the weekend they had a campaign meeting, several hours of leafletting in various neighbourhoods and a Saturday night fundraising party that went into the wee hours. Meanwhile, their most direct competitors for council seats, the six running under the Victoria Civic Electors flag, have so far been notably absent from the campaign (see City Watch, page 5).
The two Greens have been campaigning for a month already, and aren't planning to let up. Says Lucas, "I haven't had a day off in a month and I don't expect one for another four weeks."
And Victoria voters have shown a willingness to go Green in the past. In 1999 Art Vanden Berg, who left the party not long after winning a seat on the council, won under the Green banner. He now lives in Vancouver where he is finishing a physics degree. City elections are a good place for parties like the Greens to build, Vanden Berg says, since they are winnable. "Voters are more willing to take a risk," he says. "Just because the stakes are smaller. It's also more focused on individuals. It's a good way to step into it and get some experience."
If either Chandler or Lucas does pick up one of the city's eight council seats, or if they both manage to win, it would be a breakthrough for the Greens. While the party's provincial support has spiked as high as 12.4 percent in the 2001 election, they are yet to win a provincial seat. In the 2005 election, their share of the popular vote was just over nine percent, a significant drop from the 2001 election.
In dissecting what went wrong for the Greens, more than one pundit pointed out the party had failed to go out after the 2001 election and do the legwork of getting its candidates on councils and school boards.
This time around the party has found a few people to run, but not as many as they hoped. Along with the two running in Victoria, there are four official Green candidates in Vancouver. Andrea Reimer, who works for the Western Canada Wilderness Committee, is running for re-election to the school board. Ann Livingston, a founder and executive director of the Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users, is running for council. Two more Greens are running for the Vancouver parks board.
In the capital region, efforts to find candidates fell short. "We didn't get candidates coming forward," says Steve Burtch, the manager for Chandler's campaign and one of two people who worked hard to find people to run. There were possibilities in Esquimalt, Oak Bay, Saanich and Central Saanich, he says, but in the end they fell through. "We just didn't get any solid leads of people we could court. People we thought fit the bill . . . They have to be people who are rooted in the community. We're not looking to run someone just to run a candidate."
Or as Chandler says, "You have to do what you do well. I think what we're doing right now we're doing really well." There might be just two Greens running in the region, but they are committed, enthusiastic and energetic. And they have people willing to work hard on their campaigns. "For me it's not about partisan politics," says Lucas.
"For me this is about extending my already pretty extensive role in taking on social issues through Victoria council." Top issues, he says, include affordable housing, homelessness, sewage treatment, support for green business and a harm reduction approach to drug use. He'd push for a ban on the cosmetic use of pesticides, and he'd like the city to support starting a market like what Vancouver has at Granville Island or Seattle has at Pike Place.
Chandler, as well, is in tune with the Green philosophy, but says the party label isn't the most important thing. "Realistically, I'm running as Sonya Chandler. I'm not a real partisan person." In fact she names Denise Savoie, who is leaving the city council to run federally for the New Democrats, as a political role model. "I would be happy to sit on council with anyone who has a commitment to the environment. I don't care what label they wear."
Chandler, by the way, received endorsement this week from the Victoria Labour Council, something none of the Victoria Civic Elector council candidates can claim.
The candidates may not see the Green label as the most important thing about the election, but it is certainly something to watch. As organizer Burtch says, "We're hoping to make a breakthrough that will inspire other Greens."
Or at least make the electorate ripe for some kind of change. M

From: matt


5. Rose Henry for City Council Campaign

Dear Friends,

As most of you would know, local social activist
Rose Henry has entered her second campaign to break
the cultural barrier at City Hall in becoming the
first aboriginal person on council.

Rose is an outstanding voice for the poor and the
homeless in our community, having devoted an
accumulated almost two decades of service at the
Native Friendship Centre, Sandy Merriman House shelter
for women, Victoria Street Commnity Association,
Together Against Poverty Association and the Vancouver
Human Rights Coalition. She stands up for the rights
of the most marginalized and dispossesed in our city.

