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... drilling fluids, ?produced waters?(byproducts) laced with poisonous hydrocarbons, and toxic drill cuttingsthat accumulate o­n the ocean bottom, poisoning the marine life. - Extensive seismic testing ...
Tuesday, 04 May 2004
... more carbon dioxide and other planet-warming gases to the atmosphere every year. Since the start of the Industrial Revolution, concentrations of CO, the main greenhouse gas, have risen by about 30 per ...
Monday, 19 April 2004
Greenhouse CO2 gas at record levels

(International/Justice News)
Associated Press       Monday, March 22, 2004MAUNA LOA OBSERVATORY, Hawaii -- Carbon dioxide, the gas largely blamed for global warming, has reached record-high levels in ...
Monday, 22 March 2004
... affected. Yet it is the magnitude and rate of human-driven change that are most alarming. For example, the human-driven increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide is nearly 100 parts per million and still ...
Friday, 12 March 2004
The Kyoto Shuffle

(International/Justice News)
... gap and was astonished to find the climate activists totally opposed to discussing forests. They were, and are still, worried that industry will plant carbon sequestering forests in the tropics to avoid ...
Monday, 09 February 2004
Paper options - compiled in 2003

(International/Justice News)
... tiny algae and diatoms in water environments to huge trees in forests. Producer plants take in sunlight, water (H2O), and carbon dioxide (CO2) and use those to produce sugars (C6H12O6) with which to feed ...
Saturday, 31 January 2004
Boreal Framework - The Caccia Letter

(International/Justice News)
... 300 years.  The boreal forest also absorbs carbon dioxide and emits oxygen.  Canada has ratified an international convention linked with these functions of the boreal forest.  In addition, ...
Monday, 12 January 2004
One Million Species Under Threat

(International/Justice News)
... the main culprit of the biodiversity threat is the production of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, by cars and industry that effectively trap heat in the Earth?s atmosphere, causing global warming. ...
Sunday, 11 January 2004
... and are still getting cheaper.    With the right kind of regulatory structures operating in the interests of the consumer public, rather than for-profit utilities, zero-carbon electricity ...
Saturday, 21 September 2019
... fuel, and the investment in fossil fuels;   (v) Ending fossil fuel exploration, production and distribution’   (vi) Conserving carbon sinks -such as old growth forests and bogs, planting ...
Wednesday, 07 August 2019
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