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Left Coast Events - Victoria & Islands - Jan 28 08 PDF Print E-mail
PEJ Events
Monday, 28 January 2008 14:38
Left Coast Events - Victoria & Islands - Jan 28 08

1.  Rally to support Right to sleep - Jan 28th
2.  Fernwood Wisdom Council info mtg. Monday Jan.28
3.  Stop Suburban Sprawl West of Victoria! Jan 28th
4.  BREAK'IN ICE Community Radio - January 29th
5.  Are you concerned about PUBLIC HEALTH CARE in and around NANAIMO? - Jan 29th
6.  Youth BYOB - Safe Harbour Youth Ambassador trainings - Jan 30, Feb 13th
7.  The Imam and the Pastor - Jan 31st
8.  Celebrating Brigit/Brige/Bridge - Feb 1st
9.  American Indian Political Prisoner Honored in Santa Fe Jan 31 & Feb 2
10.  Celebrating Brigit/Brige/Bridge - Feb 1st
11.  1st Annual Fundraiser for Threshold Housing Society - Feb 1st
12.  FoodRoots Sustainable Feast - Feb 2nd
13.  Fair Voting BC Notice of Beer/Dinner Night Feb 2
14.  TAKE CHARGE - stand up for Canadian energy - Feb 2nd
15.  Sacred Circle Dance February 3 and 12, 2008
17.  "Un Poquito de Tanta Verdad" (A Little Bit of So Much Truth) - film - Feb 4th
18.  Israeli Apartheid Week Event - Feb 5th
19.  About Water - films - Feb 7th
20.  Belfry media Release - The Sinners' Ball / Saturday, February 9
21.  ChantFest Victoria - Feb. 10
22.  Awareness Film Night February 13
24.  Next VIVA-Raw Potluck - Feb. 17th  (Victoria) +  Other Exciting Raw News
25.  "Sing Your Heart Out" brings young poets and musicians together - Mar 2nd
1.  Rally to support Right to sleep - Jan 28th
The Committee to End Homelessness in Victoria will be holding a rally in front of the courthouse on Burdette to protest another pause, created by the court system, in the Human Rights case that is challenging the Civic  Bylaws preventing the homeless from camping out in City Parks.
This process has been going on now for 2.5 years and at least one of the homeless in this case has died while waiting. The patience of the street community has reached an end.
outside the courthouse at blanshard & burdett
Please phone Rose Henry at 812-0199 or Lise Wrigley at 480-1640 for interviews and updates on this event.
From: "jp fk" <
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2.  Fernwood Wisdom Council info mtg. Monday Jan.28
I want to invite you to an information session on the Wisdom Council I am helping convene in Fernwood, held this
Monday evening Jan. 28th
at 7 p.m.
at the Fernwood Inn.
The conveners will also do a demo of Dynamic Facilitation, the style by which the Wisdom Council is facilitated (which is an alternative to Robert's Rules, resembling an Open Forum meeting style).
A Wisdom Council is a group of 12 people who are chosen at random to discuss issues THEY deem important, with the assistance of a trained facilitator. They meet over a Friday evening and part of the Saturday following, and then compose a unanimous statement of their conclusions which they present to their friends and neighbours at a public meeting on the Saturday evening.
There have been two previous Wisdom Councils in Victoria. The statements people come up with recognize that apathy, hopelessness and depression are all too common, and offer ways to re-engage citizens with public and private life. The Wisdom Council itself is one way to re-engage its participants.
The full statements of both Wisdom Councils are at
Unlike the first two councils which were held for the entire city, this one is specifically for the Fernwood community.
The Wisdom Council Conveners are an independent group of local volunteers who are working for a better world.
Anke van Leeuwen.
From: Anke van Leeuwen <
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3.  Stop Suburban Sprawl West of Victoria! Jan 28th
Monday, January 28th make your voice heard at the Public Hearing!
