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Tuesday, 06 June 2006 11:48
Canada's Increasing Complicity In War Making

Press Release - Gregory Hartnell - Gregory Hartnell, mayoral candidate for the Concerned Citizens' Coalition in the 2005 Victoria municipal election, condemns the increasing complicity of the Stephen Harper minority government in the war- making activities of the Anglo-Americans, linking the new Iranian theatre of war with the City of Victoria's policy of cynical accomodation to berth giant nuclear air-craft carriers and nuclear-powered and nuclear-armed submarines in Victoria.

Canada's Increasing Complicity In War Making

Full text of a recent letter first published in the May 2006 issue of the Victoria-based independent monthly Island Catholic News, which was originally sent to the editor of the hawkish National Post of Toronto, Ontario, but never published there...alas.

Letters to the Editor... May 2006... Island Catholic News... Vol. 20, No. 4... Page 5
Canada's Increasing Complicity in War Making
By Gregory Hartnell, Victoria

The deteriorating situation between our southern neighbours and Iran is truly nightmarish. Both countries are led by macho madmen. Both have credibility deficits (Bush with fictitious Iraq Weapons of Mass Destruction, Ahmadinejad with his supposedly peaceful nuclear programme). Both pervert religion to further their hegemony designs.

Both Peter Goodspeed in your front cover story and Seymour Hersh in the April 17 number of the New Yorker report that the Americans have been conducting simulated nuclear weapons bombing missions against Iran.

Mr. Hersh reports that "American Naval tactical aircraft, operating from carriers in the Arabian Sea, have been flying simulated nuclear weapons delivery missions - rapid ascending maneuvers known as "over the shoulder" bombing - since last summer, the former official said, within range of Iranian coastal radars.'

Similarly, Mr. Goodspeed reports that 'other reports suggested the U. S. Navy had conducted simulated nuclear weapons bombing missions from aircraft carriers in the Arabian Sea. Two years ago, British and U. S. military officers held a joint war game, code named Hotspur 2004, in which a joint task force launched an invasion of the fictitious Middle Eastern country of Korona, whose borders and characteristics coincided exactly with Iran.'

Canadians should realize that we are already complicit in the dangerous war-planning operations of this reckless Republican liar. Huge nuclear-powered and nuclear-armed U. S. Navy aircraft carriers and submarines visit Victoria regularly. These 'rest and recreation' stopovers are not worth the trouble.

Rowdy American sailors buy local prostitutes, alcohol, cocaine and heroin, causing so much trouble the local police cannot control them. American military police supplement the Victoria Police, patrolling our downtown streets in a vain attempt to mitigate the nocturnal mayhem.

If Prime Minister Harper is truly concerned about maintaining Canadian sovereignty in our coastal waters, and protecting Canadians from terrorism, he could start by banning these dangerous and provocative nuclear ship visits. Instead of blindly supporting Bush's belligerence, he should encourage his American counterpart to engage in sincere good-faith diplomatic negotiations with the Iranians.

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