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The CRD and the housing trust fund PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 11 February 2005 09:34
The CRD and the housing trust fund

There's been some discussion, and voting, about affordable housing in the CRD, the attached story outlines who voted in which way. A trust fund is one idea, but it puts the burden back on the hard working middle class. Legislating developers to build a percentage of affordable housing with each new project is another option being discussed. The citizenry have lots of good ideas - collect more taxes from those who own, but don't live here is another idea, or why not implement a rent freeze within buildings once the mortgage is paid.

If people appreciate the importance of housing, and develop a philosophy of inclusion - recognizing that the right of all to decent shelter exceeds the right of owners and developers to grow ever richer - then many of our social ills (including drug addiction and theft) will be on the road towards greater personal and community health.

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