In early 2007, BC's Minister of Forests, Rich Coleman approved
more than 28,000 hectares of Western Forest Product's (WFP)
forest lands on Vancouver Island to be removed from Tree Farm
Licenses (TFL) 25, 6, and 19 which previously regulated these
private lands. By removing the lands from their TFL's, it
eliminated forest practices regulations, cut control regulations,
ungulate wintering ranges, restrictions on raw log exports, and
prohibitions against selling off the land for housing
Western Forest Products is now looking to sell off 2500 hectares
of these forest lands west of Victoria to a Vancouver developer,
including lands by the Sooke Potholes (highly ecologically
significant dry maritime forests) and Jordan River (heavily by
On Monday January 28th, the Capital Regional District (CRD) will
hold a public hearing on two environmentally-progressive bylaws
for parts of the Juan de Fuca Electoral Area that would halt
suburban sprawl on these lands:  Bylaws 3495 and 3500
The two bylaws go hand-in-hand. Bylaw 3495 would increase the
minimum parcel size for subdivision purposes in the Forestry Zone
to 120 hectares (296.5 acres); Bylaw 3500 would add a land use
component to regulate the density of housing to one one-family
dwelling unit per parcel for these lands.
So far these two bylaws have passed through 2 readings, and they
need to pass through a third reading to come into effect.
More information will be available at the public hearing. You can
also view details on the CRD website here:
It is key to fill the hall with concerned citizens at this
hearing if we are to stop suburban sprawl west of Victoria.
Please come out to make your voice heard!  Also, be sure to bring
a brief written and/or oral submission!
Date: Monday, January 28, 2008
Time: 7:00pm
Location: Otter Point Fire Hall
3727 Otter Point Road, Sooke
If you can't make it to the meeting, please make sure you email
or write in by Monday, January 28, to let the CRD know if you
support Bylaws 3495 and 3500:
c/o Marian Brown, Sr. Admin Secretary
-by email from the CRD website: (follow this link)
All submissions must be received prior to 4:30 p.m. on the date
of the Public Hearing (Jan.28) or be submitted at the Public
Hearing itself.
From: "Western Canada Wilderness Committee Victoria" <
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4.  BREAK'IN ICE Community Radio - January 29th
Break'in Ice is broadcast every Tuesday between 4:30-5:30 pm PST on CFUV UVic Campus/Community Radio 101.9FM / 104.3 CABLE or you can listen to the show on our website at:
This Tuesday on Break'in Ice, we'll be interviewing Anthony Marr, animal rights activist and author of the ground breaking book, " Omni-Science and the Human Destiny ".
In the first half-hour, he will talk about his last 30-states-in-5-months (July-December 2007) Compassion for Animals Road Expedition #5 (CARE-5 - see
www.HOPE-CARE.org) focusing on bowhunting, urban deer culling, immunocontraception and government corruption issues.  What he saw on this tour blew his Canadian mind, and what he has to report would blow the minds of all Canadians, and most Americans.
In the second half-hour, he will discuss his new campaign titled "Saving Wildlife from Mass Extinction due to Global Warming".  For anyone who has never heard of the term Methane Clathrate or Methane Hydrate, this is a must listen, since Anthony considers it "the most dangerous stuff on Earth, far more so than even all the nukes combined".  And he will talk about the End-Permian Mass Extinction 251 million years ago, which caused the extinction of over 70% of terrestrial species and over 90% of marine species, rendering the following early-Triassic Period almost devoid of life, a scenario not far different from what we face today.  He believes that what we do or do not do within the next decade, starting now, will determine the fate of life on Earth and the fate of the Earth itself, and that any "next year" will precipitate wide-ranging, far-reaching and long-lasting consequences over centuries, millennia, even millions of years.  "As is, at this point of the global warning era, we stand to lose at least 50% of Earth's species no matter what we do or don't do.  But we stand to lose much more if we don't act, or act foolishly," says Anthony Marr.
Two Reviews on his book " Omni-Science and the Human Destiny "
Stanford University-Geology, Dr. W.R. Evitt:
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