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The Coming War for the Americas

(International/Justice News)
... official and "contracted" military specialists. Fourthly Washington has recruited the Gutierrez regime in Ecuador, invaded Haiti, established military bases in Peru and the Dominican Republic, and has ...
Sunday, 27 March 2005
... Ecuador, invaded Haiti, established military bases in Peru and the Dominican Republic, and has engaged in navy maneuvers just off the Venezuelan coast in preparation for a military attack.Fifthly Colombia ...
Tuesday, 22 March 2005
UN Ban Endures on Terminator Seeds

(International/Earth News)
... African countries, Austria, Switzerland, Peru and the Philippines >strongly objected to Canada's proposal, and on the final day of meetings >Friday were successful in keeping the moratorium in ...
Tuesday, 15 February 2005
Homegrown Terror in the Americas

(International/Justice News)
... and even tourists--an American tourist was beaten to death by a mob several years ago near Lake Tikal for allegedly casting "an evil eye" upon the village. In Peru, lynch mobs beat to death two mayors ...
Sunday, 06 February 2005
Neglecting Mother Earth

(International/Justice News)
... of us. The United States, with a gross domestic product of $37,800, according to the CIA World Handbook, trails Gabon, Peru, Paraguay, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Colombia, Albania, Central African Republic, ...
Saturday, 29 January 2005
The Ends of the World as We Know Them

(International/Justice News)
... factors on the checklist. There were also the ancient Fertile Crescent societies, the Khmer at Angkor Wat, the Moche society of Peru - the list goes on.     But before we let ourselves ...
Sunday, 02 January 2005
... - Army Sgt. Jarrod Black, 26, Peru, killed when bomb exploded alongside a U.S. military convoy in Ramadi, about 60 miles west of Baghdad. Nov. 23, 2003 - Indiana National Guard Cpl. Darrell Smith, 28, ...
Tuesday, 28 December 2004
... who care that a decent living wage is paid to Peruvian coffee farmers, Bangladeshi artisans, and Ghanaian cocoa producers. "The people of Vancouver are global citizens," Cave said. "There is a lot of support ...
Sunday, 26 December 2004
... off the coast of Peru on June 23, 2001, killed 74.  ...
Sunday, 26 December 2004
... Peru (2001), and El Salvador?s municipal and legislative elections (2003) and presidential election (2004). For more detailed information about CommonBorders please refer to our website at www.commonborders.org. ...
Tuesday, 07 December 2004
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