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Left Coast Events (pt ii) - Victoria & Islands - Mar 10 08 PDF Print E-mail
PEJ Events
Tuesday, 11 March 2008 19:22
Left Coast Events (pt ii) - Victoria & Islands - Mar 10 08

1.  Sacred Paths... Notices from uVic Interfaith Chaplains Services
2.  "Forest Liars" Campaign Launches
3.  E-Bulletin from Denise Savoie, Victoria MP
4.  High Tide Concerts Mar/Apr/May
5.  Introducing a news site about privatization and the struggle against it: PublicValues.ca
6.  Stop the sale of CANADARM and RADARSAT-2
7.  Citizens United against the North American Union
8.  Royal BC Museum recognizes Betty Krawczyk
9.  Whaling protester says Japanese shot him in high-seas clash

contributions, considerations, concerns:
*  it's fundrive time at cfuv (http://cfuv.uvic.ca) !!  if you listen, and can pledge a few bucks (even $5 or $10 is helpful), please do.  i'll be begging for funds on thursday (mar 13th) 11-noon - if you want to call then that'd be awesome.  be sure to say nice words about the show and/or the station (if you're a listener and you love us).

Just say "No" to War every Wednesday at noon with the Wednesday Peace Vigil.  We are opposed to the idea that war solves anything.  We know that war kills kids.  Please come take a stand with us for any part of the hour at the Cenotaph at the Legislature some Wednesday soon (Belleville & Government).  Meeting weekly since October 2001 when Canadian forces joined in support of the "humanitarian bombing" of Afghanistan.   (Note:  We no longer meet at 7:00 pm.)  Jane Brett < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >  477-1944

*  From: Open Dharma < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >
Open Dharma: Bring a pillow and light blanket and join us for deep relaxation, meditation, spiritual videos and discussion. Every Wednesday at 7 pm SHARP at the James Bay New Horizons Senior Centre, 234 Menzies St. Donation $5. For more information, email
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 360-0052.

Attention all people who care about ending homelessness NOW!  Please join The Committee to End Homelessness in Victoria - a group of homeless and housed Victorians who want immediate solutions - Wednesdays at 7pm at Silver Threads/1740 Douglas Street (at Herald St).

*  Falun Dafa (meditation) at Fernwood Community Centre, 1240 Gladstone, Wednesdays, 5-7 pm.  Also, Sundays, 10-noon, across from Beacon Hill petting zoo - all winter.  Free, everyone welcome.  995-1494, faluninfo.net

Parents of Apprehended Children support group meets every Friday from 1pm to 3pm at the Blanshard Community Center.  Contact Colleen Deroache at
Call this phone number in Canada with Skype: +12508577404
*  The Victoria Folk Music Society offers live music every Sunday night at 7:30 pm, 1110 Hillside.  Info: http://victoriafolkmusic.ca/

*  Victoria's Food Not Bombs is always thankful for volunteers who help prepare, cook, and clean-up on Sundays.  Serve your community, and eat good food.  383-5144 extension 1940.

New Orleans Jazz - http://www.bastionjazzband.com/
Every Sunday night from 6pm - 9pm @ The Blethering Place Oak Bay Ave & Monteray.  near Theatre Alley

Hi Janine....hope you can manage to get out a cancellation notice for the March 11 CAIA Victoria event featuring Mordecai Briemberg speaking on "Boycott - Is this a reasonable response to Israeli state policies and practices"  The event has been postponed until April 8.  We will send it in again closer to that date.

On Tuesday, 7:00 - 9:00,  we have John Dear speaking on Peace and Nonviolence, cost $ 20. We just learned that John has been nominated for the Nobel peace prize as well as one other, and feel quite honoured to have him come. I hope that you will share this information with your friends.  Phone "Call this phone number in Canada with Skype: +12504773822" (250) 477-3822"
 *  From: "June Ross" <
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >

the Vancouver Island Water Watch Coalition is doing a Civil Disobedience Workshop on Saturday, March 15th. We are going to provide lunch, so anyone who is interested in coming to Nanaimo for a GREAT day, should contact me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Recently we sent you the latest edition of the BC Institute for Co-operative Studies' newsletter, The Anthill.
Unfortunately, the link in that email had an error in it. The correct link is:
We hope you enjoy this edition of the Anthill and welcome any feedback you have or submission for future issues.

