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Cdn Peace Alliance: This is the final list of actions happening in Canada o­n October 2nd. If you can send them out to your lists that would be great. There are now 30 events planned from coast to coast some of which are not listed because we don't have a complete posting i.e. there is a group of students in St John's NFLD doing a bake sale against MD and I don't have all the info. We are also getting quite a lot of media attention...

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Subject: October 2nd Day of Action Update
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We are also getting quite a lot of media attention for the day, partly I'm sure because Bill Graham keeps bringing the issue up. To tell the truth we are a little surprised at how much attention these events are getting both from activist groups and the media. It shows that we will be able to create a real groundswell of opposition to BMD and Weapons in Space.

Thanks to everyone for the hard work and dedication. Please let us know how your event goes. Have fun tomorrow and we will see you at the CPA convention where we can talk about building a bigger and stronger movement for peace.


Sid Lacombe

Campaign Coordinator

Canadian Peace Alliance


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Join us for "Building the Other Superpower" a pan-Canadian Peace Conference

November 5-7th, 2004 Ryerson University, Toronto

For more info see http://www.acp-cpa.ca/en/Convention2004.html


English follows French






L?Alliance Canadienne pour la Paix appel ? une journ?e d?action

pancanadienne pour dire NON AU BOUCLIER ANTI-MISSILE, le samedi 2

octobre. Deux jours seulement avant l?ouverture de la Chambre des

Communes, les citoyennes et citoyens de plusieurs villes ? travers le

Canada d?montreront ? Paul Martin qu?ils le surveillent de pr?s et aussi

qu?ils rejettent totalement l?id?e d?un Bouclier Anti-Missile !



Moncton, NB




En r?ponse ? l?appel de l?Alliance canadienne pour la paix, le comit? des

Citoyennes et les citoyens pour la paix organise un ?v?nement au March?

de Moncton, rue Westmorland, le samedi 2 octobre.

Steve Berube, Huberte Gautreau et des artistes locaux exprimeront leur

opposition au plan de bouclier antimissile am?ricain et leur espoir que

le Canada jouera un r?le positif en faveur de la paix globale.

Ils encourageront ?galement le public ? ?crire ? leur d?put?.

Les activit?s se d?rouleront dans l?avant-midi ? 9h00, 10h00 et 11h00.

L??v?nement aura lieu deux jours avant l?ouverture de la Chambre des


Partout au Canada, des groupes se rallient dans l?effort pour convaincre

le gouvernement f?d?ral de se tenir ? l??cart du plan de d?fense

antimissile am?ricain.

contact:- Huberte Gautreau, 382-5911- Steve Berube, 386-3335



Darth Martin rencontre les M?m?es d?cha?n?es

Action contre le bouclier antimissile - la guerre des ?toiles

Le samedi 2 octobre 2004 ? midi

Devant la Cath?drale Christ Church, rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest,

ntre les rues Union et Universit?, m?tro McGill

Mettez des costumes de La guerre des ?toiles et emmenez des pancartes

contre le bouclier


Ottawa, o­n

Le 2 octobre d?s 13h00 au parc Minto ? Ottawa (rue Elgon) pour dire tous

et toutes ensemble NON AU BOUCLIER ANTI-MISSILE ! Montrons ? Martin ?

quel point l?id?e d?un Bouclier Anti-Missile est stupide et dangereuse !

Amenez vos parents, amis (es), chiens, chats?

Joignez-vous au Cirque et ? la Parade contre le BAM !

Amenez vos banni?res, costumes de cirques, poup?e g?ante et surtout, vos

id?es pour une meilleure solution que le BAM pour promouvoir la paix.

D?montrez votre opinion face au Bouclier Anti-Missile de Bush de fa?on

cr?ative. Par exemple, en d?filant avec un parapluie d?chirer ou un

missile avec un condom perc? pour d?montrer ? quel point le BAM est

inutile ! Ou encore mieux?cr?? votre propre outil de d?monstration !

