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Written by Joan Russow
Sunday, 04 August 2013 08:47

Tuesday, August 6th    2013 Cermony in Victoria at Gorge Tillicum Park, entrance off Tillicum,




The annual lantern ceremony in Victoria, marking the 68th anniversary of the

atomic bombing of Japan 


Program 2013


1.     Lantern making   throughout the evening

 2.     Flute by Austin Scott

3.     V. Daniel – Greetings       (7:30 pm)

       4.   Tsugio Kurushima – Hiroshima Reflections

          Victoria Nikkei Cultural Soc.

       5.     Remembering the Victims & Abolition of Nuclear Arms  – Joan Russow

6.     Japanese Heritage Language School’s Children’s


       7.  Furusato Dance Group

       8.  Nagasaki Poetry Readings by Yumie Kono and Ariel Sullivan

       9.  First Metropolitan United Children Book Reading led by Megumi Saunders

      10.  Fran Thoburn – closing remarks

      11.  Moment of Silence

      12.  Austin Scott on flute

      13. Group singing and Lantern launch


Sponsored by the Victoria Raging Grannies, Victoria Nikkei Cultural Society,

Council of Canadians Victoria Chapter,Victoria Peace Coalition, Canadian Department of Peace Initiative


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