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... Michael Ignatieff, a Harvard academic who has not lived in Canada for twenty years, and is of such pliable views that there is scarcely a position he hasn?t reversed during the course of his leadership ...
Monday, 27 November 2006
The Death of a Nation

(Canada/Justice News)
... that has become not just irrelevant for Canadians, but harmful to our interests as it slobbers over and submits to  the dictates of Harper?s/Ignatieff?s Competitiveness Council, alias the Canadian ...
Sunday, 26 November 2006
... that includes frontrunner Michael Ignatieff, a prolific author on ethnic conflict, a former Harvard professor and a vocal supporter of the Iraq War. A poll done for the Toronto Globe and Mail and CTV News ...
Friday, 10 November 2006
... however misguided, were basically honourable.So the criticism centres instead on the Bush administration's inept handling of the war. Canada's own Michael Ignatieff, the Liberal leadership front-runner, ...
Monday, 30 October 2006
Is Self-Defence A War Crime?

(International/Justice News)
Is Self-Defence A War Crime?National Post - Alan M. Dershowitz - Michael Ignatieff: The Return of Mr. Dithers?? A view from the "other" perspective - Michael Ignatieff, the former Harvard human ...
Tuesday, 24 October 2006
The White Man's Burden?

(International/Justice News)
... as many inhumane Afghans as possible. In fact the lessons of Rwanda and Srebrenica, countlessly reiterated by large white people such as Michael Ignatieff, are that 'we're too fussy' about ...
Saturday, 29 July 2006
The Force is Not With Them

(International/Justice News)
... commentator, Michael Ignatieff, could publish a piece in the New York Times Magazine extolling George Bush's U.S. as "a new invention in the annals of political science, an empire lite, a global hegemony ...
Sunday, 16 July 2006
... Charles - M.P.; Ignatieff, Michael - >>M.P.; Jennings, Marlene - M.P.; Kadis, Susan - >>M.P.; Karetak-Lindell, Nancy - M.P.; >>Karygiannis, Jim - M.P.; Keeper, Christina - >>M.P.; ...
Sunday, 02 July 2006
... Holland.M@parl.gc.ca, Hubbard.C@parl.gc.ca, Ignatieff.M@parl.gc.ca, Jaffer.R@parl.gc.ca, Jean.B@parl.gc.ca, Jennings.M@parl.gc.ca, Julian.P@parl.gc.ca, Kadis.S@parl.gc.ca, Kamp.R@parl.gc.ca, ...
Tuesday, 16 May 2006
... Rendition.?? #### CONTACTS: about the premature votee-mails and phone numbersjack@ndp.caSavoie.D@parl.gc.ca, Black.D@parl.gc.ca Graham.B@parl.gc.caIgnatieff: : Ignatieff.M@parl.gc.ca.Jack Layton: Layton.J@parl.gc.caStephen ...
Tuesday, 16 May 2006
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