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The Corporation and March 2004 Calendar

(International/Justice News)
... SAFE FOOD!Last November, Saltspringers for Safe Food conducted a consumer survey o­n genetically engineered foods at their two supermarkets, polling 1170 consumers, over 10% of  Salt Spring?s ...
Wednesday, 03 March 2004
Paper options - compiled in 2003

(International/Justice News)
... really important?! Organic food costs a bit more, but can you really afford to ingest foods connected to the petro-chemical industry that is sponsoring war and genetic engineering and pouring fossil fuel ...
Saturday, 31 January 2004
... and hopefully avoid them. Managing Activism is written for PR practitioners whose clients engage in risky businesses (fossil fuels, pesticides, genetically engineered foods, nuclear waste, toxic dumps, ...
Saturday, 24 January 2004
First Peoples - Last Wild Horses?

(International/Justice News)
... together an intricate story that encompasses the wild horses, the science behind their peculiar genetic heritage and the remarkable symbiosis with the First Nations people who share the remote patch of ...
Saturday, 17 January 2004
... use of genetically modified fish. Eliminate the use of antibiotics, biocides and harmful chemicals in fish farming. Respect the views of coastal residents and do not locate farms where First Nations or ...
Friday, 16 January 2004

(Uncategorised Content)
... absence of negative screens with false solutions such as nuclear, biofuel, geo-engineering or genetic engineering  4. The shortness of institutional memory and the undermining of legal obligations ...
Wednesday, 03 November 2021
... make you drink your own medicine   If you endorse genetically modified crops And throw dust into the skies to mask the sun I will not dance to your beat Unless we walk the sustainable path ...
Tuesday, 02 November 2021
... of the Environment Reporting" document the B.C. government also recognized the importance of identifying species and its inability to assess the current state in B.C: Genetic diversity enables species ...
Monday, 08 April 2019
Finally counrtries are moving to ban genetically engineered food and crops, and refusing to enter into trade agreements with countries that produce GE food and crops. I have been circulating this petition ...
Friday, 15 June 2018
... federal edict that prevented government scientists from talking publicly about their work turned them into "second-class citizens", a B.C. based molecular geneticist told CBC news Friday. Scientists, ...
Saturday, 07 November 2015
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