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Justice News
Tuesday, 16 November 2004 02:05
Recount in Ohio a Sure Thing

No such thing as a "sure thing". Al Rycroft, PEJ Editor-- truthout.org: o­n Thursday, David Cobb, the Green Party's 2004 presidential candidate, announced his intention to seek a recount of the vote in Ohio. Since the required fee for a statewide recount is $113,600, the o­nly question was whether that money could be raised in time to meet the filing deadline. That question has been answered.


Recount in Ohio a Sure Thing
t r u t h o u t | Press Release
Monday 15 November 2004

Green Party Campaign Raises $150,000 in 4 Days, Shifts Gears to Phase II

WASHINGTON -- November 15 -- There will be a recount of the presidential
vote in Ohio.

On Thursday, David Cobb, the Green Party's 2004 presidential candidate,
announced his intention to seek a recount of the vote in Ohio. Since the
required fee for a statewide recount is $113,600, the o­nly question was
whether that money could be raised in time to meet the filing deadline.
That question has been answered.

"Thanks to the thousands of people who have contributed to this effort, we
can say with certainty that there will be a recount in Ohio," said Blair
Bobier, Media Director for the Cobb-LaMarche campaign.

"The grassroots support for the recount has been astounding. The donations
have come in fast and furiously, with the vast majority in the $10-$50
range, allowing us to meet our goal for the first phase of the recount
effort in o­nly four days," said Bobier.

Bobier said the campaign is still raising money for the next phase of the
recount effort which will be recruiting, training and mobilizing volunteers
to monitor the actual recount.

The Ohio presidential election was marred by numerous press and independent
reports of mis-marked and discarded ballots, problems with electronic
voting machines and the targeted disenfranchisement of African American
voters. A number of citizens' groups and voting rights organizations are
holding the second of two hearings today in Columbus, Ohio, to take
testimony from voters, poll watchers and election experts about problems
with the Ohio vote. The hearing, from 6-9 p.m., will be held at the
Courthouse, meeting room A, 373 S. High St., in Columbus. The Cobb-LaMarche
campaign will be represented at the hearing by campaign manager Lynne Serpe.

A demand for a recount in Ohio can o­nly be filed by a presidential
candidate who was either a certified write-in candidate or o­n the ballot in
that state. Both Green Party candidate David Cobb and Libertarian candidate
Michael Badnarik will be demanding a recount. No other candidate has stated
an intention to seek a recount and no other citizen or organization would
have legal standing to do so in Ohio. The Cobb-LaMarche campaign is still
exploring the possibility of seeking recounts in other states but no
decision has been made yet.


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Ohio Voters Tell of Election Day Troubles at Hearing

By Reginald Fields

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Sunday 14 November 2004

Tales of waiting more than five hours to vote, voter intimidation,
under-trained polling-station workers and too few or broken voting machines
largely in urban or heavily minority areas were retold Saturday at a public
hearing organized by voter-rights groups.

For three hours, burdened voters, o­ne after another, offered sworn
testimony about Election Day voter suppression and irregularities that they
believe are threatening democracy.

The hearing, sponsored by the Election Protection Coalition, was to collect
testimony of voting troubles that might be used to seek legislative changes
to Ohio's election process.

The organizers chose Ohio because it was a swing state in the presidential
election as well as the site of numerous claims of election fraud and voter

"I think a lot of us had a sense that something had deeply went wrong o­n
Nov. 2 and it had to do with the election process and procedures in place
that were unacceptable," said Amy Kaplan, o­ne of the hearing's coordinators.

Kaplan said the hearing gave everyday citizens a chance to have their
concerns placed into public record.

Both a written and video report o­n the hearing will be provided to anyone
who wants a copy, especially state lawmakers who are considering mandating
Election Day changes, Kaplan said.

Many of the voters who testified were clearly Democrats who wonder if their
losing presidential candidate, Sen. John Kerry, was able to draw all the
votes that were intended for him.

"I call o­n Sen. Kerry to un-concede until there is a full count of the
votes," said Werner Lange of Trumbull County, who claimed that polling
places in his Northeast Ohio neighborhood had half the number of voting
machines that were needed.

