Canadians! Are they all honourable men and women? Are they not here to bury Canadian and International law? Print
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Written by Joan Russow
Tuesday, 29 January 2013 17:01

By Joan Russow Global Compliance Research Project, Ecological Rights Association*


In Canada, Cabinet ministers have the titile of Honourable. Aref the current cabinet Ministers 'honourable


*The Honourable Vic Toews, the Canadian Minister of Public Safety is burying rights enshrined under the Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or DegradingTreatment or Punishment by being willing to use torture in “exceptional minister and by requiring minimum sentences


And he is burying rightsenshrined under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights by giving the police increased powers to monitor citizen


*The Honourable Jason Kenny, the Canadian Minister of Immigration is burying rights protected under Article 3 of the 1951 convention Relating to the Status of Refugees by treating refugees from “safe” countries differently from those from “unsafe” countries which violates the non-discrimination on the ground of country of origin


*The Honourable Peter Kent, the Canadian Minister of the environment is burying the rights of futuregenerations by failing to abide by article 2 of the UNFCCC -stabilizing greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere at a level that would prevent dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system. And by obstructingprogress in implementing theUN Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Kyoto protocol


*The Honourable John Duncan, the Canadian Minister of Indian Affairs is burying the rights of indigenous peoples by declaring that the Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples is only “aspirational’ and not legally binding.


*The Honourable Joe Oliver the Canadian Minister of Natural Resources is burying obligations enshrined under the Convention on biological Diversity, to conserve biodiversity and under the UN Framework on Climate Change to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and conserve carbon sinks by continuing to permit production of oil in the tar sands and by proposing the Enbridge and keystone pipelines


*The Honourable Bev Oda, the Canadian Minister of International Cooperation is burying the extraterritorial rights ofcitizens in other states where Canadian mining companies operate by funding NGOs to soften the opposition to Canadian mining operations.


"Canada (WUSC) haspartnered Rio Tinto Alcan; Plan Canada is paired up with IAMGOLD; and WorldVision Canada has joined forces with Barrick Gold. This new funding approach raises some serious ethical and political questions about the role of NGOs, and constitutes a veritable PR coup for a mining industry that has racked up quitethe rap sheet of environmental and human rights abuses".


*The Honourable Lisa Raitt, the Canadian Minister of Labour is burying labour rights enshrined in the International Labout Oganization Conventions


*The Honourable PeterMackay, the Canadian Minister of Defence, is burying the right to security of Canadians by continuing to allow US nuclear powered and nuclear arms capable vessels circulating in Canadian waters and berthing in Canadian ports, and by permitting and participating in war games,such as Exercise Trident Fury


* the Honourable Gary Goodyear refocussed the NRC,"NRC plays a pivotal role at the heart of Canada's innovation system," said the Honourable Gary Goodyear, Minister of State (Science and Technology). "The refocused NRC will provide Canadian industries with access to strategic research and development, technical services and specialized scientific infrastructure they need to succeed."



*The Right Honourable Stephen Harper the Prime Minister of Canada is ambitious and he has removed all checks and balances that would interfere with his rule over the Harper Government and Harper Canada


* Global Compliance Research Project (GCRP), a project of the Ecological Rights Association, which was co-founded in 1991 by Joan Russow and David White.  

The GCRP was founded in 1995 by Joan Russow,   who wrote the "Charter of Obligations” - a 350 page compilation of strong statements reflecting obligations incurred through the Charter of the United Nations, expectations created through General Assembly Resolutions, and Declarations, and commitments made through Conference Action Plans.   


Joan Russow (Ph.D)


For years Russow has been concerned about the interdependence of issues and has  worked —


•  to promote and fully guarantee respect for human rights including labour rights, health rights, and social justice;

•  to enable socially equitable and environmentally sound employment;

•  to achieve a state of peace, justice and security;

•  to create a global structure that respects the rule of law; and

•  to ensure the preservation and protection of the environment, reduce the ecological footprint and move away from the current model of overconsumptive development

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