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EnCana Bombed PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 17 July 2009 08:00
EnCana Bombed

PEJ News -
Speculation about the bomber of EnCana gas facilities has been running wild.   Well here is my theory.  The RCMP  say it is a terrorist.   How do they know this?  I suspect that their interest is in a bigger budget and justice is the furthest thing from their minds. 

The company workers think the bomber is not trying to hurt people but is simply trying to stop the company from destroying the environment -- (The Glob and Mail - July 17, 2009 - "Second letter gives EnCana time to flee").   Perhaps one could even go as far as saying the bomber is trying to protect our true north strong and free.   To many he has become like Robinhood (Protecting the countryside from the rich barons of the land). 

One might ask why the bomber just doesn't do the legal thing and lobby the government to protect the land.   I guess we all know what a joke that process is.  I believe that the industry tells the government what to do, not the other way around.

If we were dealing with a real terrorist I suspect that those who passed the terrorist legislation would already be dead.  No..I think we are dealing with someone who believes that the only avenue left to save the environment is to do direct battle with the corporations who willingly destroy it for greed and profit.

On the other hand I could be completely wrong.  It could be a fall guy hired to disrupt so that the police and governments can get heavy handed and move toward a police state.  After all control and domination is what that is all about.  For those who want the police state it is all about taking what they want and shutting up the rest of us.

I guess in the future the big question will be.   Which is mightier, the pen or C4.   Although there are times the environmentalists win, it seems to me that the battle for the environment has already been badly lost.   The planet reels while the G8 is all talk and no action.  I am not saying everyone should break the law as a way of creating change.  I do think however that such bombings have sent a warning shot across the bow of all of us that the very life blood of our existence is being threatened by the destruction of fresh water reserves for profit.  I think that someone is drawing a slow deep line in the sand.   On a lighter note...It is a beautiful sunny day in BC.  Time for a swim.
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