"This caused a bottleneck at polling stations, and many people left without
voting," he said.

Others said they were testifying not o­n political grounds but out of
concern for a suspicious election system that should be above reproach.

Harvey Wasserman of Bexley said he tried to vote absentee with the same
home address he has used for 18 years but was told he couldn't because his
absentee application had the wrong address.

"But the notice telling me I had the wrong address arrived at the right
address," he said. "I wonder, how many of these absentee ballots were
rejected for no good reason?

"My concern is not out of the outcome of the election," Wasserman said,
"but that this could go o­n and an election could be stolen. And we simply
can't have that in a democracy."

"It is from the clash of differing opinions that the light of truth shines."

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About the recent US elections . . .  This just in . . .

Cuyahooga county is o­nly o­ne of 48 counties connected with voter fraud in
Ohio and Florida.

The Smoking Gun

You may have seen the associated press story about the precinct in Cuyahoga county that had less than 1,000 voters, and gave Bush almost 4,000 extra votes.
But that turns out to be o­nly the tip of a very ugly iceberg.The evidence discovered by some
remarkably careful sleuthing would convince any reasonable court to invalidate the entire Ohio election.  In last Tuesday's election, 29 precincts in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, reported votes cast IN EXCESS of the number of registered voters - at least 93,136 extra votes total. And the numbers are right there o­n the official Cuyahoga County Board of Elections website:

Bay Village --- 13,710 registered voters ---18,663 ballots cast
Beachwood --- 9,943 registered voters --- 13,939 ballots cast
Bedford --- 9,942 registered voters --- 14,465 ballots cast
Bedford Heights --- 8,142 registered voters --- 13,512 ballots cast
Brooklyn --- 8,016 registered voters --- 12,303 ballots cast
Brooklyn Heights --- 1,144 registered voters --- 1,869 ballots cast
Chagrin Falls Village --- 3,557 registered voters ---4,860 ballots cast
Cuyahoga Heights --- 570 registered voters --- 1,382 ballots cast
Fairview Park --- 13,342 registered voters --- 18,472 ballots cast
Highland Hills Village --- 760 registered voters --- 8,822 ballots cast
Independence --- 5,735 registered voters --- 6,226 ballots cast
Mayfield Village --- 2,764 registered voters --- 3,145 ballots cast
Middleburg Heights --- 12,173 registered voters --- 14,854 ballots cast
Moreland Hills Village --- 2,990 registered voters --- 4,616 ballots cast
North Olmstead --- 25,794 registered voters --- 25,887 ballots cast
Olmstead Falls --- 6,538 registered voters --- 7,328 ballots cast
Pepper Pike --- 5,131 registered voters --- 6,479 ballots cast
Rocky River --- 16,600 registered voters --- 20,070 ballots cast
Solon (WD6) --- 2,292 registered voters --- 4,300 ballots cast
South Euclid --- 16,902 registered voters --- 16,917 ballots cast
Strongsville (WD3) --- 7,806 registered voters ---12,108 ballots cast
University Heights --- 10,072 registered voters --- 11,982 ballots cast
Valley View Village --- 1,787 registered voters --- 3,409 ballots cast
Warrensville Heights --- 10,562 registered voters --- 15,039 ballots cast
Woodmere Village --- 558 registered voters --- 8,854 ballots cast
Bedford (CSD) --- 22,777 registered voters --- 27,856 ballots cast
Independence (LSD) --- 5,735 registered voters --- 6,226 ballots cast
Orange (CSD) --- 11,640 registered voters --- 22,931 ballots cast
Warrensville (CSD) --- 12,218 registered voters --- 15,822 ballots cast

is the official website of the Cuyahoga county election board, providing
irrefutable evidence that the vote was off by at least 93,000.

Kerry lost Ohio by approximately 130,000, so this is not an
insignificant figure that can be ignored, particularly when there
are numerous other indications of voter fraud in Ohio and elsewhere.
I think the o­nly possible alternative is to invalidate the entire Ohio
election, if not the entire national election.

I'd say the game's up America, it looks pretty much like you've been had.

Teed Rockwell, Philosophy Dept., Sonoma State University

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I went to the Cuyahoga County site and near as I can tell these figures are correct. Bet this doesn't make headlines o­n TV news . . .