(Plusieurs id?es int?ressantes peuvent ?tre trouv?es sur le site

Internet de NOWAR-PAIX : www.nowar-paix.ca )

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Canadian Peace Alliance announces a Cross Canada Day of Action Against Missile Defence October 2nd, 2004




**Scroll down for event listings


On October 2nd we are urging all CPA member groups, coalitions and peace

loving organizations in Canada to organize actions against the Ballistic

Missile Defence plan. October 2nd has been chosen as the day of action for

a number of reasons. It is o­ne day after BMD officially goes o­n line in the

United States, it is two days before the Parliament of Canada resumes and

it is the final day of the International Keep Space for Peace week.

We are seeing the evolution of a potential revolt within the Liberal caucus

on this issue. Carolyn Parrish's remarks last week are o­nly part of a

simmering discontent which could destabilize to a minority Liberal

government. The opposition NDP and Bloc Quebecois are organizing to fight

BMD and the Liberals will be forced to side with their arch rival

Conservatives to pass any legislation supporting BMD. This gives us a great

chance to expose the hypocrisy of the Liberal leadership which campaigned

as a peace loving party but are about to support a plan which is dangerous

and destabilizing for global security.

Defence Minister Bill Graham still insists that BMD will not result in

the weaponization of space. He is wrong. Even a cursory glance at the US

Missile Defence Agency website shows that BMD is designed to culminate in

the creation of space based weapons. In an effort to expose and confront

this contradiction in Canadian policy we are asking groups to consider a

"Star Wars" theme to the actions o­n October 2nd.

Within the last two years the peace movement in Canada has made itself

heard o­n a number of issues and we have impacted Canadian Foreign and

Defence policy, in particular around the war in Iraq.

Our collective voice has never been stronger.

Now we must organize our communities against this threat to global peace.

All out October 2nd!



Please let us know at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you are organizing in your area so

we can post the information

To endorse the action please send a message to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it





October 2nd event listings


Annapolis Royal, NS

Date: Saturday, Oct. 2

Time: 1:00 pm

Place: The lights in Annapolis Royal, NS

As a part of a Cross Canada Day of Action Against Missile Defence a

rally will be held to protest Canada's involvement in the implementation

of the the US Ballistic Missile Defence program (BMD). BMD is viewed by

many (including 49 retired US Generals and Admirals ) to be ineffective

as a defensive weapon, and is intended to be a space-based attack

weapon. Millions rallied against Canada's participation in the illegal

war in Iraq. Let our politicians know that, as with the Iraq War, we

can choose a better way... NO to BMD!



Calgary, AB

Human Security not Missile Defence Rally

Oct. 2


City Hall

As a part of a Cross Canada Day of Action Against Missile Defence

Project Ploughshares Calgary will be hosting a rally at City Hall to

protest the implementation of the the Missile Defence Program (BMD).

We will form a human chain, holding hands together to symbolize the

power of human communities and connections that are more powerful for

protecting ourselves and our planet than the missile defence program.


Castlegar, British Columbia

A rally is being held outside our MP Jim Gouks (Conservative) office o­n October 2nd

We will have letters to sign to send to PM Martin and another to Carolyn Parrish

and the other Liberal MP's who are speaking out against Missile Defence

The event will be at 3PM o­n Saturday, at 648-18th St.

with the Kootenay Region of United Nations, also Kootenay Fellowship of Reconicilation

contact Joyce Davison This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Edmonton, AB

On Oct. 2, all over Canada and the US, events are planned to raise

public outcry against BMD. At the Sept. 12 ECAWAR meeting, the NO BMD

committee was given the go-ahead to plan an event.

HERE IN EDMONTON the NO-BMD committee is efficiently mobilizing

hundreds or thousands of people to be counted against BMD, while they go

about their usual Saturday routines. No rally, no speeches, no marching,

but effective in a NEW way!

We are offering stickers which say "COUNT ME OUT of BMD"

with a missile in a circle/ slash NO symbol. Wear it o­n OCT.2,

and until BMD is rejected. We are counting the numbers of stickers

distributed for reporting to the media and government. Each sticker is

stapled to a brief, informative flier, so that the wearer can speak

confidently o­n the subject.

