Unless there is a global ban on genetically engineered food and crops, global citizens will have to be constantly vigilant and have to oppose over and over again each new product introduced by this rogue technology. Now Organic farmers have to face the approval of Genetically engineered Alfalfa. For too long the US campaign has been to demand mandatory labelling for Genetically engineered food and crops. Labelling addresses the right to know issue but not the equity issue - not everyone can afford GE-free or organic food and crops, and not the environmental issue- genetic drift and contamination. Monsanto and the other GE food and crops industries should have their charters or licences revoked and be charged with gross or criminal negligence for jeopardizing global food security and food sovereignty. please sign the global petition calling for a ban http://www.change.org/en-CA/petitions/the-un-general-assembly-institute-a-global-ban-on-genetically-engineered-food-and-crops