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Published o­n Thursday, November 4, 2004 by CommonDreams.org
 The Ultimate Felony Against Democracy
 by Thom Hartmann

 The hot story in the Blogosphere is that the "erroneous" exit polls that showed Kerry carrying Florida and  Ohio (among other states) weren't erroneous at all
  - it was the numbers produced by paperless voting  machines that were wrong, and Kerry actually won. As more and more analysis is done of what may (or may  not) be the most massive election fraud in the history of the world, however, it's critical that we keep the  largest issue at the forefront at all time: Why are We The People allowing private, for-profit  corporations, answerable o­nly to their officers and boards of directors, and loyal o­nly to agendas and politicians that will enhance their profitability, to handle our votes?

 Maybe Florida went for Kerry, maybe for Bush. Over time - and through the efforts of some very motivated  investigative reporters - we may well find out (Bev Harris of
http://www.blackboxvoting.org just filed what may be the largest Freedom of Information Act [FOIA} filing in history), and bloggers and investigative reporters are discovering an odd discrepancy in exit polls being largely accurate in paper-ballot states and oddly inaccurate in touch-screen electronic voting states Even raw voter analyses are showing extreme oddities in touch-screen-run Florida, and eagle-eyed bloggers are finding that news organizations are
 retroactively altering their exit polls to coincide with what the machines ultimately said.

 But in all the discussion about voting machines, let's never forget the concept of the commons, because this usurpation is the ultimate felony committed by conservatives this year.

 At the founding of this nation, we decided that there were important places to invest our tax (then tariff) dollars, and those were the things that had to do with the overall "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" of all of us. Over time, these commons - in which we all make tax investments and for which we all hold ultimate responsibility - have come to include our police and fire services; our military and defense; our roads and skyways; our air, waters and national parks; and the safety of our food and drugs.

 But the most important of all the commons in which we've invested our hard-earned tax dollars is our government itself. It's owned by us, run by us (through our elected representatives), answerable to us, and most directly responsible for stewardship of our commons.

 And the commons through which we regulate the commons of our government is our vote.

 About two years ago, I wrote a story for these pages, "If You Want To Win An Election, Just Control The Voting Machines,"
that exposed how Senator Chuck Hagel had, before stepping down and running for the U.S.
 Senate in Nebraska, been the head of the voting machine company (now ES&S) that had just computerized Nebraska's vote. The Washington Post (1/13/1997) said Hagel's "Senate victory against an incumbent Democratic governor was the major Republican upset in the November election." According to Bev Harris, Hagel won virtually every demographic group, including many largely black communities that had never before voted Republican. Hagel was the first Republican in 24 years to win a Senate seat in Nebraska, nearly all o­n unauditable machines he had just sold the state. And in all probability, Hagel run for President in 2008.

 In another, later article I wrote
at the request of MoveOn.org and which they mailed to their millions of members, I noted that in Georgia - another state that went all-electronic - "USA Today reported o­n Nov. 3, 2002, 'In Georgia, an Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll shows Democratic Sen. Max Cleland with a 49%-to-44% lead over Republican Rep. Saxby Chambliss. 'Cox News Service, based in Atlanta, reported just after the election (Nov. 7) that, "Pollsters may have goofed" because 'Republican Rep. Saxby Chambliss defeated incumbent Democratic Sen. Max Cleland by a margin of 53 to 46 percent. The Hotline, a political news service, recalled a series of polls Wednesday showing that Chambliss had been ahead in none of them.'" Nearly every vote in the state was o­n an electronic machine with no audit trail.

 In the years since those first articles appeared, Bev Harris has published her book o­n the subject ("Black Box Voting"), including the revelation of her finding the notorious "Rob Georgia" folder o­n Diebold's FTP site just after Cleland's loss there; Lynn Landes has done some groundbreaking research, particularly her new investigation of the Associated Press, as have Rebecca Mercuri and David Dill. There's a new video out o­n the topic, Votergate, available at

 Congressman Rush Holt introduced a bill into Congress requiring a voter-verified paper ballot be produced by all electronic voting machines, and it's been co-sponsored by a majority of the members of the House of Representatives. The two-year battle fought by Dennis Hastert and Tom DeLay to keep it from coming to a vote, thus insuring that there will be no possible audit of the votes of about a third of the 2004 electorate, has fueled the flames of conspiracy theorists convinced Republican ideologues - now known to be willing to lie in television advertising - would extend their "ends justifies the means" morality to stealing the vote "for the better good of the country" they think single-party Republican rule will bring.

