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The U.S. Helped Push Venezuela Into Chaos — and Trump’s Regime Change Policy Will Make Sure It Stays That Way PDF Print E-mail
Justice News
Posted by Joan Russow   
Tuesday, 05 February 2019 14:17


February 2 2019, 4:00 a.m.   “By Mark Weisbrot, co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research. Republished with permission from The Intercept

WASHINGTON HAS BEEN trying to topple Venezuela’s government for at least 17 years, but the Trump administration has taken a more openly aggressive tack than its predecessors. Last week, administration officials kicked their efforts into high gear by anointing their chosen successor to Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro Moros in advance of any coup d’etat. The 35-year-old Venezuelan member of Congress Juan Guaidó announced that he was now president, and the Trump administration, along with allied governments, immediately recognized him — in accordance with a previously arranged plan.

Mitch McConnell’s Ties to Russian Oil Money Go to the profile of The Democratic Coalition The Democratic Coalition PDF Print E-mail
Justice News
Posted by Joan Russow   
Saturday, 02 February 2019 14:53
Go to the profile of The Democratic Coalition
The Democratic Coalition
Jan 28, 2019 
The Democratic Coalition’s ongoing investigation just uncovered the following evidence linking GOP Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to Russian oil money, some of which we first revealed in February 2017.
McConnell recently voted to drop sanctions against Russian aluminum company RusAl which is still owned by one of Vladimir Putin’s sanctioned oligarchs, Oleg Deripaska. His action directly benefits one of the GOP leader’s major donors, whose fortune comes from Russian oil.
The Senate Leadership Fund, a super PAC run by Sen. McConnell’s former Chief of Staff, received a total of $3,500,000 ($2,500,000 in 2016 and $1,000,000 in 2017) via Access Industries and a subsidiary. Len Blavatnik is a Russian oligarch with US and UK citizenship who owns Access Industries and donated to Sen. McConnell’s 2016 Senate campaign vehicles.
Blavatnik’s Access Industries made many of its billions from Putin’s decisions about its Russian oil partnership. He is also a long-term business partner of Kremlin-linked Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska at RuSal, in which he is a major investor, as well as Viktor Vekselberg, who is entangled with Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen through his U.S. family office Columbus Nova.
Last week, Sen. McConnell led 42 Republicans in voting against a resolution to maintain sanctions on Blavatnik’s business partner Deripaska.
The Trump Administration formally dropped sanctions on the night of January 27th, 2019, which were imposed against Deripaska, Blavatnik’s long time business partner, for his high-level role in Russia’s election attack against the United States in 2016. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin is also a longtime business partner of Blavatnik.
The House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly 362–53 to keep sanctions in place against Deripaska, which were originally imposed to ensure that Russian oligarchs profiting from the Kremlin’s interference in the 2016 presidential election would face consequences for their actions.
Deripaska is linked to convicted Trump Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort, who owed the aluminum magnate a significant debt and offered campaign information as repayment.
Blavatnik gave a total of $7.35 million to PACs working for high-ranking Republicans including organizations linked to both the Speaker of the House and the Senate Majority Leader during the 2015–16 federal campaign cycle. Special Counsel Robert Mueller is probing donor Blavatnik for his ties to Donald Trump and specifically a million dollar inaugural donation.
Forbes amply documented Blavatnik’s source funds from the Kremlin in 2013 by exhibiting a copy of the wire transfer itself in a story entitled “The Four Horsemen of Russia’s Economic Collapse.” It described his sale of a private Russian oil company to state-controlled Rosneft.

The Democratic Coalition’s ongoing investigation just uncovered the 

Quoting 'The Lorax,' Court Pulls Permit For Pipeline Crossing Appalachian Trail PDF Print E-mail
Justice News
Posted by Joan Russow   
Saturday, 15 December 2018 08:02



Downed trees mark the route of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline in Deerfield, Va., in February. A federal appeals court has blocked development of portions of the pipeline.

Steve Helber/APhttps://www.npr.org/2018/12/14/676950106/quoting-the-lorax-court-pulls-permit-for-pipeline-crossingAppalachian-trail? 

A federal appeals court has thrown out company's permit to build a natural gas pipeline across two national forests and the Appalachian Trail – and slammed the U.S. Forest Service for granting the approvals in the first place.

Last Updated on Saturday, 15 December 2018 08:16
Bend The Arc: Pittsburgh We are the Pittsburgh affiliate of Bend the Arc: A Jewish Partnership for Justice. PDF Print E-mail
Justice News
Posted by Joan Russow   
Monday, 29 October 2018 21:10

Website https://www.bendthearc.us/open_letter_to_president_trump

President Trump:

Yesterday, a gunman slaughtered 11 Americans during Shabbat morning services. We mourn with the victims’ families and pray for the wounded. Here in Mr. Rogers’ neighborhood, we express gratitude for the first responders and for the outpouring of support from our neighbors near and far. We are committed to healing as a community while we recommit ourselves to repairing our nation.


For the past three years your words and your policies have emboldened a growing white nationalist movement. You yourself called the murderer evil, but yesterday’s violence is the direct culmination of your influence.  

Last Updated on Tuesday, 06 November 2018 22:29
The Long Decline of DKE, Brett Kavanaugh’s Fraternity at Yale PDF Print E-mail
Justice News
Posted by Joan Russow   
Wednesday, 26 September 2018 13:12

By Eren Orbey September 25, 2018 


Since Brett Kavanaugh’s time at Yale, the prevalence of Greek life on the campus has declined, but his fraternity, dke, has maintained a reputation for aggressively loutish antics.Photograph by Mark Peterson / Redux for The New Yorker
Last week, after Christine Blasey Ford went public with an allegation that Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her at a party in high school, the Yale Daily News published an old photograph that directed scrutiny to the Supreme Court nominee’s college years. In the black-and-white image, two brothers of the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity march across Yale’s campus in an initiation rite, one of them carrying a flag fashioned from women’s lingerie.