She is herself a survivor of a racist colonial system
and the foster care system and who faces the multiple
barriers of being a First Nations woman, a visible
minority, who has lived in poverty her whole life and
who has the great strength of being able to
authentically represent the realtiy, issues and needs
of a whole segment of the population whose voices are
systematically excluded and ignored in the realms of
political power, privilege and decision-making.

City Hall has long been the domain of the privilege
and the comfortable, the educated and the middle
It is no coincidence that the issues affecting the
poor are year after year given short shrift. Class
interests on city council have almost unanimoulsy been
with those who stand for big development and private
profits before people's real needs, affordable
housing, public transit and poverty alleviation.

Rose is no newcomer to social justice struggles. She
operates on substance and not slick. She is one person
who will put the urgency of Victoria's pressing social
issues at the top (rather than the bottom) of the
agenda at City Hall. She is a compassionate and
hard-working advocate who will serve beyond the call
of duty to press for solutions to the growing problems
that our community faces: addiction, homelessness,
intolerance, housing affordability, public safety.

In the 10 days ahead I urge all of you to consider
what resources of time and/or finances you can devote
to helping Rose win a seat on council. She is in need
of canvassers and some funds to put up a few signs
around town.

Rose has stood with all of us in the social justice
community for a long time. It's time that we stood
with her now.

Rose can be reached at 812-0199 or at
pheonixstar62 (at) hotmail.com

Bobby Arbess
Rose Henry Campaign Team
garbanzobob (at) yahoo.ca

From: Reuben Garbanzo


6. Gregory Hartnell's 10 Point 'Recovery Plan Victoria'

The President of the Concerned Citizens' Coalition, Gregory Hartnell, unveils his ten point 'Recovery Plan Victoria,' to give hope to Victoria citizens battered by the secrecy, lack of accountability and incompetence of the present Victoria City Council, dominated by deficient Liberal ideologues, and their 'champagne socialist' collaborators in the VCE.

As President of the Concerned Citizens' Coalition, I've watched with grave concern as fiscal
accountability, conservation and solidarity with the poorest of the poor goes by the wayside under the present free-spending, short-sighted and hard-hearted Liberal regime at Victoria City Hall. The glaring lack of accountability at the arena, apparent indifference to the addicted homeless and reckless disregard for public safety by continued nuclear ship visits are particularly galling deficiencies in the record of the present Liberal Victoria City Council.

I have a ten-point plan based on threee basic principles: accountability, conservation and
solidarity. Wary as the next common sense citizen-voter, of aspiring or incumbent politicians making grandiose promises during election campaigns, I won't make any now. But, one day at a time, I hope to do my best to work to see the following vision of a slower, greener
and more dignified Victoria come to full fruition.

1. TAX CUTS: to help first-time home buyers, particularly young families new to the real-estate
market, and to stimulate the depressed downtown economy. Lower residential and commercial property taxes in the City of Victoria.

2. GET OUT OF THE TRASH ENTERTAINMENT BUSINESS: sell the arena for top dollar, no less than $40M. Build new or renovate an existing facility to serve as a downtown residential addictions-recovery centre for homeless addicts based on strict abstinence. Fundneighbourhood recovery houses run by recovering addicts. No new public funding for so-called 'safe-injection sites.' End public funding for needle exchanges.

3. SUSTAINABLE RECOVERY ECONOMY: start Victoria Recovery Tax on alcohol, tobacco and cannabis product sales in Victoria to fund abstinence-based recovery programmes in the Downtoown Addictions Recovery Centre and neighbourhood recovery houses.

4. MAKE IT DIFFICULT FOR POLITICIANS TO BORROW MONEY: ensure that all borrowingproposals are put on ballot questions at election time, but not during extra-ordinary referenda, and that they meet high thresholds for passing. At least 70% of eligible voters must vote, and a further 70% or more of those voters must endorse the proposal for the borrowing to pass. This will protect taxpayers from politicians with grandiose schemes, like the still-unfinished arena and the proposed new pool to replace the existing John di Castri-designed Crystal Pool on Quadra. I do not support the borrowing of $18,000,000 to replace the existing facility which is fine as is.

