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Thursday, 17 February 2005 11:00
BC Liberal Government Unjust

PEJ News-- Scoop: Kevin Falcon, Minister of Transportation and Highways was at Bear Mountain Golf Club on WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 16th to give a breakfast budget speach to local business. It seems there is lots of money for everyone or so we are to believe?everyone except the old and poor. If you are on welfare in BC you get $510.00 Not enough to survive on. If you are over 60 and unemployed...
If you are over 60 and unemployed your chances of getting welfare are slim even though it is well known and acknowledged by human resources that you are virtually unemployable. You may get a couple of hundred from Canada pension.. Welfare will take that off of the $510 they give you per month. So the old are set out on the street to die as well.

The other day as the Falcon was patting himself on the back my friend was telling me that welfare might not cover her dentures. They had told her previously to go ahead so she got the appointment and had her teeth pulled. Then they tell her they might leave her that way and not finish the job. So now she has great difficulty eating anything but soup.

This is a person by the way who is paranoid delusional and was previously kicked off of disability status to "people with multiple barriers" status because she was able to feed, dress and shop for groceries Now they are about to put her to regular status and not fix her teeth.

Not that this government is trying to screw you but I just went to renew my drivers license. You pay $110 for a medical, $103 for the license and $29 to process the medical letter from your doctor. These ?guys? just love us. Well some people of us anyway.

Seems a banker was at the breakfast and was so happy with this government because his bank is rolling in money. Guess lots of foreign money rolling in to scoop up BC business ahead of the Olympics.

Another businessman spoke up and was concerned that there were not enough multinational giants in BC and we need them to create many jobs instead of the few a small business can provide. "Great", I thought. That is all we need is more like Wal-Mart to destroy the rest of the small business and demolish everyone?s wages. It is the small business that drives this country. Where are there heads?

Let me see now...ah yes! There is lots of money for roads so that our resources can be removed for someone else. Raise the cap on small business from 300,000 to 400,000 dollars so that middle business can scoop up all the money dumped into the small business Ministry.

It seems like this government sees the poor as working people struggling to make ends meet. The tens of thousands dropped from welfare don't really exist. They can be picked up by the street cleaner, or left to die in the woods or a dumpster.

Well what can one expect ...after all.... it?s the Canadian way.
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