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Posted by Dragonslayer
Sunday, 15 April 2018 18:56

FYI -  From Wikipedia on the definition of National Interest.  It appears to be more of a political term than a legal one.  When Trudeau uses the term to justify a pipeline it may be useful to us to see what it means.


Quote from Wikipedia...

"As considerable disagreement exists in every country over what is or is not in "the national interest," the term is as often invoked to justify isolationist and pacifistic policies as to justify interventionist or warlike policies. It has been posited that the term is a euphemism used by powerful countries for geopolitical aims such as nonrenewable natural resources for energy independency, territorial expansionism and precious metals in smaller countries.[4] In that case, euphemism usage is necessary to stifle voices opposed to an interventionistic or warhawk foreign policy.[5]"

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