Social workers cut - placed huge workload - Sherry Charlie Print
Friday, 12 August 2005 02:59
Social workers cut  -  placed huge workload - Sherry Charlie  

Commenting on the Sherry Charlie's case this morning on CKNW Stan Hagen, Minister of Children and Families stated initially the Ministry Social Workers did not send the criminal record information they had on Ryan Dexter George (the person Sherry Charlie was placed with), to the Aboriginal Social Workers.

Rick Barnes
It was not clear if this was resolved before the child was actually placed in the home of her relative. This information was not previously known from the report released by Jane Morley.

Further complicating the Sherry Charlie case is news that the Ministry office charged with her care was reduced from seven social workers to two without a corresponding caseload reduction. It is no surprise that given the magnitude of the work load and the seriousness of the decisions left to these people that the numbers of Ministry staff being placed on stress leave by their doctors is no surprise.

The Minister says that 47 aboriginal children are currently in placements under Kith and Kin program.

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Portion of report released July 22, 2005 by the Ministry of Children and Family Development
Final report released August 4, 2005

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