WE NEED YOU to GET INVOLVED: As of noon, Tuesday, Sept. 28, a

quantity of stickers will be available for pick-up at the Earth's General Store.

Take as many as you can distribute leading up to Oct. 2. We are counting o­n

wide coverage of the city, all points of the compass. Start by wearing a

sticker yourself, then...If you are attending a meeting, offer stickers!

Going to class? Work? Shopping? To the movies? Offer stickers to the people you meet.

What could be easier?! Step up and be counted!


Goderich, o­n

People for Peace, a group of individuals who share a concern about peace issues,

will be holding a candlelight vigil outside the constituency office of

Paul Steckle o­n Highway 21 in Goderich o­ntario from 7-8 pm.

Bring your own candle & sign

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Grand Forks, BC

The Boundary Peace Initiative will meet at 1 pm at Lois Hagan Park

(beside City Hall) for a funeral procession (dress in black) with signs

bringing attention to the fact that the Ballistic Missile Defense System

will lead to more coffins. We will walk through town and then stop in front

of Radio Shack for speakers and entertainment. We invite all concerned

about the weaponization of space to come join us.

Contact Laura at 442-0434 or by email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more info.


Halifax, NS

The Halifax Peace Coalition will offer a film night o­n Friday October 1

at the Computer Science Building, Dalhousie University at 7:30 p.m.

Three films will be screened:

1) Star Wars Dreams: BMD with an overview of plans for space dating from the Reagan days;

2) Arsenal of Hypocrisy: America's Space Plans and its Military Industrial Complex;

3) Hijacking Catastrophe: 9/11, Fear and the Selling of American Empire.


London, o­ntario

People for Peace are planning an event for October 2nd.

We will rally at the north-west corner of Victoria Park,

at the corner of Richmond and Central, at 1:00 p.m. We

will listen to speakers, with the theme "Canada says NO to Ballistic

Missile Defence" as well as to music. Following the rally, we will march

to the office of local MP and Cabinet Minister Joe Fontana, to insist

that the government of Canada does not provide any kind of support for BMD.

Midland, o­ntario

Peaceworks, is organizing a protest rally to meet outside the

library o­n King St. at 11 am. Come and walk with us to the peace garden.

For more information contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Moncton, NB

Concerned citizens for peace Committee joins in

Cross Canada Day of Action against Missile Defence, October 2nd, 2004

Answering the Canadian Peace Alliance call for a Cross Canada Day of Action

against Missile Defence, the Concerned Citizens for Peace Committee is

planning an event at the Moncton Market, o­n Westmorland Street,

on Saturday, October 2nd.

Local speakers, reverend Steve Berube and Huberte Gautreau, as well as

local singers will express both their opposition to the US Missile plan

and their hope that Canada will play a positive role for global peace.

Activities are planned at 9am, 10am and 11am. The group will also

encourage the public to write their MPs.

The event will take place just two days before the Parliament of Canada

resumes and o­n the final day of the International Keep Space for Peace week.

All over Canada, groups are joining in this effort to convince the federal

government to stay away from the American Missile plan.

For more information, contact:- Huberte Gautreau, 382-5911- Steve Berube, 386-3335


Darth Martin encounters the Raging Grannies.

Rally against Missile Defense/Star Wars.

Saturday, October 2, 2004, at 12:00 noon.

In front of Christ Church Cathedral o­n St Catherine St W., between Union and University (McGill Metro)

Wear StarWars costumes, bring anti-Missile Defense placards and banners.

Nanaimo, BC

National Day of action Oct. 2

1-3 pm Mafeo- Sutton park band shell

Join in peace, workshop o­n creating peace cranes.

Legend goes that if you fold 1,000 paper cranes your wish will come true,

We are currently wishing Canada not take part in BMD.

We want to get back to our days of being world leaders for peace.

Please join us.

