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Keep BC's North Coast Oil Tanker-Free!

(Victoria and Islands/PEJ Events)
... - Victoria (The John T. Shield's Building) Join us for this presentation and discussion to find out how you can help keep our coastal waters safe from oil spills, and limit the expansion of Canada's ...
Tuesday, 29 May 2007
... gives us life. How many have died in the great smog, in the toxic fumes, in the aftermath of chemical and oil spills and the great man made droughts, floods, landslides and famines and irresponsible disease ...
Wednesday, 06 December 2006
... muds and fluids into the ocean which contaminate the marine life. - The Queen Charlotte Islands and the Hecate Strait are the most earthquake prone regions in Canada. The consequences of a major oil spill ...
Monday, 04 December 2006
... the spill under Canada's Fisheries Act. "Today's oil spill is our worst nightmare coming true," said Rhoda Quock, a spokesperson with the Iskut elders group Klabona Keepers. "It shows what happens ...
Thursday, 19 October 2006
... of Connecticut" by members of his staff who saw similarities between the way he handled an oil spill in sensitive Long Island Sound and Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf, who led U.S. forces in the 1991 Persian ...
Saturday, 09 September 2006
Lebanon: The Cedar Devolution

(International/Justice News)
... destination for the Persian Gulf's sybarites is on hold, with 1,100 people to bury, much infrastructure in ruins and oil spilled by Israeli bombing lapping at Beirut's shores. So too is Lebanon's ...
Sunday, 27 August 2006
... the largest retailer in the Golden State. ARCO is a 100%-owned subsidiary of ? British Petroleum. BP could have fixed the pipeline problem this past winter, after their latest corrosion-caused oil spill. ...
Tuesday, 08 August 2006
... that will show them. (The oil spill also threatens Cyprus and Turkey). The Israelis have also bombed Ashrafiyah, a Christian area of Beirut. They have ruined Christian businesses-- restaurants, nightclubs, ...
Tuesday, 08 August 2006
Lebanon: The Oil Spills of War

(International/Peace News)
Lebanon: The Oil Spills of WarDahr Jamail Iraq Dispatches - Dahr Jamail - Towards the beginning of the war, Israeli air strikes target five of the six oil storage tanks at the electrical plant in El-Jiye ...
Friday, 04 August 2006
The Plastic Sea - Against the Current

(International/Earth News)
... \nOil spills occur every day in our \noceans, and major spills occur on average every two weeks somewhere in the \nworld\'s marine ecosystem. Although these oil spills are notorious ...
Friday, 21 July 2006
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