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Beware the HST Virus PDF Print E-mail
Justice News
Monday, 10 August 2009 07:52
Beware the HST Virus

PEJ News -
Beware the HST.  This so called "Harmonized Sales Tax" is in act a political infestation designed to destroy the environment by making it cheap for resource industries to locate in BC.   It's all about come and get our resources for cheap.    Meanwhile the rest of us get to pay for it.

It seems that when the economy is crashing that it is all about the beloved consumer who comes to save the day.  As soon as the bottom is hit and the economy begins to show signs of life, it is all about rip off the consumer and give it to the corporations that caused the prices to go so high that they caused the crash.  Yes it is all about the corporate and political crooks that control BC.   For those who didn't vote for these bums, my heart goes out to you.  For those of you who didn't vote, I am happy that you are getting exactly what you deserve.  If you think that is a bit harsh, well after over half a century of listening to A-holes state "Why vote, it doesn't count anyway", I am a bit fed up.  For those who didn't vote, you are the reason things are like they are.  By default you let the right wing fascists control your life.
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