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LEFT COAST EVENTS - Victoria & Islands - Nov 14th 05 PDF Print E-mail
PEJ Events
Monday, 14 November 2005 05:14
LEFT COAST EVENTS - Victoria & Islands - Nov 14th 05

1.  MOVIE MONDAY Special Event - Nov 14th
2.  Next Victoria Peace Coalition Meeting - Nov 14th
3.  CATHEDRAL GROVE'S FATE - public hearings - Nov 15, 22nd
4.  Time for Action on Haiti: Letter-writing session - Nov 15th
5.  Investing In A Better World - Matching Your Money To Your Values - Nov 15th
6.  OPEN CINEMA Expansion Brings SACRED SOUNDS To James Bay - Nov 16th
7.  Help Camosun build a well in Zambia - Nov 16th
9.  Amnesty International 4th Annual Film Festival Victoria - Nov 18-20th
10.  House of Usher rises again in support of Metro Studio - Nov 18 & 19th
12.  Social Justice Film Series & Public Dialogues - Nov 21st
13.  Balanced Progress - from Concept to Action - Nov 23rd
14.  PUENTE's Dance Mosaic: See the Dance and then Be the Dance - Nov 24th
15.  Why Haiti? The Ottawa Initiative or Canada's First Coup d'Etat - Nov 26th
16.  OPEN CINEMA Partners With Restorative Justice Symposium At William Head Institution - Nov 26th
17.  Car Share Coop AGM - Nov 27th
18.  Socially Responsible Business Practices: Positive Changes Driven by Spiritual Values - Nov 29th
19.  Sacred Circle Dance towards Solstice - Dec 1st
20.  ACTIONS for an OIL FREE COAST in BC - Nov 17, 20, 23rd
21.  MONEY MONEY MONEY - Connie Fogel speaking tour
Last Updated on Monday, 14 November 2005 05:14
Nortel Buys PEC PDF Print E-mail
PEJ Events
Thursday, 28 April 2005 13:58
PEC provides information technology services to the US Secret Service, the FBI and the Department of Defense

Nortel has bought PEC and is taking aim at the US govt market and capitalizing on the CEO's past position with the US military.   Nortel paid out $448 million to buy out PEC.

-- copy edit Scoop
-- ref Victoria News Daily
--April 27, 2005
Last Updated on Thursday, 28 April 2005 13:58
Condoleezza Rice Subverts Patterns of Global Terrorism Report PDF Print E-mail
PEJ Events
Monday, 25 April 2005 18:07

Condoleezza Rice Subverts Terrorism Report

The country-by-country report, "Patterns of Global Terrorism", has come out every year since 1986, accompanied by statistics.  Condoleezza Rice ordered the State Department report  to be withdrawn and a new one issued minus the statistics in an obvious attempt to hide  that the Bush Administration has been successfully increased terrorism around the world.

The report showed a huge increase from 172 significant terrorist attacks in 2003 to 655 in 2004.  Much of the increase was in Iraq underscoring the rampant insurgency.

Scaring the masses into submission with terrorism is an age old tactic but only works if you can protect them from that terrorism.   It is little suprise that the truth is being suppressed.   In the rush to world domination it is usually the first thing to get trampled.

--sourced from  Gaurdian and Randy Rhodes show airamericaradio.com with ending comments by

Last Updated on Monday, 25 April 2005 18:07
Bush becomes dictator PDF Print E-mail
PEJ Events
Monday, 14 March 2005 14:13
Bush becomes dictator
- Free Press media release Mar 14/05

On Sunday, the New York Times reported that at least 20 federal agencies have made and distributed pre-packaged, ready-to-serve television news segments to promote President Bush's policies and initiatives.

Congress' Government Accountability Office determined that these "video news releases" were illegal "covert propaganda" and told federal agencies to stop. But last Friday, the White House ordered all agencies to disregard Congress' directive.

Last Updated on Monday, 14 March 2005 14:13
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