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... democracy. (Hence their choice of Vladimir Putin, a vigorous man from the security services, to replace the enfeebled President Yeltsin in 1999.) And for much the same reason, uncertain how long they could ...
Tuesday, 12 December 2006
... them and others a license to steal. This point also will call for improving local government and curtailing the power of religious courts and mentions that Bush may be mesmerized by the "Svengali" or "Rasputin" ...
Sunday, 03 December 2006
... into the very center of the country's political power grid, with close, long-time ties to the national leader himself. And no, this story did not take place in the vasty deeps of Putin's Kremlin, ...
Sunday, 03 December 2006
Pallid Tales and Death Bed Confessions

(International/Justice News)
... aspirants in the Yeltsin court, Berezovsky was instrumental in bringing the obscure but presumably biddable ex-KGB apparatchik Vladimir Putin to power. But Putin had a clique of his own, based in the security ...
Friday, 01 December 2006
Get Feith and Exit Iraq without Bush

(International/Justice News)
... coming to light thanks to folks like Seymour Hersch and Kim Sengupta. While Hersch?s initial accounts were met by denial, The Pentagon no longer bothers disputing articles like one by Sengupta that appeared ...
Tuesday, 28 November 2006
The Toenail Puller - Sasha Litvinenko RIP

(International/Justice News)
... tsunami, in which Litvinenko?s absurd conspiracy theory is being touted as unimpeachable fact.? Putin did it, no doubt about that.Berezovsky?s UK PR agency, of course, knows full well that it doesn?t take ...
Sunday, 26 November 2006
Emergency at 35,000 Feet: Plane Load of Geeks in Near Air DisasterPEJ News - C. L. Cook -  Who says nerds don't lead a life of danger? Last night, Continental flight 1881, filled with computing ...
Thursday, 09 November 2006
... Yeltsin, surrounded by kleptocratic gangsters hell-bent on pillaging the country and accommodating each and every policy emanating from Washington.  Under President Vladimir Putin, Russian capitalism ...
Wednesday, 01 November 2006
... by infinite power and potential that mirrors that nature of the universe: quantum computing, unlimited memory, nanotechnology, digital universe, virtual reality, free energy (zero point energy and myriad ...
Tuesday, 24 October 2006
... quantification, high-performance computing architectures" - and our old friends, information extraction and natural language processing. It is in fact closely associated with the "sentiment analysis" work ...
Friday, 20 October 2006
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