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... fish farms also produce tremendous amounts of waste—everything from uneaten, chemical-laden fish feed to fish feces. According to the Norwegian government, the salmon and trout farms in Norway alone ...
Saturday, 06 February 2010
... drug lords, arms traffickers and terrorists and indicted Osama bin Laden on charges of terrorism, including the September 11 attacks in the United States. Share this article:  ...
Tuesday, 02 February 2010
The Lies and Crimes of 911

(International/Peace News)
... subtext would picture our soldiers as champions of democratic salvation shining the light of Judeo-Christian civilization even into those dark Eurasian caves where Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein and the ...
Saturday, 11 October 2008
Remembering History

(International/Peace News)
... and Bin Laden, and War Is a Racket written by America's most decorated general US Marine Corp Major General Smedley Butler. Target is Still Iran: Clear Cutting the Middle East and the coming Blood ...
Monday, 22 September 2008
... democracy are embracing imperialism and the ones asking for reason to flourish are being labelled as enemies. Evo Morales the first indigenous president of Bolivia, who was linked to Osama Bin Laden by ...
Tuesday, 02 October 2007
911 Truth - You, Me and the SPP

(International/Justice News)
... the US government's "conspiracy theory" about Osama bin Laden and the 19 Muslim hijackers, without any real investigation or proof. Moreover, all signs point to the US government being complicit in ...
Monday, 06 August 2007
Tomgram: Karen Greenberg, Gitmo Decorum

(International/Justice News)
... supposedly Osama bin Laden's chauffeur. That was kind of top o' the line for the prisoners Guantanamo held until, last September, the real bad guys -- 14 of them  ...
Friday, 09 March 2007
Hugo Chavez's Social Democratic Agenda

(International/Justice News)
... judged free, open and fairly run.  For that, he's demonized as "another Hitler" by the man whose record is polar opposite.  He took office twice through fraud-laden elections and considerable ...
Saturday, 24 February 2007
... like Osama Bin Laden who mobilize their followers, assorted temporal political concerns that are perceived through the lens of religious obligations, issues of lack of dignity and hope for a better future, ...
Tuesday, 30 January 2007
Impeach the Bums!

(US/Justice News)
... to lay out as ?evidence? that Saddam Hussein was developing nuclear weapons and that he was in league with Osama bin Laden. His White House orchestrated a campaign to damage the reputation of an honest ...
Friday, 26 January 2007
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