5. SAFE, QUIET AND COLOURFUL PUBLIC HARBOUR: to enhance public safety, ban visits of nuclear-powered and nuclear-armed vessels, helicopters and seaplanes from within 3 kilometres of Victoria Harbour. The City of Victoria should take over control of the unaccountable Harbour Authority. Reduce fees for artists and buskers.

6. CONTROL ZONING ANARCHY: downtown highrise limit should be reduced to a human scale of nine storeys; the residential neighbourhood midrise limit should not exceed four storeys. Council must consult with neighbourhood associations and other concerned citizens to revise neighbourhood plans. Ban casinos in the Ctiy of Victoria, plant more trees on boulevards, build more bike racks, bus shelters, bike lanes and more softened curbs for scooters. Phase out one-way streets, reduce speed limits, spread out bus stops downtown to disperse delinquents.

7. ENHANCE BEACON HILL-SAINT ANN'S ACADEMY PRECINCT PROTECTION: consolidateregulations for Beacon Hill Park and St. Ann's Academy into one special protected non-commercial zone. Cultural events must conform to the spirit of the original 19th century trust for the park.

8. NEW CULTURAL POLICY - LOCAL FAMILY CULTURE FIRST: all current cultural funding, particularly for the Intercultural Association and the Royal MacPherson Theatres Society should be subject to review. Family-oriented culture with an emphasis on 'local culture first' will guide the new criteria for funding under our new hands-on cultural policy. Preference should be given to new, young, or non-organized individual artists.

9. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS GAUGED BY HUMAN RIGHTS RECORD: cancel sister-city relationship with the city in Communist China. To affirm peace, human rights, democracy and support for an independent Tibet, start up a sister-city relationship with Dharamsala, headquarters of the Dalai' Lama's Tibetan government in exile.

10. TERM LIMITS AND ENHANCED DEMOCRACY WITH BALLOT QUESTIONS: I believe strongly in term limits - two terms per council seat, maximum of six years, including mayor. For more accountability and to enhance direct democracy, let's bring in some electoral reforms and put the sewage treatment question, amalgamation question, mayor and councillor's term limits, lower-age youth vote, direct votes for CRD and PCC directors and other popular issues on the regular election ballot (instead of by stealth with trick questions during costly extra-ordinary referenda, as happened with the bungled arena project).

From: Gregory Hartnell


7. Ken Frenette, Municipal Councillor Candidate

When I was approached by the local media concerning what issues were the most important
to me I picked two and expanded. Reality is all issues are important to me because they are issues.
And fortunately I am blessed because I have an opinion about everything.
When I was asked by the Citizen Canine group about dogs, I said when I got married we started out with one cat. Three years later we had five cats and a full-grown St. Bernard. What a zoo that was.
I've been approached by the Georgia Strait Alliance, the T. Buck Suzuki Foundation and the Sierra Club of Canada re: my opinion about raw sewage. What I can say is what I said in 1999 when I ran for mayor. If Jonathan Livingston Seagull and his cronies can continue hanging around Clover Point knowing they can expect 365 day a year free lunch, perhaps it's time those clowns on Belleville St. do something about it. So you know, McLeans Magazine will have their cover slamming Victoria in the face for our stupidity. That info came from one of the co-ordinators of the alliance determined to stop the pollution.
I have a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology from Lakehead University, Thunder Bay Ontario, have worked in the resource sector in B.C. and the N.W.T. for the majority of the last thirty years, was a self-employed hardwood floor installer here in Victoria for three years and among other things I'm
a member of the Open Doors choir with Louise Rose and company, doing concerts and charity benefits.
Should you have any questions you can of course email me or call 386-5092. Wish me luck,

Monday morning I spoke with the constituency assistant here in Esquimalt. Their research people are looking into this, Maurine Karagianis or Carol James will be asking questions in the house, because they are getting information from their offices in Burnaby and Vancouver where he says, and I quote him, "It's epidemic." So the s is hitting the f and when I go to Shaw for a taping session this morning I will be mentioning the indifference of the Auditor General, Wayne Strelioff.

I will say that they are evidently mandated to do what they're told. I hope Shaw airs it so people can wake up and take a closer look at where some of the resources of the province is disappearing.

