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Thursday, 11 May 2006 10:52

2006 May 11

Trident Fury: MP Submits Question to Parliament

PEJ News- Joan Russow - On May 9, 2006, Denise Savoie, NDP Member of Parliament from Victoria submitted a series of formal questions to the Minister of Defence, Hon Gordon O'Connon, about the Exercise Trident Fury currently taking place in Victoria and Area.


Exercise Trident Fury;
Denise Savoie MP submits question to parliament

Dr. Joan Russow

PEJ News
May 11, 2006

Q-262 May 9, 2006 ?Ms. Savoie (Victoria)  With regard to Exercise Trident Fury: (a) how many United States troops and military hardware are part of the exercise; (b) how many troops and military hardware from countries other than Canada and the United States are part of the exercise, broken down by country; (c) is the government aware of the presence of any nuclear-arms capable aircraft participating in the exercise; (d) did the government seek assurances that there would be no nuclear weapons present; (e) does the government consider that there may be any heightened risk of a terrorist attack as a result of the exercise; (f) did the government communicate the nature of the mission to city councils and citizens in the greater Victoria area; (g) will the government guarantee the citizens of the area that there will be no health or environment risks; (h) has there been an environmental assessment of the potential impacts on the environment; and (i) has the government considered cancelling the exercise if there are environmental and security risks?

She has also received signed formal petitions to be put on the floor of the house of Commons.


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