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Los Imperdonables - the Unforgivable, the Unredeemable PDF Print E-mail
Justice News
Friday, 26 December 2008 05:36
Los Imperdonables - the Unforgivable, the Unredeemable

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From South America
The following article is a translation of a piece "Los imperdonables" that appeared in the Sunday journal "Domingo", published in Lima, Peru. It is interesting to see what a media outlet far from the control of North American corporations can publish. Los imperdonables, in my dictionary, means the unforgivable, the unredeemable.

by Raul Mendoza

A week after the US treasury bailed out the giant firm AIG with a cool 85 mil, their chief executives enjoyed a weekend in an exclusive California hotel where rooms cost 1500 dollars per night. The final tab came to 440 thousand dollars and included manicures, facials, pedicures, and massage. This is a graphic example of the manner in which some executives greeted the collapse of the North American financial system.

Without a doubt, this was not the most serious case of CEOs partying it up. Even when banks, insurance brokerages, and investment firms began to lose money they continued to be generous to their execs regardless of these individuals negligence. Stanley O
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