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The Risk Factor: Obama vs McCain PDF Print E-mail
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Saturday, 02 August 2008 06:40
The Risk Factor: Obama vs McCain

Jazzman Chronicles - Jack Random - Just when you think the American people are awakening to the forces that have battered them like the floodwaters of Katrina in the lower ninth ward for the last seven and half years, along comes a survey concluding that a vast majority considers Senator Barack Obama the riskier of the two major party candidates vying for the presidency. 

Set aside whatever misgivings you may have concerning the Senator from Illinois, this is the judgment of a paranoid schizophrenic prescribing his own medicines.  Like any candidate, while Obama may present a certain measure of risk, Senator John McCain is a certain catastrophe. 



When you are driving a truck at high speed toward the edge of the Grand Canyon, is it more dangerous to apply the brakes and change direction or ramble on, pedal to the metal, full speed ahead?  At its most basic level, that is the choice we are facing. 

Allow me to elaborate: 

John McCain was for the war in Iraq before the Bush administration proposed it.  It

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