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Earth News
Thursday, 10 July 2008 04:54

G8 Tea Party

PEJ News - The G8 Tea Party is off and running again.   Few expect anything different than the G7's recent do nothing approach. 

In the US McCain is reiterating the  same old policy of OIL, OIL and more OIL.  Barack Obama  is talking about shifting subsidies from oil to alternative energy.  This is of course exactly what is needed to both stimulate economies and save the environment.


So what has happened so far?   Well  Canada, US,and Russia  have taken  the expected approach of doing nothing on climate change.  Setting 2050 as a  50% reduction target was again meaningless  because they don't say  50% of what level...and even worse they are trying to package  the energy policy, the world economy and global warming into one package so that nothing can be resolved withought looking at everything.  This effectively means that   they are definately on the path of ignoring the  environment issues as they always have.   It's clearly all talk and smoke and mirrors.

To see them sitting around the G8 dinner table was rather revealing.  Mr Bush was being completely ignored by those at the table.   It seems that Japan was particularly disappointed  by the  Bush-Harper attitude.    The Japanese  representative  who was sitting beside Bush spent his time talking to the person on the other side of him.  Mr Bush looked like he was at his last supper and clearly that is how he is perceived by the rest of the G8 members. 

The rest of the world awaits their fate in the US elections.  Another round of  Bushies  and we are all toast.   A new approach from the US  could save the day.

Although the leadership in the US is important, it is time for the rest of us to realize that we must take control of our destiny.    We should exclude nations from our trading circle who will not act in a serious way to reduce emissions now  and convert to using alternative energy!

Jim Wight
Sue  Hiscocks


Last Updated on Thursday, 10 July 2008 04:54

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