Next all candidate meeting is Thursday evening at the Princess Mary, 6:30 pm. Monday Nov. 7th we are at 140 Oswego in James Bay, same time, and Nov. 14th we go at it at S.J. Willis auditorium, 7pm. Elections should be fun and I like getting everybody perked up.

Ken Frenette

From: "ken frenette"


8. See How They Voted in North Saanich


Track Council's Record

This page enables readers to track how North Saanich Council voted on controversial issues. Readers interested in the spectrum of decisions made by Council should click on Get District Council minutes here or on our home page.

Sewer Contracts
Marina Expansion...At the End of the Day
Marina Expansion...Reviewing New Information
Slots at Sandown ... The Second Time
Slots at Sandown
Expansion of North Saanich Marina
Spot-Zoning (9344 Ardmore Drive)

From: Janine Bandcroft


9. Questions for candidates, from the Make Poverty History campaigners

What do you propose to do about homelessness, and the lack of detox centers and safe injection sites? Although lack of affordable housing allowed these problems to get rolling on a grand scale, it will take more than that to solve them.

Do you feel it is fair to anyone concerned to have the public library serving as a de facto drop-in centre for the homeless to spend their days during bad weather? What alternative can you suggest?

Will you set aside an area accessible to downtown where homeless people will have access to land for camping, toilet/shower facilities and safe lockers, until such time as housing can be provided? The rest of us, as well as visitors, require bathroom facilities as well.

Will you encourage measures such as relaxing zoning laws to allow multi-family occupancy and sleeping in cars and camping trailers? rather than force people to sleep in doorways and parks?

Will you lobby the federal government for extra funds, given that Victoria attracts more than its share of down-and-out people fleeing the cold weather in other parts of Canada?

What will you do to make our streets more friendly to pedestrians and cyclists, strollers, scooters and wheelchairs?

What will you do to expand bus coverage, particularly from the Fairfield/Cook Street Village area where service is minimal outside of rush hours (and sometimes even then)?

Do you feel it is appropriate to have Victoria's school meal breakfast program provided by the Salvation Army, along with "food for the soul" (prayers), considering that many families and taxpayers do not subscribe to that belief system?

What is your stand on decriminalization of prostitution?

At last tally, Vancouver Island had enough food for three or four days - period! Given the threat of transportation shutdown in the event of a pandemic, earthquake, terrorist attack or extreme petro shortage, what can be done to make our area more food self-sufficient, in a time when more and more landlords don't even allow tenants to have potted plants on their balconies?

Seismologists feel a major or tsunami earthquake is overdue. Do you feel our warning systems are adequate? What provisions would you make to prepare for such a quake and get help to people in the aftermath? Would you provide emergency shelters with stored food and water at strategic locations about the city? How many jobs could be provided by the work of constructing such shelters?

In an environment where more and more people suffer from chemical sensitivities, asthma and other environmental illnesses, what steps would you take to ensure air quality? - with particular attention to the road paving and roofing projects which fill the downtown air with hot asphalt fumes on any day when the weather is good, but also the spraying of pesticides and herbicides.

Many of us feel strongly about access to fresh water. Will you fight to keep Victoria's water supply in public hands?

What will you do to make legal aid and dental care accessible to the poor?

What measures will you take to halt the spread of epidemic diseases such as AIDS, hepatitis and TB, which are all on the increase in our province?

Will you make licenses required for busking and craft sales more accessible to the poor (or, better yet, eliminate them altogether)?

What do you see as a viable direction for Victoria's economy given your support for Fair Trade and ethical consumption?

From: Elizabeth Wallace


10. VLC-Endorsed Local Election Candidates

You or your Greater Victoria members, allies, and friends may be
interested in this ...

1. Letter from VLC about region's local elections & candidates
2. List of VLC-endorsed 2005 local elections candidates
3. Contact information for VLC-endorsed elections candidates
4. Principles of the Victoria Labour Council
(for election candidates seeking endorsement)



(250) 384-8331 10 - 1921 Fernwood Road, Victoria, BC V8T 2Y6

October 30th, 2005

Affiliates, Members, and Community Allies ...