World Audibly Laughs After Trump Claims His Administration Among Most Accomplished in US History During UN Address PDF Print E-mail
Justice News
Posted by Joan Russow   
Tuesday, 25 September 2018 13:56
Published on




"In less than two years, my administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country," Trump declared before laughter broke out in the hall.


President Donald Trump addressing the United Nations General Assembly in New York City on Tuesday, September 25, 2018. (Photo: UN News Center)

Just seconds into his address to the United Nation General Assembly on Tuesday morning, laughter broke out among the venerated crowd of global leaders and diplomats when President Donald Trump tried to claim that his administration has been among the most successful in the nearly 250 years since the U.S. was founded.

"In less than two years, my administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country," Trump declared before audible laughter broke out in the hall.




at Common Dreams 




Last Updated on Tuesday, 25 September 2018 14:02
''Guilty on All Counts!': In Historic Victory, Monsanto Ordered to Pay $289 Million in Roundup Cancer Lawsuit PDF Print E-mail
Justice News
Posted by Joan Russow   
Saturday, 11 August 2018 03:01


"This is a company that has always put profits ahead of public safety, and today, Monsanto has finally been held accountable."by Common Dreams staff


A California jury on Friday found Monsanto liable in a lawsuit filed by a man who alleged the company's glyphosate-based weedkillers, including Roundup, caused him cancer and ordered the company to pay $289 million in damages. (Photo: London Permaculture/cc/flickr)

In an historic victory for those who have long sought to see agrochemical giant Monsanto held to account for the powerful company's toxic and deadly legacy, a court in California on Friday found the corporation liable for damages suffered by a cancer patient who alleged his sickness was directly caused by exposure to the glyphosate-based herbicides, including the widely used weedkiller Roundup.

Last Updated on Saturday, 11 August 2018 03:16
Group photo opposing Trumps policy of zero tolerance PDF Print E-mail
Justice News
Posted by Joan Russow   
Thursday, 21 June 2018 10:18

Photo taken on June 20 World Refugee Day  on the Steps of the BC Legislature


Tara Todesco's photo.

The United States is the only country that has not ratified the Convention on the Rights of the Child


Under the Convention on the Rights of the Child is the recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world:  (Convention On the Rights of the child)



1.  To not detain refugee claimants (and other immigrants) as a matter of routine, for lengthy periods of time because they lack money or family is unable to post bond. The UNHCR has published guidelines on the detention of asylum seekers objecting to such detention. The concern is that the grounds and powers of arrest result in abuses of fundamental human rights. powers of arrest result in abuses of fundamental human rights.


In a debate,  a Trump supporter exclaimed that Trump would be a hero if he anounced that the children would no longer be separated from their parents, his opponent said that is like praising the arsonist who put out the fire [given it was Trump who initially gave the zero Tolerance edict]

Last Updated on Friday, 22 June 2018 09:45
Trump repeats falsehood that Democrats are to blame for forced family separations at the US-Mexico border PDF Print E-mail
Justice News
Posted by Joan Russow   
Sunday, 17 June 2018 07:24
Trump repeats falsehood that Democrats are to blame for forced family separations at the US-Mexico border
Ellen Cranley and Michelle Mark
trump red tie white house pressEvan Vucci/AP
President Donald Trump repeated a false claim that Democrats are behind his administration's "zero-tolerance" policy that separates families at the US-Mexico border.
US immigration law does not require families to be split up at the border
Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the policy in May.
New immigration legislation introduced by House Republicans Friday does nothing to change the policy.
Almost 2,000 children have reportedly been separated from their families at the border over six weeks under the policy.
President Donald Trump repeated a false claim in a tweet Saturday that blames Democrats for the policy of separating immigrant parents from their children upon crossing the southern border between the US and Mexico.
2004 Pack of Cards of US contribution to Global Insecurity PDF Print E-mail
Justice News
Posted by Joan Russow   
Friday, 01 June 2018 09:07

From the 2004 archives 


By Joan Russow (PhD)

Global Compliance Research Project

Victoria, Canada

December 2nd, 2004



Smoke rises from the Iraqi Planning Ministry on the second day of U.S. raids on the Iraqi capital on March 20, 2003.

Shock and Awe march 2003




The Global Community could stand in support of global common security or be coerced into supporting the US in its long standing and accelerating contribution to global militarism and global insecurity. Common security can only be achieved if there is a concerted international effort to eliminated the complexity and interdependence of the actions that have led to global insecurity


Actions by the US, and other states, by corporations, by institutions, and individuals have provoked directly or indirectly conflict around the world that have increase global insecurity.

The US administration and US corporations aided and abetted by institutions and individuals, have contributed to global insecurity


(i)  Engaged in covert and overt "Operations" against independent states; from "Operation Zapata", and "Operation Northwoods" against Cuba, through "Operation Condor" in Chile, through years of euphemistic operations such as "Operation Just Cause" against Panama and more recently "Operation enduring freedom" against Afghanistan, and "Operation Iraqi Freedom" against Iraq


(ii) Promoted the spread of Evangelical Christianity around the world, undermining local indigenous cultures, and instilling fear through the dangerous, and absurd belief in the "rapture", "Armageddon" and "left behind" and denigrating other established beliefs and practices and catered to the fundamentalists inspired by Ed McAteer, recently raptured, who in 1983 stated that "nuclear weapons are part of God's design; and promulgated “premillennial dispensationalism “end times" scenario which has serious irreversible consequences.

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