Petition against Alberta wolf kill "research"?
The pen is mightier than the sword, and the "SEND" key mightier than helicopter gunning.
Log on to
and let your voice be heard!
*  From: Ron Gillmore <
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >

Hot off the Mac, "March For The Librarians" (by Alan O'Dean) an MP3
file and lyrics posted on the webpage -
*  From: "Paul Hilder, Avaaz.org" <
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >
Gaza and Israel are on the brink of all-out war - before it's too late, let's raise a massive global outcry for a ceasefire to stop the violence and protect civilians:

Grandmothers Speak - happy women's day!

CUMMING, Professor Bruce Passed on peacefully in Victoria on February 20th 2008 at the age of 82. He is survived by his close, loving family: wife Marion, sisters Eve and Diana, Diana's husband Neil, and cherished neices, nephews and cousins. During and beyond his professional life as a researcher and professor of plant physiology, Bruce actively supported causes relating to indigenous culture and rights, the environment and world peace. At home, gardening was a passion. A gathering in Bruce's honour will be held Sunday, April 13 at 2 pm in the UVic Chapel. In lieu of flowers, please consider a donation to his favourite charity, XAXE TENEW Sacred Land Society. Contributions for the Society's Endowment Fund may be made through the Victoria Foundation, 109-645 Fort Street, Victoria, V8W 1G2, tel. 381-5532. Contributions for current Society projects will be gratefully received through Charles and Myrna Elliott, PO Box 31, Brentwood Bay, BC V8M 1R3. Shared memories would be appreciated at www.firstmemorialfuneral.com . "Gladly did he learn and gladly did he teach."  Published in the Victoria Times-Colonist on 3/1/2008.

I was able to capture Brian's interview with Shaw on the 18th. I do  not have a VCR so I just recorded it with my digital camera.

Buried 60 Minutess Interview w/ Whitehouse Whitleblower Paul O'Neil (Secretary Treasurer)X-GeoIP-PostalCode: t5j2r4

New World Order elites: Bilderberg Group to Meet in Istanbul 2007

I am a Turkish filmmaker living in Ireland. It has come to my attention that the Bilderberg Group are holding their next meeting in Istanbul this year, between May 31 and June 3rd.(1) I have known about this group since 1993 and have been following their activities over the past 14 years. According to many sources, since its inception in 1954 by former Nazi S.S. Officer Prince Bernhard of The Netherlands, the Bilderberg Group have been covertly continuing the Nazi policy of creating a New World Order (a global totalitarian dictatorship). (2)

Plus this link, if you have not seen it;

"The Trials of Henry Kissinger", Eugene Jarecki, 80 mins., documentary, BBC, 2002. Please watch on Google Video:
*  From: EdmontonSmallPressAssn-Lyn <
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >

Bill C-484 "Unborn Victims of Crime" bill
Sign these petitions to protect women's rights:


1.  Sacred Paths... Notices from uVic Interfaith Chaplains Services

Below you will find a list of UVic Interfaith Services sponsored activities.  If you would like more information about any activity, just click on the phrase for more details following the location of each event.  For more information about UVic Interfaith Services and our programs, please check out our website.  A full calendar of events may be accessed on the main UVic website.

Highlights for the Week of March 10, 2008

Sessions in Spirituality
Monday March 10 ~ 3:30 - 5:00 pm
Interfaith Chapel
Cosmology, Evolution, Psychology, the Crucifixion and the Spirituality of Hope
Presenter: Rev. Harold Munn

This session will discuss how the sciences of cosmology, evolution, and psychology, with the courageous social justice of Jesus and the experience of crucifixion provide a solid basis for a spirituality of hope in the midst of the threatening challenges of the present day.
Harold Munn is the rector, at the Church of St. John the Divine in downtown Victoria.  As an inner-city church, St. John's is involved with many aspects of social service and social justice for people on the edges of society.  While doing his Arts degree, Harold took as many courses in the sciences and tries, as an amateur, to stay aware of developments in cosmology and evolutionary theory.  His religious practice at a personal level, and as a congregational leader, combines traditional religious interpretations with contemporary exploration.

Upcoming Events

Sessions in Spirituality
Monday March 17 ~ 3:30 - 5:00 pm
Interfaith Chapel
The hope and struggle of a Muslim against religious extremism.
Presenter: Mohammad Younas Mirza

Mohammad Younas Mirza will address extremism that exists in elements of different faith groups, including Muslims, from a personal point of view.

Mohammad Younas Mirza recently served as Muslim representative in the Interfaith Services of the University of Victoria.  He has lived the struggle against extremism across faith traditions, embodying instead tolerance and interfaith and inter cultural understanding and partnership.