VLC-Endorsed Local Election Candidates

Below, you will find a list of the candidates, for the Capital
Region's Saturday, November 19th local elections, who requested
Victoria Labour Council's endorsement of their candidacy and
signed their commitment to "Principles of the Victoria Labour
Council," a 12-point document that follows the candidate contact
information further below. Our Wednesday, October 19th, 2005
general meeting's motions to endorse the candidacy of the
candidates carried except as noted.

Victoria Labour Council encourages you to call or drop in to one
of the endorsed progressive candidates' campaign offices to offer
to help phone or leaflet, or to ask through what other task you
could assist in electing the candidate. We hope you will
encourage members of your union local or other organization to do
similarly. Alternatively, please consider sending even a small
financial contribution.

Our local politicians' daily decisions are simply far too
influential to be left up to the campaign efforts of only people
who have more free time or resources than working-class citizens
do. We are not asking you to commit either a lot or more than
you are able; we are encouraging each progressive working-class
resident who is able: to contribute just a little bit of time or
money in whatever way you are able. All our little bits over the
next three weeks will add up and put some candidates ahead of

Please remember and let members of your union or organization
know that, for the first time, this year voters in the Capital
Region will have the opportunity to elect candidates to our
Capital Regional District Board! Victoria Labour Council thanks
Denise Savoie, current CRD Director and Victoria City Councillor,
for her initiative in this progress. Initiative is one of Denise
Savoie's many strengths, and Victoria Labour Council is trying to
elect Denise Savoie, Victoria's New Democrat candidate, as
Victoria's next MP in the upcoming federal election. To
contribute time of any amount or individual gifts of any size to
Denise Savoie's federal election campaign after November 19th,
Victoria Labour Council enthusiastically and strongly encourages
members and community allies to contact us (through my Political
Action co-chair, Karin Hass ).

May Greater Victoria's progressive working-class citizens create
the progressive change we want to see in our local governments on
Saturday, November 19th. Local elections more than any others
are regularly decided by small numbers of citizens! Together,
Victoria Labour Council's members and community allies each
giving just a little time over the next 3 weeks have the ability
to make all the difference. By each pitching in a little
political action, we can help our region elect those
representatives who will help bring in at least secondary sewage
treatment throughout our region, and those school board trustees
with voting patterns that strengthen the public good and the
future of all our community's children, and we can make our
region's communities more economically inclusive, environmentally
healthy, sustainable, and stronger!

In solidarity,

J. Colin Graham


cope 15


"Ideas are great arrows, but there has to be a bow.
And politics is the bow of idealism." Bill Moyers

"History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of
this period of social transition was not the strident
clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence
of the good people." Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

"Washing one's hands of the conflict between the powerful
and the powerless means to side with the powerful,
not to be neutral." Paulo Freire

"Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time; it is
regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable."
Sydney J. Harris


VLC-Endorsed 2005 Local Elections Candidates

Denise Riley NDP Sooke School Board (incumbent)
Charley Beresford NDP Greater Victoria School Board (incumbent)
Bev Horsman NDP Greater Victoria School Board (incumbent)
Ruth MacIntosh NDP Greater Victoria School Board
Peg Orcherton NDP Greater Victoria School Board (incumbent)

Andrew Britton NDP Town of View Royal (ACCLAIMED)
Sonya Chandler Green Pty City of Victoria
Ben Isitt NDP/VCE City of Victoria (mayoral race)
Gordie Logan Colwood Municipality (incumbent)
Lornna Olson Township of Esquimalt
Susan Stroud NDP Central Saanich Municipality
Leslie Zinger District of Metchosin

Mark Walsh NDP Greater Victoria School Board
- Motion to endorse failed, but candidate signed the
VLC principles commitment.


