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Monday, 23 February 2004 01:59
VIDEA: Please find attached the job advertisement and job description for our YouthSpeaks Coordinator position. I would be grateful if you could post it widely, end date is 1pm Thursday 26th February.

Job Description

YouthSpeaks Project Coordinator

YouthSpeaks 2004: Poverty - Making the links, breaking the cycle

Wage Rate: $21 hr for 35 hours per week.
Starting date: 1st March 2004
Duration: 37 weeks of programme and 1 week of final report writing.
End date: 3rd December 2004
Reporting to: Executive Director

The YouthSpeaks 2004 Project Coordinator is responsible for the planning, delivery, and evaluation of VIDEA's YouthSpeaks 2004 project. The coordinator is responsible for working with participants to implement an innovative programme of activities focused o­n community workshops, exploring the linkages between personal, community and global poverty. Additionally the coordinator will organize for the delivery of a series of skill enhancement workshops and will deliver a programme of support to the participants to ensure all are equipped to access paid employment or to return to school following the end of the programme.

Main Responsibilities

1) Plan and deliver a programme of life and employability enhancement workshops and personal supports:
" Working with the Executive Director coordinate hiring of all YS participants;
" Plan and implement an orientation program for all YS participants;
" In liaison with participants' employment case managers and participants undergo a skills and personal needs assessment to identify the barriers each participant faces to employment.
" In liaison with the participants' case managers and the participants develop individual programme action plans to support participants employment action plans
" In liaison with participants' employment case managers, participants and the Executive Director develop and implement a client centered programme of life and employability skill enhancement workshops in support of the participants employment action plans;
" Ensure participants are prepared to carry out their work o­n the project, match tasks to individual capabilities and ensure that participants are always working in support of their action plans;
" Ensure that team meetings are held at the start of each day;
" Conduct o­ne to o­ne meetings with participants o­n a bi-weekly or monthly basis as necessary.
" In liaison with the Executive Director, ensure that participants are linked with community supports to address the barriers they face to employment.
" Undertake 3 monthly reviews with each participant; and
" Ensure appropriate mentors (from within the organisation or as appropriate from partner agencies) are found for participants, as necessary.

2) Activities
" Work with participants to deliver a programme of community workshops linking personal, local and global poverty.
" Ensure that all activities are carried out effectively.
" Ensure that participants tasks are matched to support specific employment goals.
" Ensure that all activities are carried out in a client centered, supportive, team environment.
" Be responsible for collaboration between the many project partners.

3) Maintain records of project expenditures:
" Provide monthly documentation of project expenditures and revenues to the Executive Director and Bookkeeper;
" Ensure that all project expenditures are consistent with and within the limits of any project budgets or project contracts approved by the Board of Directors; and

4) Supervise and be responsible for aspects of project reporting and evaluation:
In liaison with the Executive Director:
" Prepare and remit to HRDC and VIDEA all required YS Participant Contracts;
" Prepare an overall project work plan for review by the Executive Director.
" Prepare and deliver monthly progress reports to the Executive Director;
" Plan, conduct and report o­n a mid-term and a final project evaluation with all YS participants; and
" Prepare all required reporting for funders in accordance with reporting conditions and timelines identified in funder agreements.

5) Manage the operation of the YS office (adjacent to the VIDEA office) and supervise YS participants:
" Establish core hours of work at the YS office and maintain records of participant hours;
" Ensure that all relevant WCB policies and procedures are known and followed;
" Ensure that participants understand and abide by the rules of conduct presented in Section 1 of the HRDC YS Participant contract; and
" Ensure that all VIDEA property is maintained and accounted for.



Person Specification:

Skills and experience:

" Degree in: Child and Youth Work or Social Work or a related discipline with equivalent experience.
" Experience of working with youth who are "at risk", or who face multiple barriers to employment.
" Experience of integrated case management.
" Demonstrated ability to work cooperatively and collaboratively with a wide range of community partners and participants.
" The ability to present a positive and empowering disposition at all times.
" Experience in workshop preparation and delivery.
" Supervisory experience.

Lynn Thornton
Executive Director
385 2333
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