 Most important, though, the rallying cry of the emerging "honest vote" movement must become: Get Corporations Out Of Our Vote!

 Why have we let corporations into our polling places, locations so sacred to democracy that in many states even international election monitors and reporters are banned? Why are we allowing corporations to exclusively handle our vote, in a secret and totally invisible way? Particularly a private corporation founded, in o­ne case, by a family that believes the Bible should replace the Constitution; in another case run by o­ne of Ohio's top Republicans; and in another case partly owned by Saudi investors?

 Of all the violations of the commons - all of the crimes against We The People and against democracy in our great and historic republic - this is the greatest. Our vote is too important to outsource to private corporations.

 It's time that the USA - like most of the rest of the world - returns to paper ballots, counted by hand by civil servants (our employees) under the watchful eye of the party faithful. Even if it takes two weeks to count the vote, and we have to just go, until then, with the exit polls of the news agencies. It worked just fine for nearly 200 years in the USA, and it can work again.

 When I lived in Germany, they took the vote the same way most of the world does - people fill in hand-marked ballots, which are hand-counted by civil servants taking a week off from their regular jobs, watched over by volunteer representatives of the political parties. It's totally clean, and easily audited. And even though it takes a week or more to count the vote (and costs nothing more than a bit of overtime pay for civil servants), the German people know the election results the night the polls close because the news media's exit polls, for two generations, have never been more than a tenth of a percent off.

 We could have saved billions that have instead been handed over to ES&S, Diebold, and other private corporations.

 Or, if we must have machines, let's have them owned by local governments, maintained and programmed by civil servants answerable to We The People, using open-source code and disconnected from modems, that produce a voter-verified printed ballot, with all results published o­n a precinct-by-precinct basis.

 As Thomas Paine wrote at this nation's founding, "The right of voting for representatives is the primary right by which all other rights are protected. To take away this right is to reduce a man to slavery."

 Only when We The People reclaim the commons of our vote can we again be confident in the integrity of our electoral process in the world's oldest and most powerful democratic republic.

 Thom Hartmann (thom at thomhartmann.com) is a Project Censored Award-winning best-selling author and host of a nationally syndicated daily progressive talk show. http://www.thomhartmann .com His most recent books are "The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight," "Unequal Protection: The Rise of Corporate Dominance and the Theft of Human Rights," "We The People: A Call To Take Back America," and "What Would Jefferson Do?: A Return To Democracy."


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l'objet:            Greg Palast - Kerry Won FORWARD THIS WIDELY !!!
                        Greg Palast November 04, 2004
  la date:
                      Thu, 4 Nov 2004 17:33:02 EST
                      This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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Greg Palast - Kerry Won


 Greg Palast
November 04, 2004
I know you don't want to hear it. You can't face o­ne more hung chad.  But I
don't have a choice. As a journalist examining that messy sausage called
American democracy, it's my job to tell you who got the most votes in the deciding
states. Tuesday, in Ohio and New Mexico, it was John Kerry.

Most voters in Ohio thought they were voting for Kerry. CNN's exit poll
showed Kerry beating Bush among Ohio women by 53 percent to 47 percent.  Kerry also
defeated Bush among Ohio's male voters 51 percent to 49 percent. Unless a
third gender voted in Ohio, Kerry took the state.

So what's going o­n here? Answer: the exit polls are accurate. Pollsters ask,
"Who did you vote for?" Unfortunately, they don't ask the crucial, question,
"Was your vote counted?" The voters don't know.

Here's why. Although the exit polls show that most voters in Ohio punched
cards for Kerry-Edwards, thousands of these votes were simply not recorded. This
was predictable and it was predicted. [See TomPaine.com, "An Election Spoiled
Rotten,"  November 1.]

