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(International/Justice News)
... and her ?paranoia? that it was she and not Israel that saw herself under attack for eight years by one of her neighbours the result being the suffering of massive casualties: the Iraq-Iran war cost over ...
Saturday, 05 August 2006
Israel's "Moral" Superiority

(International/Peace News)
... Iraq-Iran war cost over 1 million lives. Would we as a people have forgotten that the rest of the world not only failed to end this war of aggression but condoned and was complicit in the murder and destruction ...
Sunday, 30 July 2006
Quagmire Iraq: They Must and Cannot Go

(International/Peace News)
Quagmire Iraq: They Must and Cannot GoAG - Patrick Seale - The disastrous Iraq war has become a grave political embarrassment for President George W. Bush and his British ally, Prime Minister Tony Blair. ...
Thursday, 29 June 2006
Unrepentant Propagandist for Iraq War Cheers Iran WarMediaLens - Why did the BBC decide to focus so prominently and heavily on Iran - a country under serious threat of attack by the United States and perhaps ...
Friday, 21 April 2006
Happy New War: Israel's War Hora

(International/Peace News)
... Although numerous former diplomats, generals, intelligence officials, Reformed Jews, retired National Security advisers and State Department professionals have publicly denounced the Iran war agenda and ...
Monday, 26 December 2005
... Dec. 22, 2004 Iran War Drums Beat HarderAntiwar.com, Jan. 11, 2005   ...
Saturday, 17 December 2005
Iran War

(International/PEJ Events)
... it upside down.   ref -airamericaradio.com - Randi Rhodes Show -= May 9 /05 Iran WarThe idea is that we should move to pre-empt something on the basis that it is a possibility to happen (eg If ...
Tuesday, 10 May 2005
...  Another former colleague who, like so many, has subsequently fallen out with Chalabi, explains that, "It was during the Iraq/Iran war that Ahmad discovered the value of information as a commodity, that ...
Tuesday, 25 May 2004
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