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... as a non-partisan researcher in the fields of agriculture, northern resource management and environmental sustainability at Parliament. Since retirement, she has been a social and environmental activist ...
Thursday, 04 March 2004

(International/Justice News)
... the David Suzuki Foundation, Sierra Club of Canada and 75 other Canadian orgs that have! Conceptually it is an Environmental Bill of Rights and the hope is to have it adopted by the United Nations ...
Thursday, 04 March 2004
... the role of environmental contaminants in cancer, and mainstream medical organizations have tended to downplay their importance.The Canadian Cancer Society estimates five per cent of cancers can be directly ...
Thursday, 04 March 2004
... it can avert it." The report comes as a growing number of policy experts warn that the environment is emerging as the security threat of the 21st century, eclipsing terrorism. Scientists expect global ...
Thursday, 04 March 2004
The Corporation and March 2004 Calendar

(International/Justice News)
... law to act in the best interests of the global and local environment, and the communities in which they operate, and as well of the corporation itself, which is their o­nly present legal requirement. ...
Wednesday, 03 March 2004
... First Nation failed to convince Justice Cohen that comprehensive environmental and cultural studies were required prior to drilling. Vintage Energy will not be in a position to drill until next December ...
Monday, 01 March 2004
Haiti: US Sponsored Coup d'Etat

(International/Justice News)
... as a means to improving the standard of living. In other words, sweatshop conditions in the assembly industries (in a totally unregulated environment) and forced labor conditions in Haiti's agricultural ...
Monday, 01 March 2004
Oil and Water Don't Mix: Report Summary

(International/Justice News)
... in the Pacific region, stretching almost 30,000 kilometres. The marine environment here is a natural treasure teeming with precious sea life and natural resources. It is a major cradle of marine life for ...
Wednesday, 25 February 2004
... goals." Ensure that all activities are carried out in a client centered, supportive, team environment." Be responsible for collaboration between the many project partners. 3) Maintain records ...
Monday, 23 February 2004
... scientific fact in the service of policy goals o­n the environment, health, biomedical research and nuclear weaponry at home and abroad...".  -- Space & Technology EditorFebruary 18, 2004Scientists ...
Wednesday, 18 February 2004
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