Northumberland, o­n (Port Hope, Cobourg)

On Saturday October 2nd a bus departs from Northumberland to join the rally

in Ottawa to send Paul Martin the message to

"Keep Canada out of Missile Defense"

Port Hope pick up at the Health Unit parking lot (south of MacDonald's at

#401 and #28) at 8:30 am Sat. Oct 2nd.

Cobourg pick up at the car pool parking lot, northwest corner of #401 and #45 at

8:45 am Sat. Oct. 2nd.

Bring water, food, weather-friendly clothing and quality footware. Also,

musical instruments, banners, costumes, chants and songs and cameras.

Creativity is most welcome!

The bus arrives in Ottawa for 1 p.m. gathering at Minto Park, marching to

Parliament Hill. The bus returns the same day for approximately 9pm.

For further information contact Sabrina Roy at (905) 373-4536

Please join us, or donate so others can attend!

-email contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Oakville, o­n (Halton)

"Make Space For Peace"

Missile Defence Is A Threat To All

Citizens are invited to participate in two free events hosted by the

newly-formed Halton Peace Network:

Friday Oct. 1, 7 p.m., "Arsenal Of Hypocrisy" -

film screening & discussion

Saturday Oct. 2, 10 a.m., "Space for Peace Walk" -

community walk for peace.

The Friday event takes place at the Peace Centre, 148 Kerr St, Oakville,

The Saturday walk begins at the Peace Centre, follows a route through

nearby streets, then returns to the Centre.

Brian Hopkins, 905-257-6756

Ottawa, o­ntario


When: 1PM, October 2, 2004

Where: Minto Park (Corner of Elgin and Gilmour)

Why: To tell Prime Minister Paul Martin to keep Canada out of the U.S.

missile defence program!

What to Bring: Bring your banners, circus costumes, puppets, and your

ideas for a better way to keep Canada safe. Bring friends and family,

dogs, cats. Show your opinions of Bush?s Missile

Defence in a creative way ? you can carry a hole-filled umbrella to

demonstrate why you think BMD is crazy. Or better yet, create your own

props. (More ideas can be found at www.nowar-paix.ca.)

We will gather at Minto Park, before parading to Parliament Hill. There

will be street theatre, music, contests and games to address how stupid

MD is and how wrong for Canada. The Raging Grannies, Radical

Cheerleaders and many more will be o­n hand.

If your group can endorse this action, please email

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Penticton, B.C.

Take some more time o­n Saturday, October 2nd,

and join the Penticton Raging Grannnies at their table in Cherry Lane Mall

(Penticton). Call Kay Richardson (492-7692), and let her know when

you can help out for a few hours o­n Saturday.

Peterborough, o­n

Why Canada Shouldn?t be Involved in

Ballistic Missile Defence

Public Meeting - all are welcome

Grass Roots Caf? - corner of Aylmer and Hunter

Saturday, October 2nd

11:30 am to 1 pm

Come and hear :

? Professor Al Slavin talk about why it is not in Canada?s or the

world?s best interest to be involved in ballistic missile defence.

? Joyce Barrett, chairperson of Kawartha Ploughshares, talk about

strategies to make our opinions known to the government and media.

Sponsored by: Kawartha Ploughshares

For further information, call Joyce Barrett at 743-0241

Quebec City, QC

Please join us for a "vigil" o­n October 2nd.

We are asking people to join us around noon in front of the 1073

boulevard Rene-Levesque Ouest, in Quebec City.

Sackville, NB

Canadian National Federation's Local Protest

Date: Saturday, Oct. 2

Time: 1:00 pm

Place: Meeting at the Mount Allison University student administrative

building. We will be marching, dressing-up, and making noise.

Notes: You may with to dress up, some are suggesting StarWars outfits.

Have an instrument? Bring it - make some noise.

Saint John, NB

Concerned citizens of Saint John are meeting o­n the steps of City Hall at noon

on Saturday, October 2, 2004, in an action to oppose Canada joining the

United Sates? Missile Defense Agreement.

The Council of Canadians, KAIROS, People for Peace, and the Saint John

and District Labour Council are rallying with the Canadian Peace Alliance

and the majority of Canadians o­n a day of action October 2nd, 2004.

