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Monday, 23 January 2006 03:54

Ontario Conservative faces possible Assault charge

According to Lifesite news, Conservative candidate for Scarborough South West ,Vincent Veerasuntharam assaulted a anti-gay campaigner.
Conservative candidate for Scarborough South West ,Vincent Veerasuntharamor one of his supporters shoved a man handing out leaflets endorsing the Liberal candidate Tom Wappel, knocking him back into his wife who then fell to the ground. A 16 year old male rushed in to help but he too was pushed back. Steve Jalsevac, the man pushed plans to lay charges of assault against the Conservative candidate.

Lifesite.net is a Right Wing Christian news service in Canada.

Jalsevac who also happens to be Director of Lifesite.net was handing out leaflets in front of Our Lady of Fatima Shrine Catholic Church in Scarborough on Sunday, January 22 at about 11:30 am. The leaflets asked Catholics to vote for Tom Wappel, the Liberal MP with a record of voting against gay rights including being against hate crimes legislation and opposed to abortion rights.

Liberal candidate and current MP Wappel was endorsed in the riding, where as the Conservative Vincent Veerasuntharam did not respond to a survey on the issues of same sex marriage or abortion. Many Conservative candidates did not respond hoping to be able to play both sides of the issue and as part of the central Conservative campaign to avoid saying anything on gay marriage or abortion.

The whole thing was caught on tape. The Lifesite director had his trusty digital recorder, being the smart news guy, with him. The recording can be found at Lifesite.net and I have put the links here as well.

The Conservative candidate comes off as a bully, though what we hear is only that which pro-life and anti-gay activist Jalsevac has chosen to make available. What's not here could be interesting as well.

Again according to Jalsevac, Veerasuntharam objected to the pro-life leaflet evaluation of himself. Apparently indicating he was against abortion and for traditional marriage. When that did not convince Jalsevac to leave with his leaflets the Conservative candidate then according to Jalsevac swung at him but missed.

On the tape during the physical threat, the candidate can be heard at the time saying, "what are you finding so funny, you want me to, you want me to f..ah, go into jail, I don't mind, because you are sucking up to Tom Wappel. You know Tom Wappel is the biggest, cunning bastard. Tom Wappel is the biggest bastard in the planet."

Listen to the clip here: Quicktime mp3 format- Lifesite.net

Lifesite.net provides what it says is further proof that the Conservative supporters then attempted to take the recording device...

However, later in the incident VV's campaign workers can be heard on the tape forcibly attempting to take the recorder away from Jalsevac. As the workers attempted to physically remove the recorder one can be clearly heard on the tape saying, "Take this recorder off his hands." (Listen to the clip:Real Media format or Quicktime format)

See the rest at Lifesite.net

Rick Barnes

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