VLC-Endorsed 2005 Local Elections Candidates'

Denise Riley NDP Sooke School Board
driley [at] telus.net
Charley Beresford progressive NDP slate Greater Vic School Board
charleyberesford [at] shaw.ca
Bev Horsman progressive NDP slate Greater Vic School Board
Ruth MacIntosh progressive NDP slate Greater Vic School Board
Peg Orcherton progressive NDP slate Greater Vic School Board
sorcherton [at] telus.net

Town of View Royal
Andrew Britton (NDP) (ACCLAIMED)
Phone: 884-6511
#33 300 6 Mile Road
View Royal, V9B 5Y3

City of Victoria
Sonya Chandler (Green Party)
Victoria, B.C.
Phone: 885-8769
sonya [at] sonyachandler.com

City of Victoria
Ben Isitt (NDP/VCE) (mayoral race)
Phone: 686-5574
ben.isitt [at] gmail.com
1147 Caledonia Avenue
Victoria, B.C. V8T 1E9

Colwood Municipality
Gordie Logan (incumbent)
Phone: 478-3630
councillor [at] telus.net
3060 Brittany Drive
Colwood, BC V9B 5P8

Township of Esquimalt
Lornna Olson
Phone: 380-1754
lornna [at] shaw.ca
1023 Wollaston Street
Esquimalt, BC

Central Saanich Municipality
Sue Stroud (NDP)
Phone: 652-3278
#105 7088 Wallace Drive
Brentwood Bay, BC V8M 1P4

District of Metchosin
Leslie Zinger
525 Witty Beach Road
Victoria V9C 4H8


cope 15


"For of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these,
'It might have been!'" John Greenleaf Whittier

"Courage my friends, 'tis not too late to make a better world."
Tommy C. Douglas's epitaph, in Beechwood Cemetery, Ottawa


(250) 384-8331 10 - 1921 Fernwood Road, Victoria, BC V8T 2Y6

For Election Candidates seeking Endorsement

I am seeking the endorsement of the Victoria Labour Council.
In the interests of working-class people, I solemnly commit that
should I be elected:

A. I will oppose motions, policies, and other initiatives that
conflict with those principles of the Victoria Labour Council
which are set out in this document, and

B. I will vote for, abide by, raise, speak up for, promote, and
otherwise support those principles of the Victoria Labour

Principles of the Victoria Labour Council

1. Halt and reversal of contracting out and other privatization
of unionized work.

2. Equal pay for work of equal value: pay equity.

3. Free collective bargaining and opposition to legislative
constraints that inhibit it.

4. Successorship rights for unionized employees.

5. Use of union labour on municipal, regional, provincial,
federal, and other publicly funded projects.

6. Fair wage policies for all publicly funded programmes and

7. Improvement and protection of anti-scab legislation, and
opposition to the use of police([search]) force in supporting strike

8. Respect for picket lines established pursuant to BC
Federation of Labour picketing policy.

9. The right of workers to belong to a trade union and
opposition to any erosion of that right.

10. Opposition to all so-called "right to work" legislation.

11. Purchase of union-made goods and services, locally made when

12. Affordable public housing, related land assembly, tenants'
councils, and tenants' rights.

_____________________________ _____________________________
printed name of signature of
election candidate election candidate

date signed

_____________________________ _____________________________
printed name of signature of
VLC witness VLC witness

kh 19/10/2005

cope 15


"Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did,
and it never will. Find out just what people will submit to,
and you have found out the exact amount of injustice and wrong
which will be imposed upon them; and this will continue till
they have resisted with either words or blows, or with both.
The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those
who they suppress." Frederick Douglas, abolitionist, 1849

"Action is eloquence." William Shakespeare (1564-1616)

TO SUBSCRIBE to VLC updates -- if you are a supporter, please
type SUBSCRIBE VLC in your subject line and send your email
address, first & last name, union & local name, and phone number
to . Non-unionized supporters too are
welcome to subscribe: if not a union member, simply indicate so,
and if you wish, send your organization's name. Thank you for
your interest and for your solidarity.

TO BE CHEERFULLY UNSUBSCRIBED from VLC updates -- please type
UNSUBSCRIBE VLC in your subject line and send to
. Thank you.

VLC emails do not contain attachments: only low-volume (and
virus-free) plain text. We appreciate the same.


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"It is neither wealth nor splendour, but tranquillity and occupation which give happiness. "

Thomas Jefferson


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