This allied group of concerned Saint John citizens is calling for a clear

demonstration of opposition to the Agreement.

According to a recent Ipsos-Reid poll, 69% of Canadians disapprove of

Canada joining the United States? missile shield.

Canada has a choice. It can join the U.S. Missile Defence and endanger

global security and damage our international reputation. Or it can say no

to Missile Defence and focus its efforts o­n peace-building and human


Sarnia, o­n

PeaceWorks, a Sarnia area group will be reflecting Canada-wide demonstrations

against Canada's participation in Ballistic Missile Defence, planned

nationally for October 2, with a slightly earlier observance.

At 12:30 noon, October 1, members and other interested Sarnia residents

will meet for half an hour in front of MP Roger Gallaway's office o­n

Christina Street in down-town Sarnia.

Those able to attend, including especially members of religious or

other organizations dedicated to peace, are asked to bring signs opposing

the destabilizing effects that will come with support of the BMD initiative.

We say "No" to Canada's participation in an expensive, unworkable and

thoughtlessly inflammatory project, and welcome others who share this point

of view.

Join us o­n October 1, opposite Sarnia City Hall.

Toronto, o­n

Make Space for Peace! Keep Canada out of Missile Defense

Rally and March, OCT 2, 1 PM

US Consulate

360 University Ave @ Armoury St

Endorsed by:

Canadian Arab Federation, Toronto Chapter, Canadian Labour Congress

Council of Canadians, Toronto Chapter

People Against Weapons in Space

Toronto Coalition to Stop the War

Toronto and York Region Labour Council

United Church of Canada

416.588.5555, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Vancouver, BC

On Friday 1st Oct at 7.30 a.m. we will do a banner unfurling

over the Lions Gate Bridge. In the 2 hours of rush hour 10,000 cars

pass over this bridge. The banner (which will be very large) will say


Vader will be present also, with a "speak bubble" saying "KEEP STAR WARS

IN THE MOVIES". Two or three people will actually be down o­n the

bridge with "HONK FOR PEACE IN SPACE" placards. We are hoping this

action will draw the media.

On Saturday 2nd Oct at 1 p.m. at the Vancouver Art Gallery in

the centre of the busy shopping area, some StopWar folks will be

handing out letters with envelopes addressed to Paul Martin, and Bill

Graham stating our concerns about joining the US. We will bring the

props mentioned above as attention getters.


Whitehorse, Yukon,

The Yukon Peace Coalition will be having a march o­n October 2nd.

It will start at noon at the Elijah Smith Building and we'll march down to

Rotary Peace Park. o­n September 24th, the previous Saturday, members of

the Peace Coalition will be travelling to Fort Greely (where a BMD system is being installed)

for the Fourth Annual Peace Camp organized by No Nukes North,

a circumpolar group from Fairbanks, Alaska, who have invited our group to

participate. At the peace march o­n October 2nd, those who travelled to

Fort Greely will tell the rest of us about their experience participating

in the Peace Camp.


Windsor, o­n

Demonstration to say NO to Canada's participation in U.S. Missile "Defence"

12 noon, October 2

in the parkette at Goyeau and Wyandotte Streets

(near the U.S-Canada Tunnel entrance)

Call to demonstrate issued by Windsor Peace Coalition

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Winnipeg, MB

Information picket

Against Missile Defence!

Say no to Canada?s participation

in the U.S. "Missile Defence" program!

Saturday, October 2, 1:30 p.m.

at the office of Reg Alcock, M.P.

1609 Pembina Hwy.

Bring your family, friends & work mates!

Bring your banners, placards and voices!

End the Arms Race - Feed the World!

For information, call the No War Coalition (Manitoba) 775-8178 ext.2


Yellowknife, NWT

Save our Skies for Northern Lights

A Walk against Ballistic Missile Defense

Meet at City Hall at 2:30 pm.

Saturday, October 2nd.

Sponsored by Alternatives North

Contact 669-0991 for more info.


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