2.  "Forest Liars" Campaign Launches

  Naming Names to End Ancient Forest Logging
By Ecological Internet, Inc.
http://www.rainforestportal.org/ & http://www.climateark.org/
March 9, 2008

(Earth) - Ecological Internet's campaign to end ancient forest
logging as a keystone response to the climate change and
biodiversity crises intensified this past week. Over one
thousand people from 57 countries sent a third of a million
protest emails to staff members of large environmental groups,
protesting their fiction that killing centuries old trees in
ancient forests is environmentally sound and well-managed
forestry. The alert remains current and can be found at:

Greenpeace, WWF, Rainforest Action Network, NRDC, Forest
Ethics, Friends of the Earth and Rainforest Alliance were
called upon to immediately end their support for the Forest
Stewardship Council's (FSC) greenwashing of first time logging
of primary and old-growth forests -- or face continuing
protest. The protest contained detailed ecological analysis
debunking claims that logging ancient rainforests has
environmental merit.

FSC issues "certifications" that allegedly show ancient forest
logging is "well-managed", legitimizing the destruction
forever, by themselves and others, of hundreds of millions of
hectares of primary rainforest. At least sixty percent of FSC
timbers come from first time industrial logging of ancient
forests, and their current market demand and planned growth
depends upon it. Claims that FSC certified old-growth logging
protects biodiversity and ecosystems have increasingly been
called into question by new ecological science, lax certifying
organizations' conflicts of interest and a litany of
questionable certifications.

Outrageously now the "Forests Liars" -- FSC with the
endorsement of member NGOs -- claim certified logging of
primary forests has carbon benefits and deserves to be
compensated in the carbon market. Despite no mention of carbon
balances in FSC rules, logging companies and carbon offset
projects are claiming FSC certification makes them "carbon

"After nearly a decade of protesting leading environmental
organizations' greenwashing of continued old-growth logging,
and being resoundingly ignored, we have no choice but to
pursue more aggressive protest options. To date we have
received no substantive rebuttal to our critique that there is
no such thing as ecologically sustainable ancient forest
logging; that FSC destroys biodiversity, ecosystems and the
climate, and by its very existence legitimizes continued
industrial development of ancient rainforests. They should
know better and admit they are wrong rather than resorting to
spin and vilification [1]. "

"No one is ever very happy to be protested against,
particularly when the morality of their livelihoods is
questioned and there is minor disruption of daily routines
[2]. Those receiving protests are staff members of
organizations greenwashing the logging of ancient forests,
falsely claiming it protects biodiversity and the climate.
Ecological Internet's network will continue speaking
ecological truth to power. The loss of large, intact natural
habitats including primary rainforests is the main reason the
biosphere is failing, and those apologists causing the loss
will not go unchallenged."


1.) Friends of the Earth International sent a strongly worded
response to protesters saying they "oppose all allegations
made" and are not FSC supporters. The alert text and protest
email correctly referred to the Friends of the Earth movement
and nowhere was FOE-International named. They did confirm that
many Friends of the Earth national groups are FSC members.

A disgruntled Rainforest Action Network employee questioned
the targeting of staff members in organizations supporting
FSC that do not directly work on the matter, and dismissed
the alert as an attempt to create controversy. One would
presume all employees of the RAINFOREST Action Network care
about the fate of ancient rainforests (although perhaps not,
given their absence on most current rainforest issues). All
employees working for ancient forest logging apologists are
fair target for protest.

2.) All Ecological Internet protest network participants
should remember when assessing ad hominem responses that for
many years these organizations have been telling their members
and the public that 'FSC is the answer to the world's forest
problems'. It is exceedingly difficult for them to admit they
are wrong and move on forest policies that work to end
industrial forest logging and support local development based
upon standing forests. They are wrong and know it, but are
proud and more concerned with maintaining their environmental
bureaucracies than the truth. Please continue to participate:

3.  E-Bulletin from Denise Savoie, Victoria MP

Victoria's Voice in Ottawa
March 6, 2008

Dear friends,

I am breaking my own rule here about making such partisan statements, but what is happening now in the House of Commons compels me to make these comments.

My experience in Ottawa hit a low point over the past two weeks, as the third Conservative budget was allowed to pass. The Liberal Party - now the "official opposition" in name only - claimed they saw nothing offensive in the budget. They must have missed the $29 million for the Security and Prosperity Partnership that is quietly tying Canada's regulatory hands to the United States. Perhaps they didn't notice that Canadians are being asked to pay big oil companies to clean up their own pollution.

They could not have missed the absence of affordable housing, child care, literacy or heritage; that nuclear power is the centerpiece of the Conservative environmental plan; or that the new student grant system pays less than the cost of books for middle-income students.

