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G8 Tea Party

(International/Earth News)
... he is perceived by the rest of the G8 members.  The rest of the world awaits their fate in the US elections.  Another round of  Bushies  and we are all toast.   ...
Thursday, 10 July 2008
Time to Marginalize The Beast

(International/Peace News)
Time to Marginalize The BeastPEJ News - There are concerns that before the US Election that the US administration will attempt to declare war on Iran mby conducting a nuclear atack on Iran's Nuclear ...
Tuesday, 10 June 2008
A Short Jeremiad to the US Election ProcessFastened To A Dying AnimalA Short Jeremiad Regarding That Affront to the Nation's Dignity Known as the US Election ProcessPEJ News - Phil Rockstroh - Here ...
Tuesday, 29 April 2008
UN Peacekeeping Paramilitarism

(International/Justice News)
... him to win.  The truth was otherwise showingAristide won with a 92% majority and a turnout ofaround 62% of eligible voters or a figure exceedingthat in most US elections.  The InternationalFoundation ...
Friday, 16 February 2007
The Democrat Dodge

(US/Justice News)
... controlled and corrupted by giant corporations that now count over 80% of all votes cast in US elections. Most of these machines have no verifiable paper receipts, are easily manipulated guaranteeing ...
Thursday, 18 January 2007
... here by a foreign government in a US election or a foreign corporation.  She cites the "independent electoral watchdog group known as Sumate" for another phony complaint, again failing to disclose ...
Saturday, 13 January 2007
... New Year ReflectionsRamzy BaroudPEJ NewsJanuary 4, 2007 Like January 2005, January 2006 brought about momentous elections, the former in Iraq, and the latter in the Occupied Palestinian Territories; both ...
Thursday, 04 January 2007
...  As the threat of a catastrophic US election-eve attack on Iran started to look increasingly likely, reports began to trickle out of the Pentagon that the generals and admirals were protesting. They knew ...
Saturday, 23 December 2006
The War for Constitutional Fortitude

(International/Justice News)
... country's history at almost 75% of the electorate.  No US president since 1820, when elections here consistently became real contests, ever matched it or has any US election ever embraced all ...
Wednesday, 20 December 2006
... Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi,last April. The outcome of the US elections was no less remarkable; thelatest episode, in fact, is expected to reverberate for years to come. The defeat of the Republican ...
Friday, 24 November 2006
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