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Quebec Election 66/51/7/1: Harper should take note of the low vote for ADQ PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 08 December 2008 10:14

2008 December 8


Quebec Election 66/517/1: Harper should take note of the low vote for ADQ

PEJ News - Joan Russow - Global Compliance Research Project - The Action Democratique du Quebec (ADQ) was reduced from forty-one to six seats. The Quebec Libera/ls achieved a majority with sixty-none elected members, and the PQ, with forty eight is now the official opposition.



A CBC report estimates that the “Dumont [leader of the ADQ ] was hurt by his party's unbridled support in the federal election for Stephen Harper's Conservatives, which were shut out from central Quebec and the greater Montreal region in favour of the Bloc Québécois.”

Given that the ADQ had helped the Conservatives in Quebec during the 2007 Federal election, Harper should definitely take note if he thinks he will win a substantial number of seats in Quebec. In January 2009, when there is a non- confidence vote, Harper should be careful about pressuring the Governor General to allow him to have another Federal Election because he anticipates a potential majority. This time rather than leaning on the Governor General to coerce her to agree, he should gracefully step down and allow the Canadian Coalition Government-in- waiting to govern.

In the 2007 election, the ADQ mistakenly estimated that the increase support for the Federal Conservatives would help them in the next Federal Election.

{In 1998, out of curiosity, I attended an ADQ meeting in Sherbrooke, and thought at the the time that the ADQ was the Quebec version of the Reform party.]

Harper should take note of the low vote for ADQ.

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