Rest of article here:  http://www.tompaine.com/articles/kerry_won_.php


Exit polls analysis versus reported vote count
Analysis of exit polls Vs. supposed ballot counts.

Grab o­ne site which lists the exit polls before they were "corrected.''
Correction is the procedure by which the exit polls are retrofitted to match the
figures provided by the vote counting machines. It is easily done by changing the
exit poll results, such as the 2.00 a.m. flip-flop of the Nevada exit poll
scores which was done without any change to the sample size.

A slightly less obvious sleight of hand is to alter the weighting. Weighting
is the name for a multiplier used to correct sample subgroups to match the
proportions in the whole of a state population. Thus an exit poll can be
''corrected'' by saying something to the effect, ''Oh well, the vote results show we must have under sampled Republicans and therefore we'll multiply that subgroup of the exit poll sample by 1.5 to make our results fit the figures the ballot counting machines are spitting out.''

Here is o­ne list as an example of raw exit poll data:

Then take a look at the results by state, such as o­n this chart:

There is a bit of math involved but don't worry, I taught market research at
a University - a place where Republicans fear to tread, according to the
media's own polls! The Bush people argue that the exit polls are skewed by the
methodology employed. It is odd that they don't say what that error producing part
of the methodology might be. A skew means a systematic error is introduced by
the test protocol and causes a consistent shift in o­ne direction.

IF this was true, then all the exit polls would show the same sort of shift
from 'actual' results.

The GOP offer an alternative argument that the exit polls are not large
enough samples and therefore the results are off by a large random error.

IF this was true, then the exit polls should scatter o­n either side of the
actual result, especially if the final result is close to 50/50.

What do we actually see when comparing exit polls with actual results?

There is skew - but o­nLY in states which the Republicans had previously
stated to be target states in play. The skew is in the same direction every time;
that is to say in favor of Bush.

The exit poll results are not scattered about the mean as the alternative
theory predicts. They are all o­n the Kerry side of the vote counts as issued by
the states except for a hand full of states which hit amazingly close to the
exit poll figures.

Here are the figures. They list the four contemporaneous and uncorrected exit
polls. Kerry is listed first and Bush second in each pair of figures.
Published = the figure presented as the vote count as of 10.00 a.m. EST o­n 11/3/04

AZ Poll o­ne 45-55 Final 45-55 Published 44-55
CO Poll o­ne 48-51 2nd 48-50 3rd 46-53 Published 46-53
LA Poll o­ne 42-57 Final 43-56 Published 42-57
MI Poll o­ne 51-48 Published 51-48 Published 51-48
IOWA Poll o­ne 49-49 3rd 50-48 Final 49-49 Published 49-50
NM Poll o­ne 50-48 2nd 50-48 3rd 50-48 Final 50-49 Published 49-50
ME 3rd 55-44 Published 53-45
NV: 3rd 48-49 Published 48-51
AR: 3rd 45-54 Published 45-54
MO Final 46-54 Published 46-53

These tracking polls were right where you would expect them to be and within
the margin of error. However, if we look at some other states, the figures are
beyond curious. either the exit polls were wrong or the vote count is wrong:

WI Poll o­ne 52-48 3rd 51-46 Final 52-47 Published 50-49
PA Poll o­ne 60-40 3rd 54-45 Final 53-46 Published 51-49
OH Poll o­ne 52-48 2nd 50-49 3rd 50-49 Final 51-49 Published 49-51
FL Poll o­ne 51-48 2nd 50-49 3rd 50-49 Final 51-49 Published 47-52
MINN Poll o­ne 58-40 3rd 58-40 Final 54-44 Published 51-48
NH Poll o­ne 57-41 3rd 58-41 Published 50-49
NC Poll o­ne 3rd 49-51 Final 48-52 Published 43-56

Taking the figures and measuring the size and direction of the poll to
supposed vote count discrepancy, we find:

WI Bush plus 4%
PA Bush plus 5%
OH Bush plus 4%
FL Bush plus 7%
MINN Bush plus 7%
NH Bush plus 15%
NC Bush plus 9%

Our election results appear to have been tampered with to give Bush some
unearned electoral votes.


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