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Senate Appointments: Harper defies democracy PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 22 December 2008 01:49
Senate Appointments: Harper defies democracy

2008 December 22

Senate Appointments: Harper defies democracy

PEJ News - Joan Russow, Ph.D. - As Prime Minister, Harper has the right to appoint Senators; but given the current political situation, where through unconscionable means he has hung onto power, he should abide by a different process. The Coalition government-in-waiting represents over 62 % of the population, and should have the right to select Senators. Obviously he would not allow the Coalition to appoint Senators. BUT If he has a modicum of respect for democracy, he could do the following:


If Harper were truly concerned about the Senators being democratically elected, he could propose a process similar to the election of the Speaker of the House. In this way, the members of Parliament would all vote for the 18 new Senators.

UPDATE: Now that he has appointed the 18 Senators and has required them to pledge to vote for Reform of the Senate, one wonders how many nominees had the courage to refuse.



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