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Breaking The Log Jam PDF Print E-mail
Earth News
Wednesday, 04 June 2008 08:08
Breaking The Log Jam

PEJ News -
At the national and provincial levels there is a logjam with the provinces taking on the national government over the addressing of global warming.  The Hon. Baird is putting down the Ontario and Qubecs proposal saying that it is weaker than the federal approach.  That is irrelevant.  Companies must comply to directives from both government levels.  The toughest directives will prevail. 


Cap and trade will only be as effective if the caps are strong.  Without the cap part (reducing emissions at the source) there will be more green house gas.  Carbon tax is another good way to reduce greenhouse gas especially if the revenue is used to develop more alternative clean energy..

What real changes are being made at the household level while politicians scrap over carbon caps and trading?

If I want to have a garden, solar and wind energy on my roof and a geothermal heat pump in my home, how is this going to happen.  Wanting is not enough.  There needs to be mechanisms in place so that this can become a reality.  There are a number of obstacles.

1. Zoning simply does not permit it.
2. The capital required for it to happen is not available to the tenant.
3. There is no expertise in place to monitor the situations.
4. There is NIMBYism rampant in most communities that need to be addressed ....Probably by convincing people that their home is more valuable if green.
5. The municipal zoning makes it difficult for provincial policy to be effective.

 I hope this gives you all food for thought and perhaps action.

Sue H.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 04 June 2008 08:08

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