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Evening in the Gardens of Baghdad

(International/Justice News)
Evening in the Gardens of BaghdadBaghdad Burning - Riverbend - I went to sit in the garden to peruse two different versions of the draft constitution. It was 7 pm and the electricity had just gone ...
Saturday, 08 October 2005
Urban Legend: Precaution and Cholera in Peru RACHEL'S ENVIRONMENT & HEALTH NEWS #823  - Peter Montague & Tim Montague - August 4, 2005 - Anyone who is paying attention to the "precautionary ...
Tuesday, 09 August 2005
... things one recent day as I was riding the train into New York City and perusing its formidable skyline, which of course is now forever missing those two tall square edged towers that used to be the symbol ...
Friday, 08 July 2005
No Exit: A Hand Grenade over the Shoulder

(International/Justice News)
... in the "drug wars" in Bolivia, Peru and Colombia, is also in Iraq. He is a senior adviser in - where else - the Interior Ministry, to which friendly militias are subordinated. Guerrillas forever For all ...
Sunday, 12 June 2005
Zarqawi-less in Syria: Next Victim?

(International/Justice News)
... tribe on the Titicaca plateau in Peru. ?The Jordanian-born Zarqawi leads the al-Qaida in Iraq group, which has claimed responsibility for some of the country?s deadliest bombings.? In fact, there is no ...
Saturday, 04 June 2005
... the dead victor of it all.The Times-Colonist front page story today declares "Leaders Back Electoral Reform," but a further perusal of the accompanying article reveals that what the leaders of the big ...
Thursday, 19 May 2005
... chorus Bring your sheet music for any song you feel comfortable singing.  A pianist will be provided.  Wear comfortable clothes and shoes you can dance in. Perusal scripts available through ...
Monday, 09 May 2005
The Terminator Pope

(International/Justice News)
... perusing one of those joke facsimile editions of major American newspapers (remember Not-The-New York-Times?) - Schiavo was pronounced really dead. Her bereaved family celebrated her demise by leasing ...
Saturday, 30 April 2005
... surprises along the way! Silent Auction will include art donated by local artists of all mediums and various goodies from businesses in Edmonton (including Perugia, Westin Hotel, Divine, Headcase, Megatunes ...
Sunday, 24 April 2005
... from the Heart? on Global TV. Premiere of a film by Vancouver?s Suzette Meyers about Canadians who take volunteer working holidays in Costa Rica, Belize and Peru. (10pm in Alberta; 8pm in Manitoba). Sat ...
Tuesday, 12 April 2005
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