I know I noticed that the City of Victoria is being made to pay one-third of the costs for local infrastructure projects with only eight percent of the revenue. And I know many of my constituents will notice that their property taxes are going up while corporate taxes go down.

Yet the Liberals continue to hold back all but six of seven of their 94 MPs from voting in the House of Commons in crucial votes. The gamesmanship is hard to swallow when there are so many critical issues at stake in Victoria and across Canada.

To me, this isn't a partisan thing or an issue about election timing. Elections cost money but they are the price we pay to have a say in our democracy. If I believed I could work with the Conservative government and find compromise positions to move Canada forward, I most certainly would. But that middle ground is lost when the Conservatives know that the Liberals will back down.

I opposed the budget this week, and I will continue to oppose the Conservative agenda of privatization and fiscal reductionism that is slowly but steadily dismantling the ability of our federal government to act for the common good.

In spite of all this, I remain full of hope when I return home to Victoria. I left giant piles of snow this morning in Ottawa and arrived home see to the crocus coming up in my yard. I know my celebration of International Women's Day this evening will be a success. The seats have been spoken for for the past two weeks so next year we will certainly look for a larger venue. These type of gatherings in my riding remind me that I am far from alone in my search for a more fair and sustainable future. Below, please have a look at information about community events I have attended recently and others that are coming up this weekend and read excerpts from my recent speeches.



Around Town

In the past few weeks I have been privileged to attend many community events, including the Footsteps art show to assist children in countries affected by war, the annual fundraiser for the Victoria Immigrant and Refugee Centre Society, the launch of Making the News: A Times Colonist Look at 150 Years of History and Seedy Saturday, Victoria's 15th Annual Seed and Garden Show.

I heard the concerns of many of you at a protest of the Security and Prosperity Partnership, at a public meeting about the proposed move of the Streetlink Emergency Shelter to Ellice Park and at a meeting of residents of the Inner Harbour concerned about noise and air pollution from the growing float plane traffic. My letter to Public Safety Min. Stockwell Day about the heavy RCMP presence in response to protestors at the Spencer Road interchange has been widely circulated and I invite anyone interested to read it on my website by following the link below.

Tomorrow morning I will be talking on CFAX with Joe Easingwood about Bill C-10 and concerns about how it will lead to censorship and have a chilling effect on Canadian film and video production. After that I am looking forward to continuing the celebration of International Women's Day by meeting with a group of students at Victoria High School. This afternoon I head over to St. Michael's University School to talk with a political science class about human rights.

Tomorrow night, independent journalist Jon Elmer from Vancouver will talk about the Manley Report and Canada's role in Afghanistan and the world.at the BCGEU at 2994 Douglas Street.from 7-9 p.m. On Saturday, the Victoria Peace Coalition has organized a roundtable discussion of the same issues.

Saturday March 8 promises to be a very busy day - we are dubbing it Super Saturday - and I look forward to connecting with many of my constituents at several important events. These include a speech about child care to the Canadian Labour Congress' Campaign School for Women, followed by the Walk for a Free Tibet, marking the anniversary of the Chinese invasion of Tibet on March 10, 1959. Participants will gather between noon and 12:30 at Centennial Square and will march to the Provincial Legislature where I will be one of several speakers at 1 p.m.

After that I will join in another event following the same route. Members of CUPE 410, the Greater Victoria library workers, are gathering to celebrate International Women's Day and to highlight the issue of pay equity which is the main issue behind the dispute that led to their being locked out and the CRD's libraries being shut down. Numerous family activities are planned starting at 1 p.m. at Centennial Square. At 2:45 there is a march to the Legislature where I will be one of several speakers between 3 and 4 p.m.

The day ends with a speech to the Results Canada Regional Northwest Conference. Results is a national network of volunteers committed to creating the political will to end hunger and the worst aspects of poverty in Canada and around the world and to demonstrating that individuals do make a difference. For the benefit of the groups visiting American delegates I will be giving a talk about Canadian politics and talking about making the transition from grassroots activism to the House of Commons.

I encourage you to visit my website to view photos from some recent local events by clicking here.

Denise in the House of Commons - selected excerpts from recent questions and comments - more available at

On the hidden dangers of the 2008 federal budget, February 28
"Mr. Speaker, the 2008 budget reveals a lack of vision, and these are not my words. These are the words of Victoria's major daily newspaper editorial the morning after the budget was released. In fact, budget 2008 is just a lot more of the same, with winners and losers, a lot for the Conservatives' corporate friends and crumbs for the rest of us. [
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