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...  Organized by StopWar.ca 604 688 - FILM contact@stopwar.ca Hijacking Catastrophe: 9/11, Fear & the Selling of American Empire examines how a radical fringe of the Republican Party used ...
Wednesday, 27 October 2004
The Lost Legacy of Paul Wellstone

(International/Justice News)
... war heroes.'' Kline, along with fellow Republican representatives, Mark Kennedy and Gil Gutknecht, is now fighting to keep Wellstone's name off the Fort Snelling Veterans Affairs Medical Center. ...
Tuesday, 26 October 2004
Bush Camp Goes 'Nixon' on Press

(International/Justice News)
... Ryan Lizza reports o­n a "remarkable" development: the Republican National Committee's decision to go negative o­n the press. Frustrated with the surge in fact-checking of their candidate and ...
Monday, 25 October 2004
Hysterica Passio

(International/Justice News)
... 14, 2004 Pentagon Rewards Abu Ghraib AccomplicesThe New Standard, Oct. 18, 2004 Republican Presidential Campaign Blasphemous: UM BishopThe Charleston Gazette, Oct. 8, 2004 A War Without ReasonNew York ...
Sunday, 24 October 2004
The Brownshirting of America

(International/Justice News)
... importance lies in inflaming resentments and confirming that America's implacable enemies are working resolutely to destroy us. David Brock's The Republican Noise Machine lacks the insights of ...
Sunday, 17 October 2004
Fascisms Newest Media Posterchild

(International/Justice News)
... as "local news." Sinclair's management has contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars almost entirely to Republicans (97 percent this year), as it continued to lobby for looser ownership rules. The ...
Saturday, 16 October 2004
... their sacred theory right: despite their enormous ideological advances, even George Bush?s Republicans are, in their own minds, perennially sabotaged by meddling Democrats, intractable unions, and alarmist ...
Friday, 15 October 2004
Media Defers to Pollsters

(International/Justice News)
... that o­n Election Day 40% of those casting a ballot will be Republicans and o­nly 33% will be Democrats - a turnout that will happen o­nly in Karl Rove's dreams. Democrats accounted for ...
Wednesday, 13 October 2004
... and who has been doing some investigating into the wired-Bush rumors himself, said the Bush campaign has been worried of late about others picking up their radio frequencies - notably during the Republican ...
Tuesday, 12 October 2004
There's a draft in the air

(International/Justice News)
... spin placed o­n this.  -- Space & Technology EditorThere?s a Draft in the Air All Right http://www.thiscantbehappening.net/David Lindorff The Republicans are running like mad away from the ...
Monday, 11 October 2004
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