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... and VladimirPutin - fairly. On the matter of oil, Chavez wants a bigger share ofjoint-venture profits Venezuela is entitled to fromits own resources and majority state control overOrinoco River basin lucrative ...
Sunday, 15 April 2007
Fake Congressional Opposition to War

(International/Justice News)
... troublerescinding funding already approved, but there's nodisputing its power to withhold future amounts withoutwhich wars end and troops are withdrawn. Congressional appropriation power is the key.  ...
Sunday, 18 March 2007
George Bush's Samson Option

(International/Justice News)
... denounced the scheme andpressed Congress to engage Iran, not attack it.  Hismessage so far is unheeded. Brzezinski's influential voice was joined by RussianPresident Vladimir Putin's addressing ...
Friday, 09 March 2007
Putin Blasts US for 'Very Dangerous' Foreign Policies CBC News - Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused the United States of making the world a more dangerous place by trying to impose its ...
Saturday, 10 February 2007
... player. As Yu Bin of the International Relations Centre explained it: ?The once super military power has now become the super petro-power under Putin, whose mission is to remake Russia as a world power ...
Tuesday, 16 January 2007
Who Rules US?

(US/Justice News)
... have been re-cycled internally among the new Putin era millionaires who have been engaged in conspicuous consumption, speculation and investment in joint ventures with foreign manufacturers in transport ...
Thursday, 11 January 2007
... Vladimir Putin's increasingly authoritarian style. She would like the EU to agree on a joint energy policy to safeguard future supplies. Above all, she wants the EU to try again to reach agreement ...
Saturday, 06 January 2007
European Union: New Year's Resolve

(International/Justice News)
... membership of Turkey, and EU relationships to Putin's Russia and Bush's United States.Whither the EU in '07?Patrick Seale  Agence GlobalDecember 27, 2006Copyright ? 2006 Patrick Seale[Republished ...
Tuesday, 26 December 2006
Litvinenko: The Nuclear "Murder" Weapon

(International/Justice News)
... that Putin has been making enemies right and left. Poland has a beef ban and an energy problem. Poland has a port blockaded by Kaliningrad. The lifeline Odessa-Plok pipeline has just been shelved. Estonia ...
Thursday, 14 December 2006
... freedoms and free speech. President Putin has tightened his control of NGOs in Russia in the name of defeating terrorism and subversion. Maintaining the enemy can be even more useful than defeating it. ...
Tuesday, 12 December 2006
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